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Sun City Arizona

Sun City is alive and this golden treasure of retirement city continues to thrive!

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Way back in the old day’s Sun City was dreamed about, talked about, master-planned then actually built as a special retirement community.  Established and built by the Del Webb Corp., it remains the champ of retirement areas and it is still the largest retirement community in this or any other nation.

It got its start in January 1960 when it opened its doors to the tens of scores who found they could afford what Sun City had.  This place is grand, it is famous all over the world for its active-adult entertainment and retirement lifestyle and it’s fair to say that they raised the bar as the standard for other retirement communities who would flock to the area with their offerings.   You can’t move in unless you can demonstrate the maturity shared by your neighbors.  No young boys and girls running about making noise and upsetting your applecart.  Just mature adults seeking to live out their remaining days in peace and quiet.  The community is age-restricted with the requirement of one resident must be at least 55 years of age and no permanent resident under the age of 19 so that teeny-boppers need not apply!

Sun City is all by itself, a little self-contained world with its own shopping centers and restaurants offering you a wide variety of stores and services.  And best of all, you don’t have to deal with all the “hustle and bustle” of life on the outside  Security, street repair, zoning protection and many other key community services are provided publicly by Maricopa County since this community is actually unincorporated at present and relies upon the county essential guidance and services.  But think about it, what better protection could you ask for than the police?  And who better to plan what will happen to the community in the future than duly elected public officials who are sworn to uphold your trust!  Fire protection is provided by the Sun City Fire District.

Now to the good stuff!  Eleven golf courses, including three country clubs, and seven recreation centers in Sun City bless this retirement haven with swimming, tennis, bowling and countless other activities.  Believe it or not there is some water that can be found in what is naturally an arid desert climate! The Lakeview Recreation Center even has a lake for fishing and limited boating.

Volunteers are a mainstay in Sun City and the community is known as the “City of Volunteers.”  This means you get the best for less.  No disinterested high-profile but unresponsive elected officials meddling in your menial day-to-day affairs.  In this area it is probably in your best interest to have your neighbors, people just like yourself, deciding what you can and cannot do on an ordinary basis.

Take the Sun City PRIDES for instance.  It is a non-profit corporation that assists Maricopa County in keeping Sun City clean.  The organization mobilizes the gathering of time and money to keep your area clean.  A mechanism like this is so important today; because if you don’t do it- who will?

Security is always number one.  Nobody wants to ever have to face the threat of burglary or robbery on their own and it is of vital importance that paid professionals who are aware of the problems in the area and who are trained to deal with the problems in these areas be ready, willing, and able to do what it is they have to do. 

No doubt about it!  Police protection is provided by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, along with the members of the Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City.  The posse is a group of dedicated and motivated men and women from your very own community who volunteer their services 24 hours a day.   This means that your first ring of protection is as close as a phone call to a neighbor away! Posse’s primary objective is to prevent crime through neighborhood patrols.  They get together and schedule patrols and that is how they do it.

A number of civic organizations, too numerous to mention here, have generously offered to assume the responsibility of keeping an eye on issues that affect the community.  Just take a look at the list that follows and you’ll see more reasons why Sun City is YOUR place to be!

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc., a private corporation, is responsible for recreational amenities in Sun City; the Sun City Home Owners Association works with county and state agencies on such issues as zoning and transportation; the Sun City Taxpayers Association keeps a close watch on such issues as taxes and utility rates.  The Sun City Visitors Center at 99th Avenue and Bell Road, which offers prospective residents brochures and other helpful information, is operated by the Sun City Ambassadors, a non-profit corporation made up of volunteers.

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