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Grayhawk is a luxurious master-planned community located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It sits on more than 1600 acres of the desert landscape. It is just north of the Loop 101 Freeway and is nestled between two award-winning golf courses.

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The Grayhawk master-planned community came to life in 1996 when some of the best-known home builders in Arizona took charge of building the upscale attached and single-family homes here. The builders created a unique combination of upscale homes, villas, townhouses, and condominiums, the newest of which were built as recently as 2012.

Today, there are more than 3800 homes located throughout Grayhawk. Grayhawk actually has two separate neighborhoods, dubbed The Park and The Retreat. The Retreat has two subdivisions of its own, which are called The Raptor Retreat and The Talon Retreat.

Grayhawk also has its own age-restricted community, called the Village at Grayhawk, that is available for homebuyers who are aged 55 and older. This community offers 253 unique condos, all built with spacious floor plans. The Village at Grayhawk offers numerous amenities that appeal to older homeowners and retirees.

People who want to buy homes in any of the neighborhoods in Grayhawk have a wide variety of sizes and styles from which to choose. They can find premium one and two-story single-family homes, as well as spacious, luxurious townhouses and condominiums for sale. Reputable real estate pros like Carl Chapman REALTOR and West USA Realty are well acquainted with Grayhawk and can tell buyers everything that they need to know about finding and moving into any of the upscale properties for sale in Grayhawk today.

Unlike other master-planned communities, however, Grayhawk is not gated. Even so, neighbors get to know each other and watch out for each other’s homes and properties. The community prides itself on offering one of the friendliest and safest lifestyles available to homeowners who want to live in luxury master-planned housing.

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Further, homeowners in Grayhawk have access to some of the best resort-style amenities found in the Scottsdale area. The community is home to two golf courses and seven swimming pools. It also makes available seven spas and six tennis courts to people who call Grayhawk home.

Additionally, there are numerous public parks located throughout all of the Grayhawk neighborhoods. These parks offer features like picnic ramadas and playgrounds for children. Many of them also have tot lots for smaller children.

Grayhawk also has its own eponymous golf course that is open to area residents throughout the year. Along with two golf courses, the club makes available onsite dining, a pro shop, and a clubhouse that members can make use of for special gatherings.

As if the community amenities were not sufficient to keep homeowners in Grayhawk entertained, there are also seasonal events held throughout the year. These events are open to all residents of Grayhawk.

People who live here can also take part in the numerous clubs and activities that are routinely available to keep residents entertained and busy. All of the amenities, events, clubs and activities help Grayhawk maintain its reputation for being one of the most upscale, connected, and welcoming communities found in the Scottsdale area.

The designs and prices of the homes in Grayhawk likewise reflect the exclusivity and upscale reputation that the community enjoys. The homes on the market in Grayhawk include a varied mix of both single-family and attached homes, including condominiums and townhouses. The median sale price for a home in Grayhawk sits right at $527,000.

However, current prices are actually ranging from $225,000 to $1.099 million, depending on the style and size of the house. Closing prices are going for anywhere from $270,000 to $2.5 million. Most people buy houses in Grayhawk for around $311 per square foot.

Further, house sizes can range from 798 to more than 8000 square feet. Many homes on the market in Grayhawk have two to six bedrooms and two to seven bedrooms. They also sit on half to five-acre lots and have attached garages that can accommodate as many as three cars.

People who buy houses in Grayhawk pay around $4400 a year in property taxes. They also pay $422 a quarter in HOA fees.

Because of the demand for housing in Grayhawk, prices for homes for sale have close to doubled in the last year. Further, houses are selling faster, with the typical house selling in as few as 41 days. This timeline beats the average of 66 days that it took houses to sell during early 2020. Between 30 and 40 houses sell on average each month in Grayhawk

The exterior appeal of the homes can explain why they sell so quickly and remain so popular among Arizona home buyers today. It is quite common for houses for sale in Grayhawk to have decorative tile rooftops. They also have landscaping, featuring rocks, stones and succulents like cacti, that blend in well with the surrounding desert.

Further, many of the homes on the market in Grayhawk have covered front entrances. They also have stone or stucco exterior finishes.

The insides of the houses for sale in Grayhawk likewise are full of some of the most modern and upscale features found in the housing market today. Buyers here will find luxury homes with:

  • Stone tile floors
  • Living room fireplaces
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Chandeliers
  • Formal dining rooms
  • Recessed ceiling and floor lights
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Wooden window blinds
  • Ceiling fans
  • Kitchen bars with room for seating
  • Kitchen islands with vegetable sinks
  • Painted kitchen cabinetry
  • Pantries
  • Gas ranges
  • Above range microwaves
  • Double vanity sinks
  • Lighted bathroom mirrors
  • Walk-in bathroom closets
  • Garden bathtubs
  • Walk-in showers
  • Spacious bathroom closets
  • Utility rooms with cabinets

Many of the homes on the Grayhawk market likewise have spacious backyards, complete with stone or brick privacy fencing, as well as covered terraces with paved patios.

Outside in the actual community of Grayhawk itself, life falls under the governance of the community’s homeowners association. There is one main HOA that manages much of the daily function and life in the overall community. However, the individual neighborhoods in Grayhawk also have their own HOAs. Homeowners in Grayhawk pay dues to both the main and subdivision HOAs.

Further, all homeowners in Grayhawk become members of the main and subdivision HOAs once they close on their homes. As homeowners, they have the opportunity to elect board members to represent.

The Grayhawk HOA board of directors comprises of seven members, four of which serve as president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Three members serve as at-large directors, and elections for all board directors are staggered to ensure that there are always seven members on the board.

Additionally, the board of directors for Grayhawk employ an onsite management company that deals with much of the day-to-day operations of the community. The management company itself employs staff who work in the main HOA office, which is located at 7940 East Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale. The management company staff on hand include:

  • Two community managers
  • A director of communications
  • A lifestyle director
  • An administrative coordinator
  • A maintenance supervisor
  • Two maintenance assistants

Homeowners who have non-emergency questions or concerns about any aspect of living in Grayhawk can email the board of director members on the main HOA’s website. They can also find and use the contact information for the management company employees. Homeowners with emergencies are directed to call 911, the Scottsdale police department or the gate guard for the community.

The main HOA’s website is also where homeowners can find a wealth of information about living in Grayhawk. Some of the resident services that are available on this site include those for:

  • Gate access
  • Lifestyle information
  • Governance
  • Design reviews
  • New resident information
  • Landscaping

The gate access details available to homeowners in Grayhawk involves how to find their usernames and passwords. They can also refer to the HOA site to find out how to get a transponder for the gate installed.

Lifestyle topics covered on the HOA website include those for:

  • Management company details
  • Mailbox location and access
  • Trash pickup
  • Parking
  • Community patrol
  • Pool keys
  • Use of open spaces
  • Community guidelines and policies

Likewise, Grayhawk residents can find times and dates for board of director meetings, as well minutes from those meetings, information about HOA elections, governance documents and committees.

Homeowners who would like to make changes to the insides or outsides of their homes can refer to the HOA website for topics like:

  • Approved exterior paint colors
  • Architectural reviews
  • DYI landscaping
  • Water management
  • Protecting outside assets

Last, the HOA website is the place for homeowners to find details regarding:

  • Use and rental of community amenities
  • Trail locations
  • Community newsletters
  • Social media links
  • Realtor packets
  • Locations of subdivisions
  • Events calendars

The HOA in Grayhawk also makes sure that all residents in good standing have access to the variety of amenities found throughout the community. These amenities are open year round, and a number of them can be reserved and rented for special events like weddings, birthday parties and baby showers.

The Park subdivision, for example, has numerous pocket parks available to residents. Many of these parks are designed to be family-friendly and come with acres of green space, as well as playground equipment and ramadas where people can host picnics.

Likewise, the Retreat has numerous parks located throughout it. People who live here additionally have access to the subdivision’s six tennis courts and seven neighborhood pools and spas.

People who live in Grayhawk likewise have access to Thompson Peak Park, which has acres of outdoor spaces, as well as sports courts, open fields and playgrounds. They can also visit Grayhawk Park, which has the same amenities as Thompson Peak Park but also offers:

  • 30 miles of walking and biking trails
  • Two baseball fields
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts

Aside from the parks that are found throughout Grayhawk, the Grayhawk Golf Club stands out as the premier amenity that is available to all homeowners in the community. This golf club, which is found on East Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale, is open year round. It has two championship 18-hole golf courses that accommodate players of all skill levels.

The first course, called The Talon, is a par 2 course and measures 7000 yards. The second course, dubbed The Raptor, measures 7108 yards and is also a par 2 course. Both of them are the creations of well-known course designers David Graham and Gary Panks.

In addition, the Grayhawk Golf Course offers a pro shop and clubhouse. It is also home to the Grayhawk Learning Center for Golf, where people can go to improve their swing and learn more about the game.

The Grayhawk Golf Course likewise makes available a 40,000 square foot clubhouse, which is the site of three onsite restaurants available to members of the club. These restaurants include Phil’s Grill, The Quill Creek Cafe and the Morning Joint, which is nicknamed Mojo. The clubhouse also houses locker rooms for men and women, as well as conference rooms that can be reserved for meetings and parties.

The Village at Grayhawk makes available its own set of amenities for homeowners in the 55 and older crowd. These amenities include a community clubhouse with:

  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Patios
  • An outdoor whirlpool and spa
  • Tennis courts
  • Walking and biking trails

Grayhawk is also close to nearby shopping centers, including Hayden Peak Crossing and Grayhawk Plaza, both of which are home to numerous grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores. People who live in Grayhawk likewise are just minutes from the Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital.

Finally, the Paradise Valley Unified School District serves families who live in the Grayhawk community. This school district is headquartered in Phoenix. It is one of the best performing districts in the metropolitan area and consistently ranks as one that can provide its students with the highest quality of education.

In fact, the Paradise Valley Unified School District gets a national grade of B-plus for its overall excellence. It gets A grades in areas like academics, diversity and college preparation. It gets a grade of B in areas like teacher quality, clubs and activities and safety and health.

The Paradise Valley Unified School District serves students in grades preschool through 12th grade. It has just over 31,000 students enrolled in and dispersed throughout its 52 total schools. The schools that are most readily available to people who live in Grayhawk include Grayhawk Elementary School, which is actually located within the community itself. Older students can attend Mountain Trail Middle School and Pinnacle High School.

The student population enrolled in the district allows it to offer a student-to-teacher ratio that is just slightly higher than the national average. This ratio is 18:1 in the Paradise Valley Unified School District. The national student-to-teacher ratio is 16 students per one teacher.

Still, the district gets high reviews in the state of Arizona and ranks in the top 15 percent out of the total of 115 public school districts in the state. It gets a ranking of 16 for being the overall best district for students to attend. It ranks eighth for having the best sports programs for student-athletes and 37th best for the quality of teachers that it employs.

Its overall academic excellence carries over into the standardized testing that all Paradise Valley students take each year. These test scores show that 53 percent of the district’s students meet proficiency standards for reading. Fifty percent likewise show proficiency in mathematics when taking the state standardized tests.

Even more, the Paradise Valley Unified School District has a graduation rate of 88 percent. This average outperforms the U.S. national high school graduation rate average of 85 percent. Students in the district who take the ACT college admissions test receive an average score of 27, overshadowing the ACT national average score of 20.6.

Further, the majority of graduating students go on to attend in-state universities and colleges. Most of them prefer to attend Arizona State University. However, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University also remain popular choices among district graduates.