Wenden is in Western Arizona . It is in La Paz County. The town is located in McMullen Valley between the Harquahala and Harcuvar Mountains on U.S. Highway 60. Wenden is the most eastern community in La Paz County. It is 45 miles west of Wickenburg and 40 miles south of Alamo Lake State Park.  Wenden is known for being the “Gateway to Alamo Lake.” It is the last stop before heading up to Alamo Lake State Park. The town sits at an elevation of 1,870 feet. The southwest desert climate has a winter low temperature of 40 degrees and a summer high temperature of 105 degrees. Visitors to Wenden enjoy the many services the town offers, such as gas, food, camping and fishing supplies.  History: Otis E. Young established Wenden in 1905. He named the community Wendendale, in remembrance of his hometown in Pennsylvania. Later, postal authorities shortened its name to Wenden. The town began as a supply depot and freighting point for the many mines in the area. In 1907, Wells Fargo built a station for shipping gold. Today, agriculture and tourism are the main economic contributors to Wenden.  The Alamo Lake State Park is a must see during a visit to Wenden. Visitors will find boating, camping and fishing at the park. Many believe that Alamo Lake has some of the best fishing in the state. It is easy to get to the state park, just head north out of town on Alamo Road. You will continue along the road, until you reach the lake.