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Rental Homes

Rental Homes

Are you interested in locating a  rental home?  With so many rental properties on the market in the Valley of the Sun, it can be overwhelming.  It can be very difficult to locate the right Phoenix area rental home without professional help.  Let me guide you through the steps.

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Arizona is home to some of the most appealing houses for rent in the U.S. When you plan on moving to the state for work, school, or other reasons, you want to know what your options are with the variety of rental houses on the market.

To ensure that you find one of the rental homes that will suit your lifestyle and fit your budget, you need to know how to narrow your search. You can use several simple tips to help you locate homes for rent in Arizona that you can be happy in for years.

Let me eliminate the time-consuming process of driving neighborhoods looking for rental signs, scanning newspapers for rental ads, and the constant dialing to get more information on properties.  It is my job to simplify your search and locate the best rental Phoenix home for you.

With your criteria in hand, I will identify a collection of the best Phoenix rental homes for you to preview.  It is important to focus your search on properties that meet your needs.  There is no point in spending time looking at Phoenix rental homes that don’t meet your needs.  Contact me today!  I will help you get started down the path to locating the perfect Phoenix area property.

Tips For Locating An Arizona Rental Property

Phoenix homes and those in the surrounding areas rent very quickly.  Now is the time to make your move to the Valley of the Sun.  Once you locate the right rental property, you should be prepared to make your move.

For many people, a rental Phoenix home is the best choice.  Take a moment to answer the following questions.  These questions were created to focus your search and guide you into the exact Phoenix rental home area that will suit your needs.

Find The Perfect Home !

Search Cities In Arizona

Examine these questions, before you start your Phoenix home rental area search.

  1. What area of Phoenix are you interested in? 
  2. What is the rental price range you want to stay within?
  3. How soon can you move?
  4. What kind and size of property are you looking for?
  5. How long of a lease are you wanting?
  6. Who will be moving in with you?
  7. Do you have pets? 

Knowing your criteria will direct me down the right path to the ideal Arizona rental property for you.  It is time to give me a call.  Let’s get started on your future Phoenix rental home today!

Valley of the Sun – Is Bigger Than You Think

To those who are new to the Phoenix area, it can be surprising to learn just how big the capital of the state has become.  There are over 20 towns/cities sprinkled around the edges of Phoenix.  The term “Valley of the Sun” reflects all of these communities.  It can be overwhelming to arrive in Valley and begin an area Phoenix rental home search.

Let me be your area Phoenix home rental guide.  With city boundaries in most parts of the Valley of the Sun stretching each year, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Traveling from one edge of the Valley to the other can take time.  Therefore, it is important to know where you want to live, before you head out on your area Phoenix home rental search.

The best way to narrow down your choices is to start with where you work.  Using your workplace as a hub and then branching out from there makes the best sense when identifying the cities/towns that will suit your needs.  Once you have chosen your home, the daily drive to work will be pleasant and allow you more time in your new home. 

I will help pinpoint which communities are near your workplace.  Please contact me today.  Having grown up in Arizona, I have the knowledge and experience that you need to help you make the best Phoenix rental home choice.

Use Online Resources

The Internet is definitely going to be one of your best resources when you look for houses for rent in Arizona. In fact, you can use online resources like that will connect you quickly and easily to a townhouse rental, as well as condos for rent and other types of rentals that are available to you right now.

When you use, you can set up an account and customize your search so that West USA Realty and Carl Chapman REALTOR know exactly what you are searching for in rentals. You can get alerts for rental houses that are up for grabs currently, as well as homes for rent that will come upon the market in the coming weeks and months. Using, you can time when to apply for a townhouse rental, one of the condos for rent, or any of the other many homes for rent in Arizona.

Further, an account on can take the guesswork out of trying to find a place that offers you space and amenities that you prefer when you lease one of the houses for rent in Arizona. You may want to live in one of the rental homes that have outdoor pools, for example. When you customize your alerts on this website, you can get notifications about houses for rent that either have outdoor pools or are located in neighborhoods with community-exclusive pools for residents.

Moreover, your online account at offers details on rental homes in Arizona that you need to decide if they are worth your time considering. The website provides you with information like:

  • Schools in the neighborhood
  • The map view of the house
  • Community amenities, such as nearby golf courses or recreation centers
  • Proximity to shopping districts and major thoroughfares

These details can guide you in choosing an Arizona rental that offers you the comforts and conveniences that you would prefer to enjoy while living in the state.


Pricing is another point of consideration to keep in mind when you look for houses for rent in Arizona. The housing market in the state is full of houses, townhouses, condos and other rental properties that lease for a wide array of prices. You can find homes for rent that are modestly priced to homes for rent in Arizona that come with higher lease prices.

When you use an online resource like, you can easily set the budget that you have to work with and find rentals that fit within it comfortably. Your account allows you to set the boundaries for both the minimum and maximum that you want to pay in rent. Based on those criteria, shows you condos for rent and other rental homes that fit within your budget.

This unique feature spares you from having to filter through the pricing for rental homes yourself. You also avoid wasting time looking at properties that you cannot afford or are priced too low for you to feel comfortable renting.


Another consideration that will surely factor in your Arizona rentals search involves the location of where you want to live. You may want to rent a place that is close to where you work or go to school, for example. You also may want to live close to major neighborhood features, such as shopping districts, movie theaters, hospitals and other important amenities.

Using, you can filter your search based on your preferred geographical criteria. You can consider those rental houses that are located in neighborhoods that you want to live in and are close to features that are critical to your daily life.

You avoid looking at rental properties that are out of the way or too far from where you work or go to school. You may even find properties that are within walking distance of your preferred amenities.

Pet Friendliness

When you have pets, you want to bring them with you when you move to Arizona. With that, you need to find rentals in the state that allow you to have cats, dogs, and other pets in your home.

When you use to narrow your search for homes for rent, you can set your alerts to notify you when pet-friendly houses for rent come up on the market. You can apply for townhouses, condos, and other rental houses that are owned by landlords who welcome pets and will allow you to bring your animals with you when you move to the state.

This consideration can be particularly important when you are adamant about not leaving your pets behind. You avoid putting in an application for and moving into a place that does not allow cats, dogs, or other animals on the property.

You also avoid having to hide your pets or violate your lease. You can rent a place that welcomes and accommodates your pets.

Contact a REALTOR

Finally, you can make your search for a rental home in Arizona simple and easy when you contact an experienced real estate agent to guide and advise you. Along with your account, West USA Realty and Carl Chapman REALTOR can show you the best homes for rent in Arizona.

You can get updated information about a variety of rentals, including townhouses, homes, and condos for rent. You can also contact him about scheduling a convenient virtual tour or in-person showing.