Selling your home can be an exciting challenge. When you want to close the sale as quickly as possible, you need a skilled real estate agency like us at West USA Realty to advise and guide you throughout the transaction.

With offices in both Phoenix and Scottsdale, we at West USA Realty have skilled and knowledgeable realtors who are ready to help you show and sell your house today. Use our helpful and simple home-selling guide to get your house ready for the local market now.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Your first tip involves hiring an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent to represent you and your home in the local market. You want to select someone who knows the area in which your house is located. This individual should have a solid history of successfully selling comparable homes in the neighborhood and know how much the typical asking price for a home is going for right now.

Our real estate agents at West USA Realty are also ready to listen to you about how quickly you would like to sell the home and what your scheduling needs are for closing the sale. Our agents in Scottsdale and Phoenix can also advise you on whether or not you should hire a lawyer or an accountant to learn about the legal and financial ramifications of selling your house.

With our experienced real estate agents ready to assist you, you can begin preparing your home for sale today. Before we list your home, however, you should first make sure it is ready to welcome potential buyers and staged so that it looks inviting and well worth the asking price. These simple measures will ensure your house is ready to be listed for sale in the local market.

Make Simple and Minor Repairs

Before your house is photographed and listed for sale, you will want to make sure it is free from any noticeable defects that could turn away potential buyers. You can accomplish this important goal by making minor and simple repairs if possible first.

Some of the repairs you should make before we list your house include:

  • replacing broken or missing mini-blinds, window shades, and other window coverings
  • paint walls neutral colors like white or off-white
  • repair leaky faucets
  • repair or replace broken or loose doorknobs, drawers, and other fixtures
  • grout walls and floors in the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms
  • replace any burned out light bulbs with energy-efficient, higher wattage bulbs
  • repair or remove any signs of water damage on the walls, ceilings, and elsewhere

These simple repairs can make a big difference in how people view your home. They show that your home is move-in ready and well worth the price for which you will list it for sale.

Clean Your Home

Another valuable tip for getting your home ready for sale is cleaning it from top to bottom. Every inch of your home should be as clean and pristine as you can make it. You do not want a dirty house to turn away people who are otherwise well-qualified and ready to buy it from you.

You could start with cleaning the inside and outside of the windows so they let in as much natural light as possible. Remember to dust the mini-blinds and vacuum or wash the draperies to make the entire window look clean and welcoming.

You should also de-clutter your house, getting rid of any excess items that crowd the shelves, take up space in the walkways, or otherwise take away from the spaciousness and beauty of your home. As you get rid of clutter, you should remember to sweep, mop, vacuum, and wax the floors to make them as pristine and shiny as possible.

We also suggest that you make your home as odor-free as possible. Simple tasks like getting your laundry washed, folded, and put away, or emptying the garbage and kitty litter can go a long way in making your home fresh and free from odors. You could also invest in odor absorbers for the utility room or the bathrooms where smells might linger longer than other areas of the home.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the outside of your home to make it as appealing and inviting to buyers as possible. We advise you to:

  • mow the law
  • get rid of weeds along the sidewalk and driveway
  • prune the trees
  • trim shrubs
  • hide the garbage bins and get rid of junk in the front or backyard

You also may want to touch up the paint on the outside of the home or repair damaged vinyl siding if possible. Your home's exterior should beckon to qualified buyers and make them excited to see what the house looks like on the inside.

If you are in doubt about your home's readiness to sell, you can always ask us to walk through your home and point out any areas that need improvement. We are ready to help you stage your home to attract qualified buyers today.

Staging the Home

Staging the home can be a relatively simple process as long as you keep some basic tips in mind. First, you want to maximize the roominess and space in each room of the house. Get rid of bulky furniture or any belongings that take up too much space.

You should also store away possessions that are overly personal and detracting from the home's overall sale benefits. Artwork, personal pictures, and other belongings can be too sentimental and cause buyers to believe that the home is not really ready for buying.

Finally, arrange furniture in each room to create an open walkway that is easy for buyers to navigate. The roominess and open space can appeal to buyers and cause them to envision moving into the home themselves.

Other Tips

Once the home is staged and ready to show, we are ready to list it for sale in the local market. You and your agent should think about the right kind of language to use when listing the home. Avoid idealistic and superlative language like “best” or “perfect” because it can cause cynicism in buyers as they view your home.

You and your West USA Realty agent can also come up with times to host open houses and showings. These showings and open houses should fit not only your schedule but also the schedule of your potential buyers.

Finally, as much as you may love the house you are selling, you should try to keep your emotions out of the sale. Allow us to guide you throughout the transaction and make the sale as seamless and simple as possible.

Home-selling Don'ts

Along with taking these home-selling tips into consideration, you should also learn about a few don'ts that we recommend to all of our clients. As you sell your home, you should avoid:

  • not pricing the home to match the home values and asking prices in the neighborhood
  • pushing for a hard sell during a showing
  • limiting your home's marketing to just the local classified ads or open houses. Remember new marketing options like social media and online listings.
  • signing a contract with a real estate agent that does not give you an escape clause. Your contract should give you an out if you are satisfied with the service you are getting from your agent. You should take your time and interview your real estate agent before you agree to sign a contract with him or her.

At West USA Realty, we can advise you on all of the strategies you should and should not use as the home's seller. We have offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix for your convenience. Call us today to find out how we can help you throughout the entire home selling process.