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Tatum Ranch


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Tatum Ranch

Some FAQ

Tatum Ranch is an upscale master-planned community that sits about 33 miles to the north of Phoenix. Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, it sits just Cave Creek Road, which runs northeast and southwest through the community. It also is south of East Lone Mountain Road, north of East Dynamite Boulevard and west of North 52nd Road.

The entirety of Tatum Ranch in Cave Creek spans more than 1500 acres in the Sonoran Desert. It has more than 3400 expansive and beautiful homes spread out among 30 diverse and unique neighborhoods. More than 7000 people call Tatum Ranch home, and the community has five upscale commercial sites available to residents.

Tatum Ranch came to life in Cave Creek in the early 1980s when well-known real estate developer SunCor Development had the area zoned for commercial construction. By 1989, the first of luxury homes were being built here. Construction on new homes continued until as recently as 2020.

Today, the real estate market in Cave Creek’s Tatum Ranch consists primarily of resale single-family and attached homes, including condominiums and townhouses. However, there are also a number of empty lots available for new home construction. Leading real estate professionals like Carl Chapman REALTOR and West USA Realty readily show the available listings to interested buyers and also represent sellers in the community.

People who buy homes in Tatum Ranch can take pride in the community’s award-winning design and lifestyle. In fact, the Central Arizona Homebuilder Association named Tatum Ranch as the best master-planned community in 1993. It won this award in part because of the strict environmental protection measures that it encourages all homeowners to take while living in the community.

SunCor Development initiated these environment protection standards when it built the new single-family and attached homes here. These measures are designed to keep more than 1400 acres of the surrounding Sonoran Desert in pristine condition, despite the presence of homes and traffic in the area.

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The surrounding desert landscapes play a key role in the lifestyle that residents of Tatum Ranch enjoy. They get captivating views of the Sonoran landscapes right from their front porches and backyard terraces.

People who live in Tatum Ranch also enjoy access to world-class amenities that are meant to keep residents engaged and active. Tatum Ranch is also about five degrees cooler than other neighborhoods in the metro area, thanks to it being located at an elevation of 1800 feet.

Residents of Tatum Ranch also enjoy the spacious and luxuriously designed homes that are found in every neighborhood within the community. Buyers can find both single family and attached homes, including townhouses and condominiums, for sale here. The homes are designed to blend in well with the surrounding desert landscapes and also offer premium living at affordable prices.

In fact, the median sale price for a home in Tatum Ranch sits at around $445,000. However, sale prices can actually range from $280,000 to $749,000.

Further, closing prices in Tatum Ranch range from $180,000 to $951,000. The average per-square foot price for a home for sale here is around $236.

The homes in Tatum Ranch range in size from 750 to 4500 square feet. They also sit on lots of land that range in size from a half to five acres. Most homes for sale in Tatum Ranch have two or three car attached garages.

People who buy homes in Tatum Ranch can expect to pay around $1900 a year in property taxes. They also pay around $230 each quarter in homeowners association fees.

Statistics show that home prices in Tatum Ranch have doubled in the last year. Further, homes listed for sale in Tatum Ranch sell faster than they did last year.

A year ago, a home could linger on the market for as many as 61 days. Today, however, it typically takes 34 days or fewer for a listed home to sell. Realtors like Carl Chapman REALTOR and West USA Realty on average sell anywhere from 20 to 25 homes in Tatum Ranch a month.

Homes are in great demand in Tatum Ranch in part because of their luxurious designs and spacious accommodations. The outside of the homes in this upscale community typically feature stucco or stone construction. They also have decorative tile rooftops and desert landscaping with rocks and succulents.

The insides of the homes can include upscale features like:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Recessed lighting
  • Tile floors
  • Quartz counters
  • Walk-in showers
  • Walk-in double door closets
  • Ceiling fans
  • Broom closets
  • Large utility rooms
  • Studies or dens
  • Carpeted bedrooms
  • Dual vanity sinks

Many of the homes have enclosed backyards with privacy fencing made from stone or brick. The backyards have covered terraces and paved or brick patios.

Daily life inside of Tatum Ranch in Cave Creek falls to the community’s homeowners association. Homeowner become automatic members of the HOA when they close on their homes. The HOA consists of an elected board of directors, who are fellow homeowners within the community, as well as an onsite property manager and HOA office that is found at 29811 North Tatum Boulevard in Cave Creek.

There are also numerous sub-associations that oversee daily life in individual neighborhoods. SunCor established the community’s HOA to maintain, own and insure common areas found in Tatum Ranch, as well as preserve the overall theme and appearance of the community and advocate a sense of connection among residents.

The HOA in Tatum Ranch carries out these goals in a number of ways. For example, it hosts community events that all homeowners are invited to throughout the year. These events include community garage sales and socials that encourage neighbors to get to know each other. The HOA also hosts food trucks in the community, starting in April of each year.

The HOA is also in charge of making sure that each homeowner pays his or her dues each quarter. Homeowners are encouraged to set up a homeowners portal on the HOA website. They can use this portal to pay their quarterly dues and also find their latest ledger or statement from the HOA.

The HOA website is also the place where residents can find important forms to use to make requests from the HOA itself. There are forms for:

  • Architectural changes
  • Design reviews
  • Community center rental
  • Compliance and monetary penalty appeals
  • Rental properties
  • Dumpster, moving and temporary storage requests
  • Status changes
  • Volunteering

Homeowners can also find minutes from the board of director meetings on the HOA website, as well as the time and date for HOA meetings.

Homeowners may have any number of reasons to interact with the HOA during the time that they live in Tatum Ranch. For example, they may need to ask the HOA if they can paint their homes a certain color. The HOA makes available an approved list of home colors on its website.

People also may need to make the HOA aware of any guests that must park on the streets in the community. Overnight parking is forbidden to ensure that there are no traffic backups and also ensure that emergency vehicles can get in and out of the community as needed.

The HOA is also in charge of overseeing the numerous amenities that are available to Tatum Ranch residents throughout the year. These amenities are designed to keep residents entertained and connected to the community and stave off boredom from not having enough to keep them occupied.

The premier amenity in Tatum Ranch is its community clubhouse, located at Desert Willow Park. This clubhouse offers individual amenities like:

  • Basketball courts
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Green spaces for picnics
  • Walking and biking trails

Aside from these amenities at the clubhouse, Tatum Ranch residents also have access to an outdoor swimming pool, a spa with poolside seating and two tennis courts that are available to all residents.

People who live in Tatum Ranch can also join the community’s eponymous golf course, which is actually open to the public. The golf club has an 18-hole golf course that is designed to accommodate both skilled and novice players. There is also a golfing practice area where players can brush up on their skills before heading out onto the course.

Other amenities found in and around the Tatum Ranch Golf Club include:

  • A state-of-the-art fitness center with a variety of workout equipment
  • A swimming pool with lap lanes
  • Poolside lounge and chairs
  • A full service bar and cafe with breakfast and dinner menus

There is also an upscale restaurant onsite where members can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and desert.

The Tatum Ranch Golf Club also has venues that members can reserve and use for special events, such as parties and celebrations. These venues come with equipment like chairs and tables that members can use and have set up and taken down for their gatherings.

It also makes available wedding packages that members can reserve for holding their nuptials and celebrations. In fact, couples have a number of wedding packages from which to choose. They can hold their weddings outdoors on the club’s green space.

They can also opt to have it held indoors where the club can accommodate up to 100 guests. The indoor wedding venue offers a sense of intimacy and privacy, as well as breathtaking views of the nearby desert and mountains.

Finally, parents who live in Tatum Ranch have a number of public school options available to which to send their children. Some of the schools that are close to the community include Horseshoe Trails and Lone Mountain Elementary Schools, Sonoran Trails Middle School and Cactus Shadows High School.

Tatum Ranch is part of the Cave Creek Unified School District, which is headquartered in Scottsdale. This district gets a national grade of B-plus for its overall excellence. It gets grades of A in areas like academics and college preparation. It gets B grades in areas like teacher quality, clubs and activities, diversity and health and safety.

The Cave Creek Unified School District has just over 5400 students enrolled in and dispersed among its six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The student-to-teacher ratio in the district is 23:1, which is just a bit higher than the national student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1.

Further, Arizona state standardized test scores show that 67 percent of the district’s students are proficient in reading. This score is much higher than the national reading proficiency rate of 35 percent among public school students.

The same test scores show that 66 percent of the district’s students meet mathematics proficiency standards. This score beats the national mathematics proficiency rate of 34 percent.

In the state of Arizona, the Cave Creek Unified School District is ranked as the 22nd best out of the state’s 115 public school districts. It ranks as the 31st best district for student-athletes and 39th as the safest school district in the state.

A noteworthy 94 percent of the district’s students graduate successfully from high school. This graduation rate is markedly higher than the national high school graduation rate of 85 percent.

Further, students who take the ACT college admissions test receive an average score of 27. This score far outperforms the national ACT average of 20.6.

The district’s Cactus Shadows High School has a total of 1819 enrolled students in it. Out of that number, around 28 percent go on to attend nearby Arizona State University.

About 20 percent of students in the Cave Creek Unified School District opt to attend the University of Arizona. Close to 18 percent choose to enroll at Northern Arizona University while a smaller number of students choose to attend private colleges, such as Grand Canyon University.