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Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is a fun attraction to visit for the whole family.  The Zoo has a variety of free activities each day.  Some activities include: zookeeper talks, elephant encounters and a cheetah chase. Details on all of these activities can be found in the activity guide given out at the zoo entrance.

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            As a native Arizonan, I have always enjoyed my trips to the zoo.  During the past few years, the zoo has grown and expanded with new animals and exhibits.  The Zoo is divided into four zones called Trail Tours.  These Trail Tours are called African, Arizona, Tropic and Discovery.  In each Trail Tour visitors learn about different animals.  The Discover Trail Tour hosts a farm.  This zone has just recently undergone a large renovation.  Visitors are able to be a part of the farm experience through hands on activities.  Kids love this section of the zoo, but I have to admit I look forward to this part of the Zoo.  It is a must see.

            Another exhibit found in the Tropic Trail Tour is the Uco, which houses the Speckled Bear.  This is a terrific enclosure for these unique creatures.  The enclosure is built in such a way that the visitor feels a part of the environment.  You feel like you are in a South American Rainforest.  The Zoo did a tremendous job creating this exhibit.

            With so many things to see, I have found that the best way to view the Zoo is to begin with a Safari Train Tour.  You can catch the Safari Train Tour near the entrance of the Zoo.  This tour gives you the opportunity to see the entire zoo in one swoop.  After the Safari, I usually head for the refreshment stand to plan my day.  I decide what zones interested me the most while on the Safari Train Tour and then I create a map for the day.  I also take into consideration any special activities that will be held.

            The Zoo is a beautiful place to view animals.  Be prepared to be in the sun and to walk.  I always wear sunscreen, a hat and good walking shoes.  The Zoo does provide strollers and wheelchairs for a reasonable rental fee. 

            The Phoenix Zoo is open every day of the year, rain or shine (except December 25).  The Zoo summer hours are 7:30 am to 4 pm (May 1 thru Labor Day).  Winter hours are 9 am to 5 pm (Tuesday after Labor Day thru April 30)

            The admission to the Zoo is Adults $8.50, Seniors $ 7.50, Children $4.25 and children two and under are free.  I would suggest if you are planning on visiting the Zoo more than once a year, you should become a Zoo Member.  It is well worth while.  I have been a member for several years and the benefits are great.  Be sure to look into it.

            The Phoenix Zoo’s entrance is located off Galvin Parkway in the center of Papago Park, just half mile west of the Desert Botanical Garden.  Take the Loop 202 to Van Buren and then head east to Galvin Parkway.  Turn north on Galvin Parkway and you will see the signs.

            I know you will enjoy your trip to the Zoo as much as I have enjoyed my trips.

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