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What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?
A mortgage is a legal document that states your lender (who you borrowed money from to purchase the property) has a legal claim on your property.  The lender holds the document (mortgage) as a security for the money that you borrowed.  In other words, the document (mortgage) is security for the repayment of the loan (money you borrowed to purchase the property).  You (the borrower or mortgagor) retain possession and use of the property during the time you pay off the mortgage (money stated owed on the document). 
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What are closing fees?
These are fees or charges for services provided by the lender or other parties involved in the mortgage transaction.  You should ask about these fees very early in the process of getting a mortgage agreement.

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The Chapman Team of realtors is a group of highly trained real estate experts.  The current market indicates that there is more at stake financially than at any other time in recent memory. You will want to make the best deal that you can so it will be more important than ever to obtain the most qualified, competent, and effective assistance possible.
The Chapman Team is made up of a highly experienced staff of Arizonans who have made it their business to know as much about the Arizona real estate landscape as possible and their deep devotion to Arizona and its residents shines through in their efforts- and in the results they get for their clients!
So if you are thinking of buying or selling property in Arizona contact a member of the Chapman Team today.
You’ll be glad that you did.
The Chapman Advantage is a unique system that utilizes multiple media systems to make potential buyers aware of your property. With over 25,000 homes currently offered through the local MLS, marketing a home is a lot more than placing a sign in the yard. With the Chapman Advantage, you can be assured that potential buyers will be aware of your home or land.  The Chapman Advantage utilizes our network of internet real estate websites to reach over 1 million visitors each year. Additionally, we use national real estate sites such as, local real estate magazines, and direct mail to reach the broadest number of potential real estate buyers. 

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