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City of Chandler

City of Chandler

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Chandler Location

Located south of the city of Tempe and west of the town of Gilbert, the City of Chandler has good access to other parts of the Valley of the Sun.  Chandler is a fast-growing city with a terrific location in the East Valley.

Just 20 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix, residents of Chandler use a variety of freeways to get around.  Interstate 10 runs north and south, along its western edge, Interstate 60 flows east and west, dividing Chandler from Tempe on its northern boundary, the Loop 101 Freeway (also known as the Price Freeway) cuts through Chandler’s middle, running north and south, all of these freeway access points make Chandler a great place to live.

Chandler Properties

Affordable housing and a hometown attitude are some of Chandler’s assets.  Neighborhoods with landscaped boulevards bring many people to the city.  Single-family homes, custom properties, condominiums, patio homes, and townhouses can all be found in Chandler.  There are a variety of home styles available.   Quality homes, fine schools, and freeway access make living in Chandler the best choice. 

There was a time when the city of Chandler was based on agriculture and tourism.  Today, Chandler is fast becoming a magnet for both residential communities and high-tech manufacturing.  Businesses have flocked to Chandler.  The city is a leader in the computer technology area and has acquired the nickname, “Silicon Desert.”  It is a city on the cutting edge, with a vision of developing a diverse community where a high quality of life can be realized by all of its residents.  

This is a new city with changes occurring.  Fresh opportunities and a chance to create neighborhoods that welcome all their visitors.  Chandler’s affordable housing and hometown appeal are what draw people to this part of the East Valley.

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Chandler History

On an 18,000 acre ranch in 1891, Dr. A.J. Chandler began what would later become the City of Chandler.  Dr. Chandler was the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona.  He was also a very insightful individual.  His goal was to encourage others to move to the area and live. 

The San Marcos Hotel, one of Arizona’s first resort hotels, was a vision of Dr. Chandler.  The hotel was built in 1914, influenced by the Mission Revival architecture.  Several United States Presidents and famous Hollywood actors have stayed in the San Marcos Hotel over its illustrious history.  The San Marcos Hotel still stands today in downtown Chandler and it is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.  Dr. Chandler’s idea of constructing a hotel, along with subdividing his ranch did promote the area.  It is no wonder that Chandler continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona.

Today the city of Chandler is working hard to preserve the city’s rich history and at the same time develop the roots for new residents living in the community.  The goal is to transform Chandler from a small farm town into one of the largest urban cities in the West. 

Chandler Entertainment

Chandler is well on its way, with world-class golf facilities, outstanding resorts, terrific restaurants, premier shopping and lots of recreational activities.  Downtown storefronts have been returned to their quaint turn of the century look and the central plaza has been renovated.  Chandler is creating an exciting future.  It is the place that many Valley of the Sun newcomers chose to be their new home.

Cultural facilities can be found in Chandler.  One of its best showcases is the Chandler Center for the Arts. This 64,000 square foot center offers visitors a unique design.  The auditorium has a “turntable” design, which allows for two sections of seating in the rear of the main auditorium to rotate 180 degrees to face two more intimate stages.  The walls do move with the seating areas to prevent conflicting sounds and allow three events to perform simultaneously.  The Chandler Center for the Arts is a showcase of acoustics, with a variety of turntable configurations providing for numerous options for sound transfer.  It is a jewel of the city.

Shopping in the East Valley is great, however, shopping in the City of Chandler stands above the rest.  Beginning with the Chandler Fashion Center, this mall is one of the newer shopping destinations in the East Valley.  It is a 1.3 million square foot premier shopping venue, offering several shops that can only be here in the East Valley.  Combined with Casa Paloma, Chandler Pavilions, and Historic Downtown, the City of Chandler provides its residents with a variety of options when it comes to shopping.  Chandler has become a shopper’s paradise. 

A unique feature of the City of Chandler is the Williams Air Force Base.  The base was built in 1941 when World War II began.  Today, Williams Air Force Base has become Williams Gateway Airport.  The facility provides space for a variety of aircraft, including corporate, cargo, general aviation, and military.  The goal of Williams Gateway Airport is to develop as an international aerospace center with aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, modification, testing, and pilot training.  It is a prime location for global-minded companies.

Chandler Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor fun is part of living in Chandler.  The old-time charm of the city’s past can still be found.  The Desert Breeze Railroad Park offers residents a chance to ride the rails around a gorgeous park setting.  Children delight when taking a spin on old-fashioned amusement rides.

The Chandler Ostrich Festival is another unique attraction that shows off Chandler’s small-town quality.  The festival includes ostrich races and other fun activities that area residents enjoy seeing each year. 

The city also provides the Chandler Concerts in the Park.  This series of performances include a range of jazz to Brazilian music groups.  The concerts are held all over the city at various city parks.  Chandler residents sample a variety of cultures and spend time outside.  Taking time to experience the outdoors and spend time with the community is what makes the City of Chandler special.

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