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About Apache Junction

About Apache Junction 

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Apache Junction is located at the junction of several highways, United States Highway 60 (Superstition Freeway), United States Highway 89, and State Highway 88 (historically known as the Apache Trail).  The city is approximately 35 east of Phoenix.  Apache Junction is situated saddling both the Pinal and Maricopa county lines, at the base of the Superstition Mountains.  A higher elevation of 1,715 feet and open desert landscapes make temperatures in Apache Junction a bit cooler, compared to other Valley of the Sun communities. 

Because Apache Junction is so far from Phoenix itself, combined with the fact that the city is technically not a part of Maricopa County, there are those who believe that Apache Junction is not part of the Valley of the Sun.  However, due to the amazing growth that this area has been experiencing, along with the difficultly in deciding when one city or town ends and another one begins, Apache Junction seems more a part of the Valley of the Sun, than not. 

The city has a great location.  Apache Junction’s proximity to Highway 60 (Superstition Freeway) provides good accessibility to other parts of the Valley of the Sun.  The area has several major retail and commercial businesses located nearby.  There are also many small businesses, which create a warm community feeling that Apache Junction is known for sharing with visitors and residents. 

Apache Junction Properties

Today, Apache Junction caters to recreation seekers and retirees.  Many young dual-income families with children have selected Apache Junction to be their home.  Apache Junction residents make up a mixed age group, creating a great place to call home.  There is a wide range of properties available in Apache Junction.  Depending on an owner’s lifestyle, there is a home for everyone.  From rural acreage properties to urban neighborhoods with single-family homes, all of these and more are found in town.  Apache Junction offers more. 

From its small beginnings as a sandwich and water stopover, Apache Junction has grown.  Many retirees have selected Apache Junction for its adult-only communities.  Several large neighborhood developments have been created in town to serve the many retirees.  Relocating to Apache Junction to escape the cold winter months in other parts of the country is a popular method of living.   Apache Junction is the right place for retirees.

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Another special community that has grown up near the city of Apache Junction is Gold Canyon.  This development is approximately seven miles southeast of Apache Junction.   Amazing views, golf, and quiet living are what have brought many residents to Gold Canyon.

Apache Junction Entertainment

The old west charm can be found in Apache Junction and in the surrounding areas.  Just north of the city, there is a community called Tortilla Flats, Arizona.  This tiny development is nestled in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area and includes six residents.  Visitors will have the opportunity to saddle up to the bar (which really means “to saddle up” by sitting on cowboy saddles perched on wooden barrels) and enjoy a meal or snack.  Tortilla Flats was once a famous stagecoach stop and still holds tales of rugged western Arizona life.  It is one of many friendly southwestern spots to spend some time when living in Apache Junction.

Apache Junction serves as the doorstep to a variety of unique areas in the state of Arizona.  It is the gateway to the Tonto National Forest, the Superstition Wilderness, the famous Apache Trail, the historic Old West Highway, and the Salt River Chain of Lakes.  Because this part of the Valley of the Sun is so spectacular, Apache Junction has also become popular.  Several movies and television shows have been filmed in and around town.  Apache Junction is the center of it all.

The city grew up at the western end of Apache Trail (the junction of U.S. Highway 60 and State Highway 88).  Route 88, the historic Apache Trail, was created to aid in the construction of the Roosevelt Dam.  The historic Apache Trail was used for transporting supplies between Phoenix and Globe.  The road is still one of the most scenic drives in Arizona.  It is a winding breathtaking road that takes travels northward out of Apache Junction up toward a series of Arizona lakes.  The Superstition Mountains are the majestic guardians of the Apache Trail.  It is said that once this area is seen, it will always be remembered.

Apache Junction Outdoor Recreation

Apache Junction is the perfect town to live in, especially when it comes time to experience outdoor fun.  Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Roosevelt Lake are all located within the Salt River Canyon which runs just to the north of town.  This close distance to so many lakes gives residents many opportunities for water fun.  Apache Junction is a paradise for outdoor recreation lovers.

Recreational enthusiasts find that living in Apache Junction provides many opportunities.  The close proximity to Arizona lakes and forests allows for lots of choices.  Waterskiing, boating, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rock hunting (rock-hounding), and much more are all within short driving distances from Apache Junction. 

The Tonto National Forest contains spectacular scenery, ranging from the rugged desert to the tall cool pines.  It is an ideal place for campers and hikers.  The 5,055-foot tall Superstition Peak within the Superstition Mountains gives visitors hiking, horseback riding trails, and picnic areas. 

The residents of Apache Junction are a blended group.  Those who love water sports head up to nearby Canyon Lake to boat and fish, hikers and equestrian riders spend time on the trails in the Superstition Mountains, and those who want to relax and experience the gorgeous desert scenery each day spend time on their patios.  Apache Junction has something for everyone. 

Apache Junction History

Distinguished by its scenic desert mountain environment and abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, the city of Apache Junction is the place to live.  The nearby fabled Superstition Mountains reveal an amazing history dating back to the Peralta family’s arrival in 1840.  The Peralta family developed a rich gold mine in the Superstition Mountains on the eastern edge of Apache Junction. 

Then in the 1870s, Jacob Waltz, as known as “the Dutchman” was located a descendant of the Peralta family.  From the information given to him by this relative, Waltz re-discovered the gold mine.  According to the Dutchman, who upon entering the Peralta Family mine said that the gold was so rich that it could be cut away with a knife.  As the legend continues, in 1891, Waltz died without revealing the exact location of the mine. 

Today, the legend carries on with individuals searching for the Lost Dutchman’s Mine in the Superstition Mountains.  The legendary Superstition Mountains are a sight that residents never tire of gazing.

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