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WestWing Mountain

WestWing Mountain

Located just 45 miles to the northwest of Phoenix, WestWing Mountain is one of the area’s most upscale and luxurious master-planned communities. It came into existence in 2002 when the first of the numerous luxury homes were built here. The building of new homes continued through 2006, with well-known home building companies like TW Lewis and Camelot taking charge of their designs and creations.

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The real estate market in WestWing Mountain, which is actually located in North Peoria, now consists of both resale attached and single-family homes and empty lots that are zoned for new construction. People wanting to move into WestWing Mountain look to established real estate professionals like Carl Chapman REALTOR at West USA Realty to show them the available listings.

Life in WestWing Mountain is the envy of the Greater Phoenix area because of how relaxed and upscale this community actually is. It sits at a higher elevation than other master-planned communities in the area. As such, it not only offers spectacular views of the mountains but also breathtaking views into downtown Phoenix.

Further, its mountainside location allows it to offer miles of trails that are ideal for hiking, bicycling, jogging and walking. Residents of WestWing Mountain can venture out into the mountains and fresh air for a full day of exercising in scenery that is unmatched anywhere else in the area.

Even more, this gate-guarded community is close to Lake Pleasant, which is available for outdoor recreation like swimming, fishing, and boating. It also has its own upscale community center, which offers a host of amenities and events to residents of WestWing Mountain throughout the year.

WestWing Mountain is conveniently located just off the WestWing and North Lake Pleasant Parkways. It is just a few miles to the east of 303 Highway and Interstate 60. Both of these major thoroughfares connect directly to downtown Phoenix where residents of WestWing Mountain can find world-class dining, shopping, and other conveniences.

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They are also just minutes from top-quality shopping, dining, and more in nearby Peoria. Major medical facilities and pharmacies are just a few minutes drive from WestWing Mountain. They are also only about 30 minutes away from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.

WestWing Mountain is open to homeowners of all ages. People who want to live here have dozens of home styles and layouts from which to choose.

The homes for sale in WestWing Mountain are designed to match the luxury lifestyle around which the community revolves. Most of the homes are expansive in size and come with amenities and features that enhance the experience of buying a house and living in WestWing Mountain.

However, the prices for homes for sale in WestWing Mountain are also priced affordably, especially given the exclusivity of the community. The median sale price for a WestWing Mountain home is $421,000. However, actual sale prices can range from $410,000 to $1.52 million.

Closing prices in WestWing Mountain can range from $298,000 to $1.95 million. The average per-square-foot price for a home in WestWing Mountain is $199.

Most homes in the WestWing Mountain community have at least three or four bedrooms. They also have three to four bathrooms, as well as two and three-car garages. Most homes have anywhere from 1100 to more than 3200 square feet of living space.

Houses that are put up for sale in WestWing Mountain typically stay on the market for 169 days or less. Prices in the community have more than doubled in the last two years.

Property taxes are also affordable for the area. Many homeowners pay around $2400 a year in property taxes. They also pay around $150 a month in homeowners association fees.

Many of the homes in WestWing Mountain also feature landscaping the complements the surrounding desert scenery. Many yards here are full of rocks and small boulders, as well as palm trees, cacti and other succulents.

The exteriors of the houses also commonly have covered front walkways and paved driveways. They likewise have terra cotta or decorative tile rooftops.

The inside features of homes for sale in WestWing Mountain include:

  • Tile floors
  • Tall windows
  • High ceilings
  • Double door entries
  • Oak cabinetry
  • Kitchen islands with vegetable sinks
  • Gas ranges
  • Family rooms
  • Breakfast nooks
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Fireplaces
  • Carpeted bedrooms
  • Walk-in closets
  • Walk-in showers
  • Garden bathtubs
  • Dual vanity sinks
  • Lighted vanity mirrors

It is also common for houses for sale in WestWing Mountain to have enclosed backyards with high privacy fencing. Many of the homes here also have in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs. The backyards are designed to be spacious and ideal for including outdoor furniture sets, fire pits and other backyard furnishings.

The upscale way of life outside of the homes in WestWing Mountain fall to the community’s homeowners association, or HOA, to maintain. The community’s HOA consists of eight elected board members. All of the HOA board members are fellow homeowners in WestWing Mountain.

The board of directors in the WestWing Mountain HOA consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. There are also four directors at large who make up the board.

The board of directors for the WestWing Mountain HOA undertake a number of responsibilities during their tenures. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Replacing the roofs on common buildings like community clubhouses
  • Making repairs and upkeep to amenities like swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs
  • Repairing pool decks and installing heaters, pumps, and other equipment
  • Maintaining or repairing playground equipment, clubhouses, tennis courts, and parks
  • Replacing fencing in HOA-controlled areas
  • Painting community association buildings
  • Completing major landscape projects
  • Renovate and build major areas like sidewalks and private roads

Aside from these duties, the WestWing Mountain HOA also regulates daily life in the community itself For example, it is in charge of deciding how and where homeowners can park their vehicles in and around their homes. People who move into the community receive specific instructions on whether or not they can park their cars on the road in front of their homes or on public roads within the community. They also find out if they can back up and park backward in their own driveways.

The HOA for WestWing Mountain likewise oversees architecturally and paint changes to people’s homes. Before they can repaint or make any noticeable changes to their homes, they are obligated to get the HOA’s approval. If their changes are approved, homeowners must abide by the allowed paint colors and architectural styles to protect the integrity of WestWing Mountain and its home values.

All homeowners in WestWing Mountain are automatic members of the HOA. They become members when they close on their homes. They also are required to pay $150 in dues each month to the HOA.

The HOA dues that homeowners in WestWing Mountain pay are used for a variety of purposes. Specifically, they go for:

  • Landscaping costs
  • Regular maintenance fees
  • Management costs
  • Clubhouse amenities
  • Security

They are also used to cover the costs for electricity in common areas, such as the community clubhouse.

The HOA is also responsible for ensuring that all of the amenities in WestWing Mountain are available to residents throughout the year. In fact, WestWing Mountain offers a host of amenities that encourage residents to connect with their community and also stay fit and active. They come at no additional cost to residents, aside from the HOA fees that they are expected to pay each month.

These amenities include miles of trails that traverse throughout the community and can be used for activities like hiking, bicycling, walking and jogging. These trails are maintained to ensure users’ safety and enjoyment. They are open to residents of all ages and are ideal for getting out of one’s home to exercise and stay fit.

The surrounding mountain preserves are also full of trails that can be used for the same activities. The preserves are located just to the north and south of WestWing Mountain. There is no cost for entering the preserves or using the mountain trails in them.

Families with small children who live in WestWing Mountain likewise have a number of amenities available to keep their kids busy and happy. The community offers several playgrounds with equipment like slides and swings. There are also numerous tot lots for smaller children, as well as several splash pads to keep children cool during the hottest months of summer.

For adults who want to enjoy outdoor recreation, they can choose from several athletic amenities. These include courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball, and volleyball. WestWing Mountain is also close to several golf courses, some of which are open to the public, where residents can play rounds of golf and enjoy amenities at the courses’ clubhouses.

Finally, WestWing Mountain is close to Lake Pleasant, which is an ideal location where residents of the community can go to enjoy a number of outdoor activities. It is open year-round for swimming, fishing, boating and camping.

When residents are not enjoying the outdoor activities and amenities found in WestWing Mountain, they can drive into nearby Peoria to access a wide range of services and conveniences. They are just minutes from stores like Super Target and Walmart.

They are also close to restaurants and cafes like Starbucks, as well as recreational facilities like Mountainside Fitness. They can also drive into nearby Phoenix, which is about a half-hour away, to access restaurants, specialty shops, grocery stores and more.

Families who live in WestWing Mountain also enjoy having numerous public schools close by for their children. In fact, the community is part of the Deer Valley Unified Public School District, which is headquartered in Peoria.

WestWing Elementary School is located right next to the community’s clubhouse. This elementary school serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade and is so safe and close that many children walk or ride their bikes to school each day. High school students attend the nearby Sandra Day O’Conner High School, which has a student enrollment of just over 2500 students.

The Deer Valley Unified School District gets a national grade of A for its overall excellence. It achieves an A grade in specific areas like academics and college preparation. It scores a solid B grade for areas like teacher quality, clubs, and activities, and health and safety.

The district has a total enrollment of 34,544 students, from preschool to 12th grade, dispersed throughout its total of 55 schools. Its overall student-to-teacher ratio is 19:1, which is just slightly higher than the national student-to-teacher ratio of 16 students per one teacher.

Statewide, the Deer Valley Unified School District also performs well. In fact, the state of Arizona ranks it as the eighth-best overall district. It beats out 106 other districts in excellence.

Further, it ranks as the 21st best district in the state for student-athletes. It ranks 26th best for the quality of teachers that it hires.

State standardized test scores show that 61 percent of the district’s students are proficient in reading. Fifty-nine percent are also proficient in mathematics. These percentages far exceed the national standardized test scores of 34 percent proficiency for mathematics and 35 percent proficiency for reading.

Likewise, many of the students in the Deer Valley Unified School District go on to attend one of the in-state colleges and universities. A large majority of them choose to go to Arizona State University. However, some students also attend the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

College-bound students who take the ACT college admissions test receive an average score of 26. This score beats the national average ACT score of 20.6. The district likewise has a graduation rate of 90 percent, higher than the national average of 85 percent.