Foreclosure by Power of Sale

The process of foreclosure by power of sale will normally involve the sale of a property by the mortgage holder through some means which does not include the supervision of a court. In this way,...
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Foreclosure By Judicial Sale

Being a property owner exposes you to a whole host of responsibilities, including making your payments in a prompt and full manner. It’s never a god idea to default on your mortgage payment. Such an...
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Understanding Foreclosure

Foreclosure is the right that a mortgage holder or third party lien holder has to seize your property when you default on your payments after a certain period of time. Once they have seized your...
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How to Hire A Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney is a virtual necessity for anyone buying or selling land. The lawyer needs to be hired immediately following the signing of an offer to purchase real estate at the latest. Many...
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How to Hire A Tax Attorney

Complex tax problems can pose a serious challenge to your finances and future. They can lead to expensive civil penalties and fines. They also could result in jail time in cases of fraud or evasion....
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Types of Zoning

Urban planners use zoning codes to outline for what purpose lots of land and property can be used throughout a city or county. When determining the zoning laws for an area, they often use abbreviations...
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Your Rights as a Homeowner

Your home may be your castle. However, even as the king of your proverbial castle, you still have certain responsibilities that you will be expected to honor as a homeowner. Before you buy a house,...
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Zoning laws

Zoning laws are designed to make a city or municipality a safer, effective, and more pleasant place to live and in which to do business. However, when these ordinances run afoul of a property owner’s...
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