It’s hard to dispute a case of encroachment or build anything new on your property if you don’t know where your boundaries begin or end. This is the reason that you need to hire a professional to make a property survey on your behalf. Armed with the results of such a survey, you can dispute a neighbor’s right to build a fence on your property. You can also build a barn or shed in your back yard or add on to your home, secure in the knowledge that you aren’t infringing on anyone else’s property.

Here is a list of 8 of the most important reasons that you should get a professional land survey for your property.

1. A Survey is the Best Way to Solve a Boundary Dispute

If you are not sure where your property begins or ends, the best way to figure it out is to get a property survey done by a professional. Once you know where your rights lie, you can enforce then with the full backing of the law.

2. Knowing Where Your Boundaries Are Will Keep You Out of Court

As mentioned above, it’s an excellent idea to get a property survey done so that you can legally dispute any action that seems to promise an encroachment on your land. Likewise, a full survey can also prevent a neighbor from hauling you before a judge in order to answer for what they feel is an infringement of their property boundaries. Once they realize they don’t have a legal leg to stand, they will very likely drop the case.

3. When You Build a Fence, You Need to Know Where Your Boundaries Lie

You can’t just go building a brand new fence on your property without knowing exactly where that property actually begins and ends. A professional surveyor can make the determination for you so that there is no cause of dispute between you and your neighbor.

4. A Land Survey Can Help Keep You from Paying Higher Taxes

Another excellent reason to do a full land survey is to keep yourself from moving into a higher tax bracket or being taxed extra on your existing land. Your city, county, or state government may actually be charging you taxes at a rate that is based on faulty information. A land survey may help to clear the matter up.

5. A Survey can Help Make Sure You Have all the Land You Deserve

A subdivision will parcel out a certain amount of land to each home buyer. Occasionally, a specific home may be built on a plot of land that covers less than the buyer was promised under the terms of the deal. A survey is an excellent way to sort the matter out and prove or disprove your suspicions in this regard.

6. Having A Survey Done is a Good Idea Before You Buy a Home

Before you sign on the dotted line, arrange for a survey of the property. This is the best way to make sure that you are really getting everything that the initial agreement promises.

7. A Survey is A Good Idea Before You Sell Your Home

Before you sell your home, have a survey done. This will enable you to back up any and all claims that you make on behalf of the property that is attached to your home. It may also raise the resale value of your home. This will enable you to ask for a higher price when it comes time to sell.

8. A Survey is a Good Idea Before You Make a Major Property Addition

Finally, before you go making a major addition to your home, such as installing a pool or tennis court, you will want to know exactly where you can and cannot place such a feature. This is knowledge that will keep you from a dispute with your neighbor that could escalate to a costly legal battle.