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Phoenix Trivia

Here are some interesting “facts” about the Phoenix area. The following list, though intended to be authentic, has not been updated to ensure currency and those interested in verifying the items on the list are invited to do so! Phoenix is not only a city in Arizona, it is also a city in New York, […]

Geography and Climate of Phoenix

The heart of the City of Phoenix, and what many would say might be at the very heart of the state, is called Phoenix Arizona Home Central Phoenix. Phoenix is surrounded by a ring of mountains, and therefore finds itself located in a valley. As this valley, blessed by almost year-round constant sunshine, is called […]

Entertainment in Phoenix

Now that you have decided on an exciting event to attend, it is time to figure out where the event is located. The following is a list of Phoenix entertainment venues that include the name of the venue and its address. With this information at your fingertips, you will be on your way. You might […]


Whether you wish to plan a trip to see nature and wildlife, learn about the history of the southwest or just want to get away from it all Arizona has a variety of places to see and things to do that will interest any recreational adventurer. Day trips make a refreshing break from the chaos of the […]

Ahwatukee Golf Courses

Ahwatukee Golf Courses Get into the swing of things at an Ahwatukee golf course. The Ahwatukee area is conveniently located and so are the golf courses.  This ideal location in the Valley of the Sun allows golfers a wide range of choices, when it comes times time to selecting a golf course to play.  The […]

Explore Apache Junction

Apache Junction is located on the eastern rim of the Phoenix metropolitan area, near the foot of the scenic Superstition Mountains at the junction of U.S. Highways 60 and 89 and state Highway 88. Apache Junction is easily accessible by U.S. 60, the Superstition Freeway. Apache Junction lies primarily in Pinal County, adjoining Maricopa County […]

South Mountain Village Property Overview

South Mountain Village offers residents a variety of living environments, from rural farm properties to urban new home developments.  South Mountain Village has a blend of mature neighborhoods, along with new developments.  Convenient access to downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor International Airport have made South Mountain Village a popular home for busy professionals.  Although South Mountain Village […]