Lake Havasu City is in Western Arizona.  It is in Mohave County.  The town is located on U.S. Highway 95 between Bullhead City and Parker.  If you are traveling from Flagstaff, you take Interstate 40 west past Kingman and continue south to U.S. Highway 95.  Turn south on U.S. Highway 95 and follow the Colorado River down to Lake Havasu City.  If you are coming from Phoenix, take Interstate 10 west to just past Quartzsite, then turn north onto U.S. Highway 95.  Travel on U.S.Highway 95 north, continue along the Colorado River past Parker to Lake Havasu City.



Lake Havasu City is a terrific place to play in the sun and water.  It is a planned community.  Today, Lake Havasu City’s population is 38,635.  The city sits at an elevation of 482 feet.  The temperatures are hot, but the Colorado River is a great spot to cool off and the winters are mild.  The winter lows are 37 degrees and the summer highs are 108 degrees.  The city does receive scattered rainfall of 3.82 inches a year.  There are so many outdoor activities in and around the city.  It is a year-round vacationer’s paradise.  It is also a major population center for southern Mohave County and is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States.



The Lake Havasu’ name came from the Havasupai Indians of Northern Arizona.  The name means “blue water”.  The lake was formed by Parker Dam, which was built in 1938.  Parker Dam forms Lake Havasu’s 45-mile length and 3 mile width.  The lake flows into the Colorado River and is at the base of the Chemehuevi Mountains.

Originally, it was a rest camp and landing strip for the Army Air Corps.  In 1963, Robert P. McCulloch Sr. purchased the land to build a planned community.  McCulloch paid approximately $75.00 an acre for the land.  Then, McCulloch joined forces with C.V. Wood, who helped him make his vision become reality. 

It was in 1968, when McCulloch began searching for something to make the city unique.  At the time, he was in England and he soon discovered a bridge for sale.  The multi-arch bridge over the Thames River needed to come down, due to its instability.  McCulloch jumped at the opportunity.  He bought the London Bridge and had it taken apart piece by piece and reassembled over a man-made inlet on the Colorado River.  On October 1971, the bridge was officially dedicated.


Community Features:

There are several attractions in the area that are quite unique.  One is the London Bridge, which originated in London and brought over to Lake Havasu City.  Just up U.S. Highway 95 north to Bullhead City, then across the Colorado River from Bullhead City is Laughlin.  Laughlin is a great spot to enjoy entertainment and casino fun.

Lake Havasu City has so many outdoor activities that will interest people.  There are two wildlife refuges nearby.  One is the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and the other one is the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge.  You will see birds and small game in these areas.  Lake Havasu City also has two state parks located near the city.  The Cattail Cove State Park and the Lake Havasu State Park give water lovers a great place to enjoy the outdoors.  The open stretches of water are perfect for the many bass competitions, annual national outboard championships, sailing competitions, water skiing and international Jet Ski championships. 



There are five elementary schools, a junior high school and a senior high school in Lake Havasu City.  The city also has Mohave Community College that offers a wide range of college level classes.  Northern Arizona University provides a program in Lake Havasu City.  If you are interested in the Lake Havasu Unified School District, it is located at 2200 Havasupai Boulevard or call 520-855-7861.  Mohave Community College is at 1977 West Acoma Road or call 520-855-7812. 



The Havasu Samaritan Regional Hospital is at 101 Civic Center Lane, 520-855-8185.  This hospital is a 99-bed acute care facility.  It provides 24 hour emergency service with full time emergency physicians available.  The medical staff is made up of over 60 physicians.  Lake Havasu Nursing Center is located at 3576 Kearsage Drive, 520-453-1500.  This center has 90 residents.  There is an assisted living retirement residence called Lake Havasu Assisted Living at 1221 Claremont Drive, 520-855-4843.  Lake Havasu City does offer a variety of medical and dental specialists.



The City Office supplies the water for Lake Havasu City.  You can get in touch with the City Office by calling customer service at 520-453-4146 or by going in to see them at 1795 Civic Center Boulevard, 520-855-2116.



Citizens Utility Company provides the utilities for Lake Havasu City.  If you need electricity information, call 520-855-2138, for natural gas information, you may call 520-453-0595.



The Lake Havasu City area has both phone service and cellular telephone service available.  If you are interested in phone service, call 520-453-1122.  Citizens Mohave Cellular, provides cellular telephone service for the area.  You can call 520-716-2355 or stop by 1760 McCulloch Boulevard.



The city has a police department that provides law enforcement for the area.  The department is located at 2360 McCulloch Boulevard or it can be reached by calling 520-855-1171.



The fire department has four stations, which give excellent protection to the city.  The fire department is at 145 North Lake Havasu Avenue, 520-855-1144.


Local Media:

There is one daily newspaper for Lake Havasu City.  It is The Today’s News-Herald located at 2225 West Acoma Boulevard, 520-453-4237.  In addition, The White Sheet and The Mad Dog Shopper are two advertising publications that are free to the public.  The White Sheet is at 2099 West Acoma Boulevard, 520-855-7871.  The Mad Dog Shopper is located at 2068 McCulloch Boulevard, #A, 520-453-7222.  The Desert Outlook is another free publication.  It is a local weekly viewspaper, which is available on Thursdays.  It is located at 2068 McCulloch Boulevard, 520-453-7222. 

The Havasu Connection is magazine published 10 times yearly.  It is available by direct mail to residents and businesses.  For more information on Havasu Connection write P.O. Box 2572, Lake Havasu City, AZ, 86403 or call 520-855-5196.

Six radio stations broadcast from Lake Havasu City:  KJ93  92.7FM, jammin’ country, KHITS  93.5 FM, today’s hits, KRCY  100.1 FM, golden oldies, KNLB 91.1 FM, religious, KROCK  101.1 FM, classic rock and KZUL  105.1 FM, adult hits.  KLPZ  138.0 AM, country broadcasts near Lake Havasu City.

Through UHF relay, eight television stations and one local channel can be received in the city.  By Cablevision, you can receive 48 basic and 6 premium channels.  Cablevision is located at 730 West Acoma Boulevard, 520-855-7815.





You will find seven financial institutions in Lake Havasu City, along with 10 branches.



America West Express has daily flights from Lake Havasu City to Phoenix and Bullhead City.  For more information call 1-800-247-5692.  Havasu/Vegas Express has a daily shuttle service to Las Vegas, to find out more call 520-453-4884.  Commuter Carriers also has daily service to Las Vegas and Needles, call 520-680-7433.  K-T Services has buses servicing Las Vegas and Phoenix daily.  You can find out more by calling 702-644-2233.


Golf Courses:

You will see breathtaking panoramic views when playing any one of the four public golf courses in Lake Havasu City.  The London Bridge Golf Club has two courses, London Bridge West and London Bridge East.  Both courses have 18 holes and are located at 2400 Club House Drive.  You can get in touch with the course by calling 520-855-2719.  The Havasu Island Golf Course offers water hazards for its golfers.  This 18 hole course is located 1040 McCulloch Boulevard.  For more information call, 520-855-5585.  The shortest course is the 9 hole Queen’s Bay Golf Course.  You can find out more about it by calling 520-855-4777.

Lake Havasu State Park


There are two distinct units at this water lovers' paradise, Windsor Beach and Cattail Cove. Windsor Beach is a wonderfully developed area in Lake Havasu City just north of the famed London Bridge. (London Bridge was dismantled at its original site in England and rebuilt in Arizona by developer Robert McCulloch in 1971.) Windsor Beach is popular for day use, camping, and launching all varieties of watercraft. A new group campground is available by reservation. 

Lake Havasu City, home of the historic London

Bridge, is on the east shore of Lake Havasu on the Colorado River

border of California and Arizona. McCulloch Properties, Inc.

established the town in 1963 as a self-sufficient, planned community.

It is the major population center of southern Mohave

County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

Lake Havasu City incorporated in 1978.


Lake Havasu City attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors

each year to its calm waters and beautiful beaches. The London

Bridge and its adjacent English village are the focal point of a

multi-million dollar resort complex of shops, restaurants and

lodging facilities. A million visitors bring $100 million annually to

the economy of Lake Havasu City.


The city's founding company, McCulloch Corporation,

employs over 400 workers in the manufacture of components for

chain saws, string trimmers and related products. Sterilite

Corporation, the largest U.S. independent manufacturer of plastic

houseware products, employs more than 375 people in their

450,000 sq. ft. facility. In addition, a cluster of boat manufacturers,

including high performance and leisure craft like Advantage,

Conquest, Magic and Nordic, have found a natural home by the

lake. Leaders in personal watercraft manufacturing, both

Kawasaki and Yamaha have research and development operations

within the community. Other manufactured products

include engines for model airplanes and boats, metal mirrors for

laser applications, custom cabinets, counter tops, tools and components

for the electronics, computer and aircraft industries.


The opening of the London Bridge in October 1971 by

McCulloch Properties, Inc. brought a unique attraction to Lake

Havasu City. The Bridge has been reconstructed over a channel

off Lake Havasu and an English village replica built next to it.

Forty-five-mile-long Lake Havasu, formed by Parker Dam on

the Colorado River, offers abundant attractions to its visitors. The

deep blue water, with its coves and inlets, makes the lake a good

fishing spot for bluegill and crappie. The city hosts a number of

major bass competitions throughout the year. Open stretches of

water are the scene of annual national outboard championships,

sailing competitions, water skiing and international Jet Ski championships.

Early mines and mining towns are scattered in the desert to

the north and east of Havasu; the most famous of these is

Oatman. Lake Havasu State Park and Lake Havasu National Wildlife

Refuge provide areas where one can explore the rugged terrain

where birds and small game flourish.


For those interested in geological phenomena, the area surrounding

Lake Havasu City is ideal. Within a 10-mile radius of the

city, such specimens as volcanic rock, geodes, jaspers, obsidian,

turquoise, and agate can be uncovered. Hikers will enjoy a trek

into the area's rocks, Indian ruins and abandoned mines.