Carl Chapman, REALTOR

When the time comes to sell a property in Arizona, you want to make the right call. I am Carl Chapman, Associate Broker of West USA Realty, and I am the person you want to talk to when you want to sell your Arizona home. West USA Realty is ranked as the 13th most productive company in the nation and holds the distinction of having the most sales per office. As an Associate Broker – Realtor, I hold more than 10 years of real estate and Internet marketing experience. This enables me to help sellers in the Arizona real estate housing market. My extensive experience offers sellers advanced marketing and content syndication. My marketing strategies guide search engines into locating your property and ranking your home at the top of search results.   These advanced Internet marketing techniques, coupled with traditional real estate marketing, get results – fast!   Call me today at 480-948-5554.  To learn how I can sell your property quickly and for the best possible price, call my office at  480-948-5554.    

Selling Your Home With West USA Realty

Selling your home is an exciting time. Upsizing? Downsizing? New job? Along with the excitement of making a change and move, there are questions. How much is my property really worth? How long will it take to sell? Will there be any costs on my part? These are all important questions. It’s critical you choose the perfect person to help guide you through
the process of selling your home. It’s also vital you select the top real estate company and REALTOR in order to get you the best price within the shortest time period. You know that when you select the right team to represent you through this complex process you’ll end up with a successful experience. When you hire me – Carl Chapman of West USA Realty – you’ll be certain you’ve selected the best team with the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to support you in the preparation, marketing and sale of your home.
Get started on the road to success by calling me, Carl Chapman, at (480) 948-5554. I will begin by providing you with a Free Full Competitive Market Analysis. This analysis will show your home’s current value. Prices have gone up over the past few years and today’s home value of your property could surprise you.   Once you’ve had the opportunity to review the Competitive Market Analysis, I will discuss with you the next steps needed to sell your home.  Get Started Today – Call (480) 948-5554 for your Free Full Competitive Market Analysis.

Real Estate SEO

For more than 10 years, I have used advanced Internet Marketing techniques to rank the websites of Fortune 500 businesses. Today, I use these same techniques to rank Arizona homes for sale.   I call this process Real Estate SEO. Real Estate SEO is a set of techniques and processes that utilize Content Marketing and Social Media to get your home ranked on Google and other search engines. This specialized form of Search Engine Optimization will set your home apart from other properties on the market. Your home will appear for terms on the Internet when potential buyers and REALTORS search for Arizona properties and communities.   Through my content syndication process, your home will be added to thousands of real estate-related websites across the Internet. This process increases the possibility your home will be found first by potential buyers.  
When it comes to selling luxury and specialty properties, I have developed a unique strategy to match the perfect buyer with the right property. This strategy utilizes Google Adwords to purchase display advertising and contextual ads in front of potential buyers. For example, a for-sale ad for horse property might benefit from being placed on websites dedicated to the equestrian community. My goal is to ensure your home pops up in front of potential buyers and to make certain buyers are aware of the availability of your home. In addition to these on-line processes, I continue to utilize traditional media and email marketing techniques. My promise to every client is that I will do whatever it takes to get the right buyer to your front door.