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Cereta Candy Company

If you are in the area or not, you definitely must plan a visit to the Cereta Candy Company.  Here you will see how homemade candy is made and most importantly be able to have a taste of these scrumptious treats.

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In 1930, the Cereta Candy Company opened its doors and has grown to a 35,000 square foot factory.  It has been popular place to spot and pick up a yummy candy tidbit.  The Candy Company is a family tradition.  Tradition also means that only fresh ingredients are used which ensure the highest quality with every piece of candy made at Cereta’s.  Just like in the olden days, the Cereta Candy Company pours its molten caramel by hand onto tables to cool.  Next, this spread of caramel is cut by hand into long ribbons to be sold as caramels or covered with chocolate. 

Once you walk into Cereta’s, you will be surrounded with tempting treats like fudge truffles or dipped cherries or their famous walnut caramels.  As a native Arizonan, I can remember my grandfather taking a drive out to Cereta’s to pick up some goodies.  These goodies were later shared with business acquaintances, friends and of course his granddaughter, who still loves a taste of Cereta’s candy.

Cereta Candy Company offers more than just candy to its visitors.  During your visit, you can take a self-conducted tour of the manufacturing area with an accompanying video.  The admission is free, along with some free samples.

The Candy Company is open Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The tours of the factory are available Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  If you have questions about the Candy Company, you can call 602-930-1000.  Cereta’s is closed on Sundays.

The Cereta Candy Company is located at 5345 West Glendale Avenue in Glendale.  When you are making a trip to see downtown Glendale, the Cereta Candy Company is on the way.  If you are on Interstate 17, take the Glendale exit and head west on Glendale Avenue.  Once you pass 51st Avenue, you are very close.  Look to your left and you should see it.  Its sign is up high and large.

Candy is just about everyone’s weakness and if it is yours you will love your visit to Cereta’s.  It has been a valley favorite for many people and I know it will be yours after your first visit.

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