Tenants and Fair Housing

Landlords have a lot of discretion when selecting tenants. A landlord can deny a prospective renter for a number of legitimate reasons. However, the federal Fair Housing Act does restrict landlords from discriminating against potential...
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Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Bring up rental deposits at your next dinner and we promise everyone will have a story. Yes, some landlords try and nickel and dime ever tenant out of their security deposit, and yes, some tenants...
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Protecting Your Tenant Rights

In any dealings with a landlord, it is important for a tenant to protect their tenant rights. If a problem arises, it is best to make sure you have done everything you can to protect...
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Basic Rights of Tenants

Tenants have rights too. Those rights might change slightly from state to state, but generally, tenants have some basic rights that apply to most jurisdictions. In this article, we are going to discuss some tenant’s...
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Tenant Rights

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment has asked about their rights as a tenant at some point. One thing that makes tenant rights even more confusing is that change from state to state. So...
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Property Rights

Property Rights and Nuisances: Public and Private A fundamental tenet of modern property law is that the owner of a property has the exclusive right to use or enjoy that property in any way that...
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Neighbors Trees

Trees seem to be something that neighbors often disagree upon. For example neighbors worried about a tree falling on their home and causing damage or trees that may block views of a scenic property. In...
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