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New River Details

New River

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New River Location

This village is one of the most recently created villages in the Phoenix area and as such is still in its infancy.

New River is in Maricopa County which is relatively central Arizona.  You will arrive there as you travel on Interstate 17, at exit 232, just north of Phoenix. 

Its boundaries extend from Table Mesa Road in the north, to Interstate 17 on the east, to Desert Hills Drive, Pyramid Peak Parkway, and Carefree Highway on the south.  To the west is New River Road and 75th Avenue.


The climate is typical of the southwest.  There is a mild winter that is balanced by a long hot, dry summer.  Many have claimed that the dry, hot summer conditions have helped to relive many of their allergy symptoms. 

Summer days are clear and spectacular and the temperatures are truly remarkable.  Spring and autumn are mild transitions into the other seasons.  There is a brief monsoon season that is truly extraordinary.


When something is really good you don’t have to say a lot- it speaks for itself.  So come out and see these properties.  There is huge potential for this lovely area.  There is plenty of land, developed and not.  These elegant properties are perfect for living or developing.

This is a growing area that is going to be more and more popular in the future.  Value and quality are here in abundance and this is becoming clearer and clearer every day.

The Market

The spectacular amount of market activity in Arizona over the past decade has been well documented.  People of all walks of life have been moving to Arizona, and particularly Phoenix, in record numbers.

Figures from 2000-2005 increasing construction, development, sales and unit sales prices in virtually every category of real estate.

The greatest degree of growth occurred during fiscal 2005, where previous growth statistics, impressive in their own rights, spiked sharply to even higher levels.

2006, though, has seen a decline in the rate of growth of some key market indicators.  The greater Phoenix market is showing marked decreases in key figures for comparable periods last year.

So when we take a long look at the larger picture we must ask ourselves whether we can realistically expect to realize more potential gain or value now or at some time in the future and it is very reasonable to conclude that the best possible time to buy or sell Arizona realty is now.


New River is popping!  It is a great place to live or to visit in order to take in some of the nearby attractions.

The town was established by the legendary and strangely eccentric “Lord” Duppa back in the pioneer days.  Duppa came to the area in 1860’s and chose New River to be his homestead.

Duppa’s home consisted of a roof made of willows and thin, unfinished walls made of ironwood interlaced with rawhide. The floor was dirt and had guns, ammunition, saddles, whips and spurs hanging from the crossbeams overhead.

Duppa was supposed by uneducated travelers to be a member of the English royalty. He said he was educated in Europe, supposedly spoke several languages and was said to have had traveled worldwide. 

Though Duppa is credited with being one of the first settlers in the Salt River Valley, and with the naming of both Phoenix and Tempe, his linguistic capabilities, world travel and claim to nobility are unsubstantiated. 

In 1947, New River was the point where the Black Canyon Highway ended.The road was dirt rest of the way on up to Prescott and into northern Arizona.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s, before the Highway became Interstate 17 and was paved all the way through.

This small town, that was once only a stage stop, is now a featured location for those seeking value, selection and a view of the good life.  It is close to Phoenix yet it is far away from the smog and chronic traffic congestion. 


There are several attractions located near New River.

Prime Outlets New River is a very large outlet mall just minutes south of New River. The Outlet Mall is the place to shop for top brand name items at great prices.

Shoppers will also find a food court area that is perfect for an afternoon lunch or snack. 

Outdoor Activities

Visitors and residents will find a variety of outdoor activities to engage in near town

The Pioneer Arizona Living Historical Museum is just south of town at Exit 225. It is a pioneer town recreated to depict life in the 1800’s. There are exhibits and craftsmen that really put their skills, refined, to take you back to olden times.

Lake Pleasant Road located on the west side of town is a direct way to the lake. The 15-mile road drops into the valley and connects to State Highway 74, which then takes you to Lake Pleasant.

There is a section of Lake Pleasant Road from New River that is not paved.  This area was first used as a military road. In the mid 1880’s the road connected Fort McDowell to Fort Whipple. The road began at Fort Whipple and headed down to Cave Creek as it passed pleasantly through New River.

The road extended into the McDowell Mountains and then into Fort McDowell.  Once you are at Lake Pleasant there is boating, fishing and lots of water fun. 

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