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City of Coolidge

City of Coolidge

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Coolidge Location

The city of Coolidge is located on State Highway 87, approximately halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.  It is in Pinal County.  The community of Coolidge is situated close to the Gila River.  Coolidge was once known as being the “Cotton King.”  The Gila River played a big role in providing the necessary water to grow cotton.

Even though Coolidge is not technically in the Valley of Sun, it is getting closer to becoming part of it.  The growth and expansion in the East Valley has exploded, causing borders to change.  It is predicted that one day Coolidge will be connected to the Valley of the Sun through the development of surrounding communities. 

Coolidge is also inside Arizona’s Golden Corridor.  This corridor is a strip of land running from Phoenix to Tucson.  It is envisioned that the Arizona Golden Corridor will the next growth area in the state.  The Arizona Golden Corridor will be a cluster of cities and towns stretching along the edge of Interstate 10.  Although the city of Coolidge does not sit on Interstate 10, it is still considered part of Arizona’s Golden Corridor.

Coolidge Properties

Coolidge properties range from small ranchettes to much larger farms and ranches.  Some newer residential developments have popped up in the area.  There are many choices in Coolidge when it comes to living styles.  The desert landscape makes Coolidge the perfect home.

From the surrounding area’s rich history to its southwestern farming roots, Coolidge offers its residents a progressive quality of life.  It is a city that blends a relaxed, rural atmosphere with convenient access to urban areas nearby.  Its natural desert plants grow in abundance and create spectacular landscapes in and around the city.  Coolidge is a progressive and comfortable place to live. 

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Coolidge Entertainment

Coolidge is a vibrant community where opportunities abound. It offers its residents a bit of city life with its easy access to metropolitan areas such as Phoenix and Tucson.  Major sporting events, entertainment, and cultural activities are a short drive away. 

However, it is Coolidge’s small-town feel shown through its festivals and activities that cause people to stay in this rural city.  The Coolidge Historical Museum is a symbol of the small-town feel that the city is known.  Festivals and local celebrations contribute to Coolidge’s sense of community and capture the unique cultural heritage of the area.

Education plays an important role in Coolidge.  Central Arizona Community College, the Signal Peak campus is located in the city.  It is a multi-campus community college.  The campus provides studies in the areas of general education, transfer education, occupational and technical education, student development, developmental education, community services, workforce, and economic development.  The Signal Peak campus provides upper-division coursework through Northern Arizona University.  Residence halls are also available.  The community college is home to 20 National Championships and boasts as one of the most dominant athletic programs in the National Junior College Athletic Association.  Central Arizona Community College is committed to providing a superior environment and plays an active role in being a part of the city. 

Located on the southern outskirts of the city is the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  This monument preserves the culture of the ancient Hohokam Indian people, who farmed the Gila River Valley centuries ago.  The Hohokam Indians were the first farmers of the Sonoran Desert, nearly 600 years ago.  These ruins include a walled neighborhood and a four-story structure called “Casa Grande”{ (Spanish for ‘big house’). 

Coolidge History

In the beginning, both farming and the construction of Coolidge Dam fostered the development of the City of Coolidge.  In 1924, President Coolidge authorized the building of the Coolidge Dam.  Then, two years later the R.J. Jones laid out an 80-acre area to found the city.  It was named in honor of President Coolidge, a fitting name because the city has had a history of using the water from the dam to grow its crops. 

Today, agriculture is not its only focus for the town.  Coolidge is becoming a regional trade and service center, due to its proximity to Phoenix and Tucson.  The community provides equipment, supplies, and personal services to the area’s families.  Coolidge’s future continues to use its strategic location to create an active environment for economic and business development

Coolidge Outdoor Recreation

A friendly community and a dynamic recreational program give residents a variety of activities to choose from living in the city.  The San Carlos City Park is a great place for outdoor events and sports.  Many residents spend time at the local park.

One great outdoor activity that many residents and visitors enjoy taking part in is driving the Pinal Pioneer Parkway.  This scenic drive has received the distinction of being one of the best drives in Arizona.  The parkway begins just east of the city, in the town of Florence, and continues south toward Tucson.  A portion of the parkway contains a natural garden. This garden is unique.  It has been recorded that almost every species of flora found in the Arizona desert is located in this garden. 

Picacho Reservoir (Lake) is to the south of the city.  Birders have found this area to be excellent to spot water birds and shorebirds, such as ducks and sandpipers.  Living in Coolidge is an ideal place for those who want to experience the outdoors.

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