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Dewey is in Northern Arizona . It is in Yavapai County. The town is located at the junction of State Highway 169 and State Highway 89. The Agua Fria River runs to the east of town.

Dewey is a former pioneer settlement that has become a trading center for farming and cattle ranching. The town sits at an elevation of 4,500 feet. The climate is mild all year round with a winter low Temperature of 25 degrees and summer high Temperature of 90 degrees.

In 1860, King S. Woolsey arrived in Yuma with a horse, rife, pistol and five dollars. During the next few years, he made a fortune in cattle ranching, mining and flour milling. Woolsey was best known for his prowess as an Indian fighter. He had courage and strength, which made him ruthless in battle.

While he was a member of a party prospecting around Prescott, he found the area that is now Mayer. He decided to build his ranch here. At the time, Apache Indians were attacking this section of land. Woosley fortified his house and corrals. He was successful in fighting off several attacks and in punishing those who had stolen horses or cattle.

Woolsey eventually sold his ranch to the Bowers brothers. The Bowers brothers were northern Arizona cattlemen. In 1871, over a hundred cattle had been stolen from the Bowers ranch. A group was formed to find the cattle. John Townsend, who was a known scout, led the expedition. The group killed 56 Apaches in a gorge and most of the cattle were returned.

In 1872, a post office was established with the name Agua Fria or Agua Fria Valley. The name referred to the nearby Agua Fria River flowing the east of town. The post office was short lived and closed in 1895. It was reopened several years later with a different name. At the time, Admiral George Dewey had just become victorious over the Spanish fleet and patriotism was running high. In honor of the Admiral, the town was named Dewey.
Today Dewey is a trading center for farming and cattle ranching.


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