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Credit FAQ

Credit FAQ

Here are some terms that many Arizonans should know about when working on financial independence and success.

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  • Annual percentage rate (APR)

This is the amount of interest you will pay on your credit card balance.  To learn more about which credit cards work for you, click here

  • Annual fees

A yearly fee for holding a credit card.  Click here to see which credit card is for you.

  • Application fees (or sometimes called processing program, account set-up or membership fees)

These are fees charged to your first statement for starting up your credit card.  To find out more about the right credit card for you, click here.

  • Credit limit

The amount of money you are allowed to charge on a credit card.  Click to see which credit card you can get with a high credit limit.

  • Credit reporting

A report history of all the payments you have made.  Tip: Frequent credit reports of on-time payments will build your credit.  To start good credit, click here to locate the best credit card for you.

  • Late or over-the-limit fees

Fees for being late with your credit card payment or fees for going past the limit on your credit card.  Fact: You will be charged monthly for the over-the-limit fee until your balance is brought down below your limit.  Click here to find a credit card with a high credit limit, so you won’t experience these fees.

  • Grace Period

The time between the close of the credit card billing cycle and the payment due date.  It is usually 20 days.  To begin a positive credit history, click here.

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