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Some FAQ

Tramonto is a family-friendly, comfortable residential neighborhood that sits just off Interstate 17 on Carefree Highway. It features a host of prime sites that are designated for custom homes. It joins a retail town center, fine hotel, and numerous upscale recreational amenities that combine to create a convenient, yet tranquil, way of life in Tramonto.

Construction on the Tramonto community began in 2001, with the first of many upscale homes here being built. The building of the homes and amenities in the community ended in 2020. The real estate market in Tramonto now consists primarily of single-family homes, although there are attached homes and vacant lots that local real estate professionals like Carl Chapman REALTOR at West USA Realty can show to interested buyers.

The homes for sale in Tramonto are also affordably priced for the area and designed to fit the budgets of many area home buyers. The median price for a home in Tramonto sits at $365,000. However, closing prices on homes in the community can actually range from as low as $203,000 to as high as $970,000.

Tramonto likewise offers a host of amenities designed to keep residents engaged and entertained. They are available to homeowners in the community year-round.

The homes for sale in Tramonto likewise offer a host of upscale designs and amenities. They span in size from 1000 to 5500 square feet, on average, and sit on quarter to whole acre lots. This size breaks down to an average price of $211 per square foot.

The homes also have attached one or two car garages, landscaping with rocks and succulents, and terra cotta rooftops. Inside of the homes, prospective buyers will find features like:

  • Wood flooring in the living room, hallways, and main areas
  • Carpeting in the bedrooms
  • Recessed lights
  • Walk-in closets
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Ceiling fans
  • Utility rooms with cabinets
  • Oak cabinetry in the kitchen
  • Bay windows

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Many of the homes for sale in Tramonto likewise have enclosed backyards. The backyards come with features like brick terraces, covered patios, and ample space for a barbecue or fire pit.

Homeowners in Tramonto likewise have access to a host of amenities within the community itself. These shared amenities come courtesy of the Tramonto Homeowners Association to which residents here pay quarterly dues.

The amount of dues that homeowners pay to the Tramonto HOA varies. However, typical dues range from $49 to $152 each quarter. The amount will depend on factors like the size and location of one’s home in the community.

Homeowners in Tramonto can also pay their dues on the HOA’s website. The website is available to all Tramonto residents and makes available resources for setting up individual homeowner accounts. It is also the place where community residents can go to find out about important HOA services, such as landscaping, street repairs, and maintenance of community amenities.

The Tramonto HOA consists of numerous board members, including a president and vice-president, as well as a treasurer and secretary. These members of the board hold meetings regularly that are open to homeowners in the community. Anyone who cannot attend a meeting can find the minutes for it on the HOA website.

The HOA website is also the place where homeowners can find documents that are required for insurance certificates, city services, and volunteer information, among others. They can find community by-laws and rules that the HOA enforces online. They can also find out what colors and landscaping plans are approved to use on houses in the community.

The homeowners association in Tramonto likewise oversees the upkeep and availability of shared amenities in the community. These amenities include two community parks, Tramonto West and Tramonto East. Both parks have:

  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Green spaces for sports like soccer or catch


In fact, about one-third of the Tramonto community is dedicated to open, green spaces and preserving the surrounding natural desert landscapes.

Homeowners in Tramonto are likewise conveniently located to nearby shopping, entertainment, and other services and luxuries in nearby Phoenix. They are just minutes from grocery stores and pharmacies. They are also just a few minute’s drive from nearby restaurants, cafes, and movie theaters, as well as hospitals and medical clinics.

Finally, Tramonto is just minutes from some of the highest-rated schools in the state of Arizona. Parents in Tramonto can send their children to nearby Sunset Ridge Elementary School, which serves students in preschool through eighth grade. Older students can attend Boulder Creek High School.

The Deer Valley Unified School District and its schools consistently rank among the best, not only in the state but also in the entire country. In fact, the district receives a national grade of A for its overall quality. It receives grades of A-minus and A for academic excellence and college preparation, respectively.

In the state of Arizona, the Deer Valley Unified School District ranks eighth out of 115 districts for educational excellence. It ranks 26th for having the best quality of teachers and 21st for the quality of its athletic programs.

Further, sixty percent of students in the Deer Valley Unified School District meet state standardized test results for proficiency in both mathematics and reading. This percentage is almost double the national public school proficiency of 32 percent for mathematics and 35 for reading.

The school district has a high school graduation rate of 95 percent, which is 10 percent higher than the national high school graduation rate of 85 percent. The district’s average ACT score is 26, compared to the national average of 20.6.