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Arizona Trail

The Coconino Rim segment trends southeast from a trailhead at Grandview Lookout Tower to a crossing of Forest Road 310. Grandview Lookout Tower was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936. The Russell Wash segment begins at FR 310 and heads south to the Moqui Stage Station. A third link on this District follows FR 301 from Moqui Stage Station to the southern Forest boundary. The road is part of the stagecoach route that operated between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon from 1892 to 1901. The stage station was a stop on the 20 hour, 20 dollar ride. The trail parallels the road along this historic route. These trail segments are part of a longer Arizona Trail passage between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.

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The northern segments of trail pass through ponderosa pine and Gambel oak stands. Further south, the trail opens to pinyon-juniper, sage, and grassland vegetation.

For several months of the year there may be no water sources along with these segments. Russell Tank, the most likely supply, is a very important water source for wildlife and livestock. By law, camping is not permitted within 1/4 mile of stock tanks, trick tanks, ponds, or springs. All water sources should be considered unsafe for human use unless properly treated.

Trail Layout: Coconino Rim Segment-Grandview Lookout to the crossing of FR 310, 9.1 miles. The trail heads east from the tower. The beginning of the trail has an interpretive loop that describes mistletoe and its effects on ponderosa pine forests. It winds through pine-oak woodland with little elevation change. 3.1 miles from the trailhead there is an excellent overlook of the Upper Basin, the Coconino Rim, and the Painted Desert. From here the trail winds closer to the Rim, offering more vistas to the north. A short, but steep series of switchbacks begins 7.3 miles from Grandview LO. as the trail crosses steep drainage. At 9.1 miles the trail meets FR 310. At this point, you are 6.8 miles from Grandview LO via FR 310.

Russell Wash Segment-FR 310 to Moqui Stage Station, 8.2 miles. This trail begins at FR 310, 6.8 miles southeast from Grandview LO. It heads south, gradually descending drainage, 1.7 miles to Russell Tank. From the tank the trail winds south and east, eventually rejoining Russell Wash. It crosses FR 320 3.1 miles from Russell Tank, and continues south another 3.1 miles to FR 313. Here the trail ascends a small ridge, crosses under a power line, then descends to Moqui Stage Station.

Grand Canyon Stage Segment-Moqui Stage Station to the Kaibab NF-CO Bar Ranch boundary, 5 miles. From the Stage Station, the trail heads southeast through pinyon-juniper and sage paralleling FR 301.

Length: 22.3 miles (total for three segments)

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Recommended Season: Spring to mid-Fall.

Access #1: From Highway 64/180 at Tusayan, turn east on Forest Road 302 (0.8 miles north of the Grand Canyon Airport entrance). Follow the signs along this road for 16 miles to Grandview Lookout Tower.

Access #2: Via Arizona Highway 64 in Grand Canyon National ParkðFrom the South Entrance Station, drive north 4 miles to a right turn on AZ 64. Drive east on AZ 64 approximately 8.7 miles where you will see a left turn sign for Grandview Point. Continue driving east on AZ 64 for 2 miles. An Arizona Trail sign indicates a right turn onto a gravel road. Drive 0.5 miles on this road to the Grand Canyon National Park-Kaibab National Forest boundary. There is an old cabin at this point. Continue on this road, FR 310, for 0.8 miles to Grandview Lookout Tower, the trailhead for the Coconino Rim Segment.

Road Conditions: Highway 64, Highway 180, FR 302, FR 301, and FR 311 are suitable for sedans. On the rest of the roads, a high clearance vehicle is recommended.

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