Buying a Hud Home

When you are a low to moderate income earner, you may think that homeownership is an unachievable dream. You look at the houses for sale and think that you can never afford to pay for...
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Buying a Foreclosed Home

When you are in the market for a new home, you may have several priorities in mind. You want to live in a good neighborhood that is ideal for you and your family. Further, you...
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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Buying a new home can be exciting if not challenging undertaking. You might be overwhelmed not only by the mere selection of houses from which to choose but also the actual process of competing and...
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What is a REALTOR

People outside of the real estate market often make the mistake of assuming that real estate agents and REALTORS are the same thing. They believe that since REALTORS and agents both help people buy and...
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Federal Laws Affecting Foreclosure

Missing your mortgage payment too many times in a row can be cause for serious concern. If you feel you are coming perilously close to losing your home, you should know that help is available....
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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

It isn’t as hard as you think to fall behind on your mortgage payments. The loss of a job can put you behind in an instant. You can also just as easily fall victim to...
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Understanding Anti Deficiency Laws

Sometimes it’s hard to find relief for your debt even after you have been the victim of the foreclosing process. The sad fact is that even such a drastic resolution doesn’t always ties up all...
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