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Entertainment in Phoenix

Now that you have decided on an exciting event to attend, it is time to figure out where the event is located. The following is a list of Phoenix entertainment venues that include the name of the venue and its address. With this information at your fingertips, you will be on your way. You might also discover that this list of Phoenix Arizona entertainment spots might spark an interest in attending other terrific events.

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The list of places to go and things do is literally inexhaustible. The few items that follow are only for illustration and this is not a complete list. For more information got to a publication like the Arizona New Times.

Or, better yet, visit the official city website at

For shoppers, The Arizona Center is an outdoor mall with great restaurants and nightlife.

The Heard Museum is known around the world for its mission of preserving the Native American past. The museum does a tremendous job with its displays and outstanding artwork collections. Visitors will want to make it one of their stops to learn more about the history of the Southwest.

The Arizona Science Museum is the place to go if you have young ones. This hands-on museum allows children to experience scientific theories and be a part of the learning.

If shopping is your thing, then the Arizona Biltmore is the place for you. The Biltmore has upscale shops and wonderful restaurants.

Outdoor Activities

Most will agree that Phoenix is the ideal place to start your excursions to other the parts of the state, although there is so much to see and do in town too. There are so many attractions in the Phoenix area; it is difficult to decide where to begin.

The Phoenix Zoo is a perfect place to go to see some interesting animals. There are camels, snakes, giraffes and the speckled bear. You will want to make a day of it.

Squaw Peak Park and North Mountain Park are both very popular hiking areas. Many people use these trails on a daily basis.

Papago Park is a wonderful place to see spectacular red rock formations. The views from the park of the city are terrific.

Encanto Park is a lush green park with meandering water ways located in the center of Phoenix. The children’s amusement park located at Encanto is a great place to take little ones.

Mc Dowell Mountain is a mountain preserve at the north of the valley and the Superstition Mountains in the east.

All of these mountains provide a spectacular scenic backdrop for the Valley.

The Desert Sky Pavilion has many bands perform in its outdoor amphitheater.
There is seating for 18,000 and at least 50 major shows make their stop at the pavilion each year.
Recreation (malls, zoos, pavilions, and parks)

The Phoenix area, or the “Valley of the Sun”, continues to be a favorite winter haven for visitors from all over the United States and the world. The commerce and enterprise that tourism and the tourism industry bring to Phoenix is a large part of what makes Phoenix such a great place to live. There are numerous restaurants, shopping areas and recreational spots for everybody to enjoy.

The relaxed and casual southwestern style of life makes Phoenix an especially desirable place to live or visit for those seeking a break from the hurried pace of like that is so common these days. Phoenix has grown in size to over 430 fun and action-packed square miles and continues to be a town of new opportunities and sensational growth.

The fine weather and availability of many lands for commercial development have meant that there are many outdoor malls throughout the valley. These malls, with their pleasant atmosphere and vendors of all types, have become an ideal place to spend an afternoon. Whether it be a weekend visit for window-shopping, a shopping trip or merely a lazy afternoon of strolling about the malls are always a popular destination.

A great place for shopping is the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix. This mall features great restaurants and nightlife is another popular location for those focused on fun and shopping.

The Phoenix Zoo is the place to go if you want to learn about animal life from this, and from other, areas. The habitats are well kept and the decoration authentic to the areas in which the species are actually found. There are enough mammals, bird, and reptiles to satisfy the curiosity of even the most avid animal-lover and will provide satisfaction for many, many visits.

The Arizona Science Museum is the place to go to learn about science. The center has a large assortment of displays and features many interactive exhibits. Visitors are often able to see the operation of a scientific idea by models that let the visitor actually operate the exhibit and bringing the display to life!

The Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion is a spectacular outdoor entertainment complex that attracts top acts and music lovers from all over. There is seating for 18,000 and at least 50 major shows make their stop at the pavilion each year. Entertainers like Moody Blues, Kenney Chesney, Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu, Scorpions, Hank Williams Jr., Prince, Harry Connick Jr., Brittany Spears, Santana and the B-52’s are just a few of the big-name acts that have been attracted to this venue. New or old, rock or pop, the talent is diverse and first-rate at Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion.

You will find many outdoor activities in the Valley of the Sun. The Phoenix Mountain Preserve, at over 24,000 acres, is the largest municipal park in the United States. The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is made up of many mountain parks that are a part of the preserve. South Mountain Park stretches 16,500 acres and is a part of the chain of desert mountain parks that go around Phoenix. Squaw Peak Park and North Mountain Park are both very popular hiking areas. Many people use these trails on a daily basis. Papago Park is a wonderful place to see remarkable red rock formations.

The views that the peaks overlooking Phoenix give of the city are breathtaking. Encanto Park is located in the center of Phoenix. The park has rich, forest-like foliage, plentiful waterways and even children’s amusement park making it an ideal place to spend a family outing.
Phoenix Zoo
The Phoenix Zoo is a fun attraction to visit for the whole family. The Zoo has a variety of free activities each day. Some activities include zookeeper talks, elephant encounters, and a cheetah chase. Details on all of these activities can be found in the activity guide given out at the zoo entrance.
As a native Arizonan, I have always enjoyed my trips to the zoo. During the past few years, the zoo has grown and expanded with new animals and exhibits. The Zoo is divided into four zones called Trail Tours. These Trail Tours are called African, Arizona, Tropic, and Discovery. In each Trail Tour, visitors learn about different animals. The Discover Trail Tour hosts a farm. This zone has just recently undergone a large renovation. Visitors are able to be a part of the farm experience through hands on activities. Kids love this section of the zoo, but I have to admit I look forward to this part of the Zoo. It is a must see.
Another exhibit found in the Tropic Trail Tour is the Uco, which houses the Speckled Bear. This is a terrific enclosure for these unique creatures. The enclosure is built in such a way that the visitor feels a part of the environment. You feel like you are in a South American Rainforest. The Zoo did a tremendous job creating this exhibit.
With so many things to see, I have found that the best way to view the Zoo is to begin with a Safari Train Tour. You can catch the Safari Train Tour near the entrance of the Zoo. This tour gives you the opportunity to see the entire zoo in one swoop. After the Safari, I usually head for the refreshment stand to plan my day. I decide what zones interested me the most while on the Safari Train Tour and then I create a map for the day. I also take into consideration any special activities that will be held.
The Zoo is a beautiful place to view animals. Be prepared to be in the sun and to walk. I always wear sunscreen, a hat and good walking shoes. The Zoo does provide strollers and wheelchairs for a reasonable rental fee.
The Phoenix Zoo is open every day of the year, rain or shine (except December 25). The Zoo summer hours are 7:30 am to 4 pm (May 1 thru Labor Day). Winter hours are 9 am to 5 pm (Tuesday after Labor Day thru April 30)
The admission to the Zoo is Adults $8.50, Seniors $ 7.50, Children $4.25 and children two and under are free. I would suggest if you are planning on visiting the Zoo more than once a year, you should become a Zoo Member. It is well worth while. I have been a member for several years and the benefits are great. Be sure to look into it.
The Phoenix Zoo’s entrance is located off Galvin Parkway in the center of Papago Park, just half mile west of the Desert Botanical Garden. Take the Loop 202 to Van Buren and then head east to Galvin Parkway. Turn north on Galvin Parkway and you will see the signs.
I know you will enjoy your trip to the Zoo as much as I have enjoyed my trips.
Arizona Science Center
The Arizona Science Center is a relatively new spot in downtown Phoenix. The Center hosts a variety of activities for the whole family. Children will love going to this place because there are lots of hands on projects. There are many things to do at the Center.
You need to make some decisions when you arrive at the admissions counter. Your choices include visiting the exhibits, viewing a giant screen film or going to a planetarium. The decision is a difficult one to make but use the time you have a set-aside for the visit to guide your decision. Don’t take on too much. You can always make a return visit. All of the admission choices include the exhibit portion. I believe this is the highlight of the trip for children. Children become involved in the activities at the Center. These exhibits allow the visitors an opportunity to not only read and learn about science concepts but also participate. The giant screen film is always changing. When you arrive at the Center you will have to look at what film is currently showing. It can be an awesome experience viewing a film of this size. The planetarium is an amazing experience too. The planetarium takes you out to the night sky, where you are guided through the constellations. Be prepared for a ride at the end of the show. Visitors can also try all three activities.
I have found that taking my time moving through the Center has proven to be the most rewarding. Children can become very excited about all the things to see and touch. It is important to slow them down and talk about the things they are encountering. It will make the experience more beneficial.
The Arizona Science Center is open every day of the year 10 am to 5 pm (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas). The admission is as follows: exhibits only adults $8.00 – children (4-12) and seniors (65+) $6.00, exhibits and giant screen film adults $10.00 – children and seniors $8.00, exhibits and planetarium adults $10.00 – children and seniors $8.00 and all three activities adults $11.00 – children and seniors $9.00.
It is located in downtown Phoenix on the northwest corner of Washington and 7th Street. You may find parking in the parking garage at the Heritage and Science Park only (southeast corner of Monroe and 5th Street). If you bring your parking stub you may get it validated at the admissions counter.
The Center is a fun filled day. Be prepared to spend some time there. The Center also has a gift store full of great objects to remember the day and increase learning. There is also a snack area nearby. If you plan to take more than one trip to this exciting spot you might want to look into a membership. The films and exhibits are always changing and nobody will ever tire of the endless opportunities to explore.
The Outlets at Anthem is located at 4250 West Anthem Way (north of Phoenix on Interstate 17, at the northwest corner of Interstate 17 and Anthem Way). The hours are Monday through Saturday 9:00 to 8:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 6:00. There are over 75 outlet stores at Anthem. The stores range from high-end clothing, shoes to electronics and home décor. There is a food court available to take the edge off during the day.

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