Central Phoenix Villages

Central Phoenix Villages

Phoenix has been recognized as “One of the Best Managed Cities” in the United States.  The city has been broken down into 14 neighborhoods or villages.  There are five villages (urban areas) that are included in the Central Phoenix area.  These villages are North Mountain Village, Alhambra Village, Encanto Village, Camelback East Village, and Central City Village.  All of these villages are unique and have special characteristics.

Central Phoenix is an area that stretches from historic downtown Phoenix, northward through the center of Phoenix up to North Mountain.  It is an area that many people moving to Phoenix chose to make their home.

The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metropolitan area) is very large, covering nearly 400 square miles.  However, the city of Phoenix itself is divided into 15 sections or urban areas called villages.  Each village has its own unique qualities.  The Central Phoenix area includes five of these villages.  The villages are North Mountain Village, Alhambra Village, Encanto Village, Camelback East Village, and Central Village.

Each of these villages offers an array of properties, from historic homes to new homes.  The Central Phoenix area is unlike any of the other towns/cities on its outskirts.  This part of Phoenix is more established, giving the Central Phoenix area less of a desert environment and more a city setting. 

Many properties include grass lawns and citrus trees.  The Central Phoenix area offers residents the convenience of downtown sporting events, galleries, and cultural events.

It is the perfect location for those who want to experience the friendly and relaxed southwest feeling, without living with a desert background.

Discover what developments are available or learn about the Phoenix villages that are included in the Central Phoenix area.

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