Has a neighbor recently put up a new fence on their property? Do you get the feeling that some of that fence is actually on part of your land? When a neighbor erects any kind...
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Property Boundary Lines

When it comes to fixing property boundaries lines, you’ll need to know what you’re doing. This is one area in which you can’t afford to be half right. If you feel that your neighbor has...
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It’s a very good thing to know exactly where the boundaries of your property extend to. It’s a lot easier to embark on a home renovation project when you know where your property begins and...
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Hunting and Trespass

The laws on hunting animals and trespassing vary depending on the state in question. Local law enforcement and wildlife agencies enforce hunter trespass laws. In many states, the consent of a property owner is necessary...
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In property law trespassing is defined as being physically present on the property of another without an invitation from, or the consent of, the owner of that property or the owner’s agent. Property law generally...
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Keeping Mold Out

You can inadvertently make your house a welcome haven for mold spores. Once mold takes up residence among you and your loved ones, you face an expensive and potentially deadly uphill battle to get rid...
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Common Subjects of Toxic Mold

When you find that your new home is infested with toxic mold, you may have no idea what, if any, legal remedies are available to you. How can you prove that you did not cause...
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What is Mold

When you think of mold, you may think of the type that grows on cheese or bread and takes on a grotesque bubbly green appearance. The type of mold that grows on rotting food is...
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