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South Mountain Village Property Overview

South Mountain Village offers residents a variety of living environments, from rural farm properties to urban new home developments.  South Mountain Village has a blend of mature neighborhoods, along with new developments.  Convenient access to downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor International Airport have made South Mountain Village a popular home for busy professionals. 

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Although South Mountain Village is close to the metropolitan city of Phoenix, preserving and maintaining the area’s original rural roots is important.  One of the biggest bonuses of living in this community is the ridge line of South Mountain Park Preserve.  The ridge runs the southern boundary length of the village.  South Mountain Park Preserve is the largest municipal park in the United States.  South Mountain Village residents have many opportunities for picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, and more all offered within the park. 

Family and friends enjoy making visits to South Mountain Park Preserve.  The main road into the park off of Central Avenue dead ends at the top of South Mountain.  This vista provides on lookers with one of a kind spectacular views of the entire Valley of the Sun.  At night, the city below glitters and during the day the city’s simple road grid is evident. 

South Mountain Village Location

The boundaries of the village begin at 48th Street on the east,  27th Avenue on the west, the Salt River on the north, and South Mountain Park Preserve on the south.

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