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Arrowhead Ranch Arizona

Arrowhead Ranch Arizona

Arrowhead Ranch Arizona

Arrowhead Ranch Arizona

Arrowhead Ranch is a luxury master-planned community located in Glendale, Arizona. It sits at an elevation of 1270 feet and sits north of West Union Hills Drive, south of West Deer Valley Road, and west of North 55th Road.

Prior to the 1980s, the area in which the community is now located was used to farm orange and lemon trees. However, in the mid-80s, owners of the land sold more than 5000 acres for the sole purpose of a residential building.

Development of Arrowhead Ranch got officially underway in 1998 when the first homes were built here. The building of the new homes continued through 2012, and the developers created this new community in five phases. Today, there are five distinct neighborhoods in Arrowhead Ranch. These neighborhoods are:

Arrowhead Ranch continues to be a diverse community that encompasses numerous residential villages and new subdivisions. It prides itself on being a sprawling residential area of family-oriented neighborhoods that offer some of the most affordable upscale living in the Northwest Valley. It is now home to thousands of people who want to enjoy some of the best suburban living in the Phoenix area.

The real estate market in Arrowhead Ranch is made up of a wide variety of styles of single-family and attached homes, including condominiums and townhouses. There are also empty lots of land available that are zoned for new residential construction.

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Local real estate professionals like Carl Chapman REALTOR and West USA Realty represent many of the listings in Arrowhead Ranch. Interested buyers can contact them to find out what properties are for sale in the community and also schedule in-person and virtual tours.

People who move into Arrowhead Ranch likewise enjoy access to numerous shared community amenities. The lifestyle in the community is centered around encouraging residents to remain connected with Arrowhead Ranch and their neighbors and also staying fit, active, and entertained. These amenities are available year-round thanks to the agreeable and mild weather that Arrowhead Ranch experiences at its elevation.

There are also a number of amenities available in nearby Glendale and Phoenix. Residents are just minutes from restaurants, movie theaters, specialty shops, grocery stores, and more. They are also close to sporting venues where major league teams undertake their spring training.

The homes in Arrowhead Ranch likewise provide numerous amenities and upscale designs that provide for homeowners’ every comfort and need. Buyers can find both single-family and attached homes for sale in Arrowhead Ranch. There are homes in dozens of different styles and layouts available for buyers.

The median sale price for a home in Arrowhead Ranch sits at around $420,000. However, sale prices can range from $234,000 to $850,000. Closing prices typically range from $177,000 to $1.33 million, and the average per-square-foot price is around $230.

Home sizes in Arrowhead Ranch can range from 888 to more than 4800 square feet. Most homes have anywhere from one to six bedrooms and one to six bathrooms. They also typically have two and three-car garages.

Homeowners in Arrowhead Ranch pay around $3028 a year in property taxes. They also pay anywhere from $44 to $250 a month in homeowners association fees.

Homes that are put up for sale in Arrowhead Ranch typically sell in 37 days or less. Around 40 to 50 homes per month are sold in Arrowhead Ranch, and home prices for homes in the community have risen by more than $100,000 in the last year.

The prices for homes in Arrowhead Ranch are actually some of the most affordable in Glendale. The prices belie the luxury found in the homes for sale here. The exteriors, for example, typically feature sturdy stucco or stone construction. They also have decorative tile roofs, paved driveways, covered front entrances, and lush green landscaping.

The insides of the homes in Arrowhead Ranch typically come with upscale amenities and features like:

  • Tile floors
  • High ceilings
  • Wood window blinds
  • Arched doorways
  • Chandeliers
  • Recessed lighting
  • Granite kitchen counters
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Kitchen islands with vegetable sinks
  • Oak cabinetry
  • Fireplaces
  • Breakfast nooks
  • Bay windows
  • Utility rooms with cabinets
  • Pantries
  • Offices or dens
  • Quartz bathroom counters
  • Dual vanity sinks
  • Walk-in showers
  • Garden bathtubs

Many of the homes for sale in Arrowhead Ranch have enclosed backyards, complete with high stone or brick privacy fencing. The backyards are spacious and may include features like in-ground swimming pools, room for a fire pit, covered terraces, and brick or stone patios.

Life outside of the homes in Arrowhead Ranch falls under the governance of the homeowner’s associations in the community. In fact, each phase of Arrowhead Ranch has its own HOA. All homeowners within each phase are members of the HOA and pay monthly dues or assessments to it.

The HOAs in each phase of Arrowhead Ranch comprises elected boards of directors. Each board member on each HOA is a fellow homeowner in the community. He or she is elected to represent the community and phase in the HOA.

Each HOA also has its own president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. It also has several directors at large that serve the phase and community.

The individual HOAs in Arrowhead Ranch likewise utilize onsite management companies to help them oversee the function and safety of the community. The onsite property management typically consists of a property manager or administrator, assistant manager, and maintenance technicians. They all handle the daily function, safety, and organization of Arrowhead Ranch and its five phases.

Each HOA also has its own website to which homeowners in the respective phase that they live in can refer for information about Arrowhead Ranch and their neighborhood. The HOA website is a wealth of information that contains links to community documents that homeowners may need to use while living in Arrowhead Ranch. It is typical for an HOA website to provide documents for:

  • Community maps
  • Governance
  • Insurance certificates
  • Newsletters and fliers
  • Architectural or paint color change

The HOA website for each phase may likewise offer a calendar for community events, such as movie nights or socials, that residents may like to attend. The community calendar also has the dates and times for HOA meetings, which are open to all homeowners in each phase of the community. People who cannot attend the meetings can find minutes from them on the HOA website.

Homeowners who need to contact members of the management team need to know what emails and phone numbers to use. The phases’ HOA websites typically contain contact information for the:

  • Community manager
  • Area manager
  • Community team
  • Customer care center for the management company
  • Website specialist

Homeowners can also typically find FAQ sections regarding topics like using community amenities, renting boats to use on the lakes in the community, paying assessments, and how HOA rules are enforced.

People who live in Arrowhead Ranch enjoy access to a number of resort-style amenities in exchange for their HOA fees. The community as a whole prides itself on providing plenty for people to do and see each day. There is no reason for any homeowner to feel bored or isolated in the community thanks to the upscale amenities and features that are available to people who live here.

For example, there are dozens of parks in Arrowhead Ranch that offer amenities like:

  • Playgrounds
  • Sports courts
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Green spaces
  • Walking trails

Arrowhead Ranch is also home to more than 130 acres of scenic lakes, which are open year-round for outdoor fun like fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. Many of the homes located in Arrowhead Ranch sit on the waterfronts of these lakes.

Moreover, residents of Arrowhead Ranch have access to two separate country clubs. Famed golfer Arnold Palmer had a hand in designing the Arrowhead Country Club and The Legend at Arrowhead, both of which are open year-round to people who live in Arrowhead Ranch. These luxury country clubs offer members-only amenities like:

  • Clubhouses
  • State-of-the-art fitness centers
  • Swimming complexes
  • Sports courts
  • Practice facilities
  • Pro shops

When not enjoying the upscale amenities found in Arrowhead Ranch, residents of the community can enjoy amenities, features, and services found in nearby Glendale. In fact, the community is only a couple of minutes away from the Arrowhead Towne Center. This shopping mall offers specialty shops, department stores, movie theaters, and game rooms for residents to enjoy.

The Arrowhead Towne Center also offers a community room that is equipped with:

  • Dual 65-inch LED screens
  • A DVD/Blue Ray disc player
  • Satellite TV with 220 channels
  • Free WiFi
  • Power docks for up to 24 users
  • Charging stations for mobile devices
  • Kitchenette with a refrigerator, sink, and warming drawer

Finally, residents of Arrowhead Ranch are close to a number of professional athletic facilities that major league teams use to take their spring training. These facilities are often open to the public and welcome people to come to watch games and matches being played.

Families who live in Arrowhead Ranch have access to a number of public schools to which to send their children. Some of the local schools that are close to the community include Legend Springs Elementary School, Hillcrest Middle School, and Mountain Ridge High School. These schools function as part of the Deer Valley Unified School District.

The Deer Valley Unified School District is actually headquartered in nearby Phoenix and is one of the best performing districts in the state. It boasts an enrollment of close to 35,000 students. These students are spread out over the district’s 30 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, and seven high schools.

The student-to-teacher ratio in the Deer Valley Unified School District is 19:1, which is just slightly higher than the national ratio of 16:1. It gets a national grade of A-minus, excelling with A grades in areas like academics and college preparation. It gets solid B grades for areas like teachers, clubs and activities, health and safety, and diversity.

In the state of Arizona, the Deer Valley Unified School District ranks as the eighth-best district, out of the state’s total of 115 public school districts. It is ranked as the 21st best district for student-athletes and 26th for having the best quality of teachers.

The high educational standards in the Deer Valley Unified School District carry over to the state standardized tests that students take each year. These test results show that 59 percent of the district’s students meet proficiency standards in mathematics and 61 percent of the students are proficient in reading.

Similarly, the high educational standards carry over to the district’s overall graduation rate. Statistics show that close to 95 percent of the district’s enrolled students successfully graduate from high school. A large majority of the graduated students go on to in-state schools like Arizona State University, although a fair number choose to go to the University of Arizona. Other students choose to go to Northern Arizona University or smaller private universities like Grand Canyon University.

The graduation rate in the Deer Valley Unified School District exceeds the national high school graduation rate of 85 percent. Students in the district who take the ACT test score an average of 26. This score is much higher than the national ACT average test score of 20.6.