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Scottsdale Mountain

Scottsdale Mountain

Scottsdale Mountain is a comfortable, expansive, and upscale residential community found in Scottsdale, Arizona. It sits just at the foothills of the spectacular McDowell Mountain Preserve. Its strategic location to the mountains affords homeowners in the community breathtaking landscape views that are unlike any other found throughout the entire Scottsdale area.

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The community of Scottsdale Mountain came into existence in 1993 when the area was reserved and zoned for residential building. The first of the community’s homes were built in 1994. Homebuilding continued in Scottsdale Mountain until 2017 when the last of the homes were built here.

The real estate market in Scottsdale Mountain now primarily consists of resale homes, which are listed and represented by local real estate professionals like Carl Chapman REALTOR, and West USA Realty. These resale properties include large and upscale single-family homes. They also include luxury attached homes, such as condominiums and townhouses.

People who buy homes in Scottsdale Mountain not only enjoy living in some of the most beautiful and expansive homes found in the Scottsdale area. They also enjoy world-class amenities that make living in the community both rewarding and relaxing.

In particular, they enjoy living in a community that has a 24-hour gate guard. This feature ensures that people can live safely and with the peace of mind of knowing that their homes and families are well protected 24 hours a day.

They also enjoy knowing that Scottsdale Mountain is close to all of the services, conveniences, and enjoyments that they could need or want. In fact, the community is located close to central Scottsdale where ample retail shops, grocery stores and restaurants can be found. Retail shopping areas like the Pavilions at Talking Stick are just a 20 minutes drive from Scottsdale Mountain.

Even more, adults who live in Scottsdale Mountain are a short drive from the nearby Fort McDowell Casino. They can easily travel to this area amenity for gaming, dining and other entertainment.

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Homeowners in Scottsdale Mountain pay some of the lowest property taxes in the state. The large, comfortable homes found here are priced affordably, particularly given the upscale and exclusive appeal of the community.

In fact, the prices for homes for sale in Scottsdale Mountain can vary greatly. Smaller homes, such as one and two-bedroom condominiums and townhouses, can start out in the lower $300,000 to $400,000 range. However, larger single-family homes can cost noticeably more. It is not unusual for the starting price for a single family residence in Scottsdale Mountain to range in the low $600,000s and go as high as $3.65 million.

Still, given the exclusivity and upscale location of Scottsdale Mountain, these home prices are realistic and quite affordable for people who want to benefit from the amenities and luxury features found in the community. The median sale price is around $850,000, which averages about $331 per square foot.

These prices get home buyers upscale homes that can have anywhere from two to seven bedrooms and two to eight bathrooms. They can sit on lots that range in size from half to three acres.

Further, many of the homes come with large, beautifully landscaped yards that primarily feature desert rocks, succulent plants like cacti and palm trees. Some homes have paved driveways leading right up to the two, three or larger garages. Other homes have circular paved driveways that complement their exteriors.

Many of the homes for sale in Scottsdale Mountain also have terra cotta tile rooftops that blend in well with the surrounding desert landscapes. Some of the more notable interior features found in the typical Scottsdale Mountain home include:

  • Arched doorways
  • Ceiling to floor windows for maximum lighting
  • Floating wood tile floors
  • Chandeliers
  • Tall ceilings
  • Double door entries
  • Painted wood cabinetry
  • Granite or quartz counters
  • Private backyard exits
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Recessed lighting
  • Walk-in pantries with built-in shelves
  • Wine closets

The homes also have large master suites and master bathrooms with features like:

  • Walk-in showers
  • Decorative basin tubs
  • Dual vanity sinks
  • Lighted vanity mirrors
  • Hardwood bathroom flooring
  • Walk-in closets with shelves
  • Ceiling fans
  • Carpeted bedroom floors

The home in Scottsdale Mountain have large utility rooms with plenty of room for full-size washers, dryers and appliances like chest or deep freezers. These rooms likewise come with cupboards for storing cleaning supplies, as well as counter space for folding clothes.

The comfort, beauty and exclusivity of the Scottsdale Mountain community itself fall to the responsibility of the community’s homeowners association, or HOA. The Scottsdale Mountain HOA is located at 12112 North 136th Street, just north of Shea Boulevard. It is made up of a board of directors, who volunteer their time to the HOA, as well as one onsite property manager.

All homeowners who buy homes in Scottsdale Mountain are automatic members of the community’s HOA. To solidify their memberships, they pay dues that average around $110 per month.

The board of directors and property manager use those funds to address maintenance and repair concerns in Scottsdale Mountain. It also uses the funds to pay for the 24 hour gate guard for Scottsdale Mountain.

For someone who has never lived in a community with an HOA, he or she may wonder what responsibilities and rights to which he or she is entitled. The Scottsdale Mountain HOA offers a number of tips for living comfortably and happily in an HOA community. These tips are found on its website.

Primarily, the Scottsdale Mountain encourages homeowners to go to the monthly HOA meetings and read all of their governing documents to ensure by what rules they must abide as homeowners. They also encourage homeowners to become involved in the community by volunteering for community events, getting to know their neighbors and taking part in planned activities and celebrations.

For its part, the HOA promises to undertake its duties to the community seriously and faithfully. These duties include:

  • Approving an annual budget
  • Setting the assessments annually
  • Establishing rules for common areas
  • Hiring and firing vendors
  • Creating and overseeing community committees
  • Approving repairs to common areas
  • Enforcing community documents
  • Pursuing unpaid moneys that are owed to the HOA

The property manager is actually an employee of a third-party management company that partners with the HOA. This manager also attends and takes part in monthly HOA meetings and manages the finances for the community.

The property manager also oversees the daily availability, safety and function of amenities that homeowners in Scottsdale Mountain share with each other. The primary amenity that falls under the upkeep of the HOA onsite manager is the 24 hour gate guard. This guard remains staffed and functional day and night throughout the year.

However, homeowners in the community also have access to several tennis courts located throughout Scottsdale Mountain. These tennis courts are available exclusively to residents in the community and are open year round.

Homeowners in Scottsdale Mountain can additionally take advantage of the miles of trails located around and in the community. They can use these trails to stay fit and socialize with neighbors while biking, hiking, jogging, running or walking.

Outside of Scottsdale Mountain, homeowners here will also find dozens of amenities and conveniences all within minutes of their homes. For example, they are just 16 miles from the Fort McDowell Casino, located in nearby Fort McDowell. This casino offers a host of amenities, aside from world class gaming, such as:

  • Onsite restaurants
  • Heated outdoor pools
  • Golf courses
  • Lounges
  • A conference center
  • Concierge and bell service
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Onsite ATMs
  • A 24 hour fitness center
  • Fire pits with mountain views

Scottsdale Mountain homeowners looking for more family-friendly amenities can find them at the Pavilions at Talking Stick, a world class retail center that is home to dozens of shops, restaurants and specialty stores. People who live in the community are just minutes from well-known retail brands like The Home Depot, Target, Verizon, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

Finally, Scottsdale Mountain is close to the McDowell Mountain Golf Club. Homeowners who live in the community can join the golf club and get access to amenities like an onsite bar and grill, restaurant and lounges. They can play rounds of golf and then relax at one of these eateries while enjoying their favorite cocktails and American cuisine.

The golf club can also host special events like weddings. It has facilities that can hold anywhere from 120 to 200 guests. It also offers catering, bar service and wait staff and table and chair setup for couples who want to hold their nuptials there.

Finally, Scottsdale Mountain is part of the Scottsdale Unified School District. This district is one of the best performing and highest ranked districts in the state. It continually wins awards and recognition for academic excellence and having a high quality of teachers.

Nationally, the Scottsdale Unified School District gets an overall grade of A. It achieves an A grade in individual areas like academics, teachers, college preparation and sports. It gets a B grade in areas like administration, clubs and activities, diversity and health and safety.

The Scottsdale Unified School District serves students in grades preschool through 12th grade. It has a total of 22.256 students enrolled throughout its total of 36 schools. The student-to-teacher ratio for the district is 18 students per one teacher, which is just slightly higher than the national ratio average of 16:1.

Families who live in the Scottsdale Mountain community have several nearby public schools in the district to which to send their children. The closest Scottsdale Unified School District schools in Scottsdale Mountain are Anasazi Elementary School, which has around 475 students, Mountainside Middle School with a student population of 630 students and Desert Mountain High School, which has 2090 enrolled students.

Statewide, the Scottsdale Unified School District ranks as the fourth best out of 115 districts in Arizona. It also has the fourth-best overall student athletic programs and ranks seven for having the best quality of teachers.

State standardized test scores show that 63 percent of the students in the Scottsdale Unified School District are proficient in the critical subject areas of mathematics and reading. These scores exceed those of the national average, which is 34 percent for mathematics and 35 percent for reading.

Further, the Scottsdale Unified School District has a graduation rate of 90 percent, beating the national graduate rate of 85 percent. Students who take the ACT college admissions test achieve an average score of 28, which is much higher than the average national ACT test score of 20.6.

Finally, the Scottsdale Unified School District has close affiliations with area universities and colleges. It offers college preparation classes for high school seniors with credits that transfer to Arizona State University, University of Arizona and other in-state universities and colleges. Over half of its graduating student body goes on to attend schools like Arizona State University or Arizona State.

Aside from public schools, parents in Scottsdale Mountain have the option of sending their children to several nearby private schools. These schools include the International School of Arizona, which is open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. It offers bilingual educations in languages like Spanish and French.

The El Dorado Private School is another choice for parents who want to opt for private education for their children. This school has high ratings and favorable reviews. It also offers sports programs, such as soccer, in which students can participate. It additionally offers classes in band and music for students who prefer to take part in creative arts.