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Town of Buckeye

If You like to see a lot of natural beauty in the land then Buckeye, at the base of the mighty White Tank Mountains, on the southwestern rim of Maricopa County has what you like.  The town is located approximately 30 miles west of downtown Phoenix.

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Buckeye covers nearly 600 square miles.  This makes it one of the largest towns around. Picture this; the town goes from Wickenburg, south to the town of Gila Bend, east to the Hassayampa River, and west to Perryville Road. You can get to Buckeye from almost anywhere, but most access Buckeye from Interstate 10 and State Highway 85.

Buckeye is popular because of its location.  Like many other cities that are becoming popular Buckeye is far enough from Phoenix to be out of the traffic, yet close enough to receive the metropolitan advantages. Residents enjoy the amenities found in Phoenix and then escape to a quiet retreat.  So make you own personal get-away and find out what living in Buckeye has so much to offer.


The climate is typical of the southwest.  There is a mild winter that is balanced by a long hot, dry summer.  Many have claimed that the dry, hot summer conditions have helped to relieve many of their allergy symptoms.

 Summer days are clear and spectacular and the temperatures are truly remarkable.  Spring and autumn are mild transitions into the other seasons.  There is a brief monsoon season that is truly extraordinary.

Buckeye Properties

Buckeye is fast becoming an area where new homes are being built and planned communities are popping up. It is projected that over 240,000 homes will be constructed in Buckeye in the years to come.

Once Buckeye was a sleepy agricultural community, now it is a place where families, retirees, and professionals have made their home. Buckeye is a desirable place to call home.  It is close to work while distant enough to give you breathing room from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Properties in Buckeye range from newer single-family residences to homes within the town’s historic district. There are custom homes located at the base of the White Tank Mountains that offer larger lots and great views. Homes that include horse privileges are also found in town and many include multiple acres.

Buckeye is known for its friendly neighborhoods and affordable suburban living. Many have discovered that Buckeye is a town where residents receive more for their real estate dollar, compared to other parts of the Valley of the Sun.

It will do you no harm to explore Buckeye’s beauty and consider its charm.  We all always say what we would have done differently looking to the past.  Don’t pass Buckeye listings by- don’t make that mistake again!

New businesses and companies are also selecting Buckeye to be their home base. Almost every major form of transportation is available in town. There are multiple points of access from Buckeye.

Five highways, a general aviation airport, and the railroad are all situated in the area. Making Buckeye a perfect choice to develop and expand a business.

Learn more about properties available in the town of Buckeye, click here.

The Market

The spectacular amount of market activity in Arizona over the past decade has been well documented.  People of all walks of life have been moving to Arizona, and particularly Phoenix, in numbers unmatched in recent memory. 

Figures from 2000-2005 show nothing but increased construction, development, unit sales and unit sales prices in virtually every category of structure offered on the market. 

The greatest degree of growth occurred during fiscal 2005, where previous growth statistics, impressive in their own rights, spiked sharply to even higher levels. 

Of particular note to the residential home seller/buyer was the record appreciation in new and resale home values.  These rates were up for new homes and resales, rentals and condominium units, the only difference being one of degree.

While it is true that not all Phoenix area real estate markets showed the same amount of increase it is true that the degree of growth for each area was proportional. 

Then along came 2006 and equally well documented has been the decline in the rate of growth of some key market indicators.  The greater Phoenix resale home the market is showing marked decreases in sales figures for comparable periods last year across the valley and across most unit categories.

One interesting exception is the median price for resale units has risen slightly.  This rising price accompanied by a decrease in sales seems to be more in keeping with normal market tendencies. 

One would expect spectacular growth to lead eventually to a degree of scarcity that would be reflected in higher prices.  Could this indicate that the market has reached its peak?

Let’s look at another indicator to see what it may tell us.

Since 1985, the Arizona Real Estate Center has computed what it calls “affordability indexes” for the Greater Phoenix area and several nearby cities. 

The index was invented as a guide to predict market activity.  When the index value is 100, the typical home buyer (based on the current median resale price and household income) would be able to afford a median-priced home at the stated effective interest rate.  A lower index value indicates less availability of affordable single-family homes.

The affordability index for the areas selected for the study shows significant reduction in the availability of this type of housing within the means of the ordinary consumer.

 Whether this data can be used as a reliable indicator for other groups and other types of housing is arguable, but it does beg the question “how much longer will the market be able to sustain a a situation where both sellers and buyers can apparently benefit by getting involved in the market?

The short answer is that these conditions can remain so long as they are supported by the market. 

So when we take a long look at the larger picture we must ask ourselves whether we can realistically expect to realize more potential gain or value now or at some time in the future and it is very reasonable to conclude that the best possible time to buy or sell Arizona really is now.

Buckeye History

A group of settlers from Ohio settled in what is now Buckeye in 1880’s.  They found out quickly that they needed water in order to farm in the desert so a canal was built to sustain agriculture. This Buckeye Canal provided the families with the food they needed to survive life in the harsh, barren desert.

Shortly after the canal was put into operation the settlers applied to United States Postal Service for a post office. The Postal Service granted the request and named the new post office Buckeye after the canal.

The developers tried to have the name established as Sidney.  But folks kept calling the town Buckeye, after the Post Office- so that name is the one that stuck

Throughout the years, inhabitants of the land have endured much but they were always able to transform the land from a barren desert into a fertile farming valley. Cotton, feed grains, and vegetables flourish in the area’s warm climate. Today, Buckeye proudly retains vestiges of its fast evaporating farming heritage.

Speaking of climate is typical southwestern.  This means that you can expect a mild winter season and a long, torrid summer.  Spring and autumn are mild transitions into the other seasons.  The summer features seemingly endless days of clear skies and bright sunlight. This makes the natural beauty of the area so easy to appreciate.  There is a monsoon season, but it is very brief.

Suffice it to say that Buckeye is the hot spot in a very, very hot spot

Buckeye Entertainment

People move to Buckeye for rural living and southwest charm. One place that holds much of Buckeye’s small town charm is Main Street – Buckeye. Buckeye is an Arizona Main Street town. The street has been designated by the National Register of Historic Places.

Experience the annual Hellzapoppin Days.  People have been making this event since the 1930’s.  This local tradition includes a parade, carnival, rodeo, demolition derby, and street dances. Buckeye also celebrates Countryfest, Pioneer Days, and a hometown Fourth of July.

Local libraries, community center, parks and a history museum are community facilities found throughout the town.

Buckeye Outdoor Recreation

Experiencing the outdoors is simple when living in Buckeye. The Buckeye Hills Regional Park is located just five miles west of town. The park consists of 4,474 acres of natural desert. Visitors enjoy taking in the vistas of rolling hills of pristine Sonoran Desert, with beautiful views of the Gila River riparian area.

The Robbins Butte Wildlife Area is also located nearby. The wildlife area covers approximately 1,600 acres and is situated about seven miles southwest of town. Visitors have lots of opportunities for bird and wildlife viewing.   Many species of bird, reptile and mammal life populate the park.

The Buckeye Historical and Archeological Museum has interesting artifacts from the town’s beginning. The museum’s front is an exact replica of Buckeye’s first general store.

Buckeye Golf Courses

Grab your golf clubs and go!  It is time to play a round of golf in Buckeye, Arizona.

There is a golf course in the Buckeye area that is waiting for you.  The Valley of the Sun has so many golf courses, each is at varying levels.  Golfers will be able to locate a course that can provide good practice and challenges

The following is a list of nearby golf courses.  Find the golf course that fits your needs.

Cotton Lane RV Park & Golf Resort – Executive

17506 West Van Buren Street 

Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Eagles Nest Country Club – Semi-Private

3645 Clubhouse Drive

Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Estrella Mountain Golf Course – Public

15205 West Vineyard Avenue

Goodyear, Arizona85338

Estrella Mountain Ranch Golf Club – Public

11800 South Golf Club Drive 

Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Maryvale Municipal Golf Course – Public

5902 West Indian School Road 

Phoenix, Arizona 85033

Palm Valley Golf Course – Public

2211 North Litchfield Road 

Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Raven Golf Course at Verrado – Public

4242 North Golf Drive

Buckeye, Arizona 85326

Sundance Golf Club – Public

900 South Sundance 

Buckeye, Arizona 85326 

Villa de Paz Golf Course – Public

4220 North 103rd Avenue 

Phoenix, Arizona 85037

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