The Sun Cities is a collection of retirement communities located in Arizona. These communities restrict residents to being at least 55 years of age or older to live there. A total of five communities under the Sun Cities brand exist in the Greater Phoenix area. They are:

  • Sun City
  • Sun City West
  • Sun City Grand
  • Sun City Festival
  • Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch

The original Sun Cities community, the first of its kind in the U.S., opened in 1960 to much notice and acclaim. In fact, its opening garnered recognition in Time Magazine. The homes that were for sale in the original Sun City community were designed and built by well-known home builder Del Webb on the site of the ghost town of Marinette, Arizona.

The original Sun City remains one of the most popular age-restricted community in Arizona, if not in the entire U.S. Sun City as a brand utilizes homeowners associations to manage and keep up its communities. People who move into any of the six Sun City neighborhoods in Arizona are required to pay annual dues to their respective HOA. Their dues are used for tasks like street and infrastructure maintenance, safety and community events like arts and crafts fairs.

Further, the HOAs in charge of the Sun Cities communities ensure that residents abide by the somewhat stringent covenants required of all homeowners there. The covenants require that at least one of the homeowners in each home be at least 55 years of age or older. Likewise, no one under the age of 19 is permitted to live in a Sun City community full-time.

Children under the age of 19 are permitted to visit for a maximum of 90 days each calendar year. Homeowners also must maintain the appearance and health of their shrubs and yards. They likewise are not permitted to add outbuildings or sheds to their properties.

However, in exchange for their HOA fees and covenants, residents in the Sun City communities get access to world class amenities. These perks include recreational facilities like outdoor swimming pools, baseball and softball fields, bowling alleys and tennis and racquetball courts. Further, there are fixtures for outdoor concerts and parties, clubs and retail shops located throughout the community for residents’ enjoyment and use.

The Sun Cities also are heavily centered around the golf courses and clubs that are located in each community. The courses rival those found at any championship golf facility. They have executive layouts and are designed to accommodate golf players of all skill levels.

Another perk of living in the Sun Cities involves paying lower property taxes than what retirees might encounter elsewhere in the country. In fact, they do not have to pay school taxes, which can account for as much of a third of people’s tax bills elsewhere. Property taxes in each Sun City community will largely depend on the size and location of the owner’s house.

People who are interested in moving to one of the Sun Cities need to be aware that housing in thee communities are in high demand. Houses in the original Sun City community are for resale only. They also sell quickly once they become available on the market.

A typical home in the Sun Cities has two to three bedrooms, two to three bathrooms and expansive floor plans. They also start out in price in the low to middle $300,000s.

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Sun City
Sun City, which dubs itself Fun City, is one of the original 55+ communities in the Phoenix area. It spans more than six square miles and offers living arrangements designed to meet the needs of all residents. People can choose from single-family homes, independent living, assisted living, and senior citizen housing and continued care.

People who live here can also enjoy activities like indoor racquetball, tennis, swimming, yoga, biking, and aerobics. They also have access to the community’s upscale golf course as well as planned weekly activities like bingo, crafts, cooking classes, outdoor concerts, and more.

Sun City West
Sun City West calls itself Arizona’s finest golf retirement community. In addition to golf, Sun City West offers amenities that are available exclusively for residents who live in the community. They are welcome to enjoy any of the fitness centers, community grocery stores, recreational complexes, and a 40,000 volume library, among others.

Residents also get access to regularly planned activities like political meetings, outdoor concerts, fitness classes, recreational league sports, and clubs that are available just for community members. There are also churches and medical facilities located in the community for the safety and convenience of residents.

Sun City Grand
Sun City Grand is located 45 minutes south of downtown Phoenix. It is a community designed just for the 55+ crowd and offers single-family homes for residents who want to enjoy quiet yet modern lifestyles.

It has its own golf course as well as a fitness center equipped with workout stations, an indoor track, tennis courts, a softball field, a pool, and classrooms for yoga and aerobics. People who live here also enjoy two restaurants that exclusively serve the community. The community is gated and secured, allowing residents the privacy and solitude they prefer with this kind of living.

Sun City Festival

Sun City Festival is a planned master community for people aged 55 and older. It offers a host of amenities and activities designed to keep residents happy and active. It also has its own full-service golf course that is available exclusively for people who live in the community.

Among other activities, Sun City Festival offers fitness classes and has its own exercise center where people can work out, take yoga classes, do aerobics, and enjoy indoor running. It also hosts a bookmobile where residents can order and check out movies, books,and other materials from the local library.