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Augusta Ranch Arizona


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Augusta Ranch Arizona

Some FAQ

Augusta Ranch is an upscale golf community in Mesa that revolves around its lush golf course. It sits just off Baseline and Ellsworth Roads and makes available a host of luxury amenities to its homeowners. Among them are the linked pedestrian paths that traverse throughout the area and highlight the many reasons that Augusta Ranch is ideal for homeowners of all ages.

The community of Augusta Ranch dates to 1994 when the first of the expansive attached and single-family homes were built here. Construction continued through 2004; the real estate market in August Ranch now consists primarily of resale homes. Experienced local real estate agents like Carl Chapman REALTOR and West USA Realty are available to show listings in Augusta Ranch.

Augusta Ranch also stands out from other master-planned golf communities in the area because of its lush green landscapes. These green areas contrast the surrounding desert scenery found outside of the community.

Even so, Augusta Ranch is also laid out to encourage residents to explore the natural terrain of the area. There are miles of lush landscapes available for activities like hiking, walking, and jogging, as well as sunbathing and picnicking.

The homes in Augusta Ranch are likewise built to meet or exceed the needs of any homeowner. They are large and can have anywhere from two to six bedrooms. They also can span more than 4200 square feet and have as many as four bathrooms.

Augusta Ranch homes are priced affordably for the area. The typical asking price for a home for sale here sits at around $328,500. However, closing prices can vary from $195,000 to more than $600,000. The average per-square-foot price for an Augusta Ranch home is $226.

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Further, single-family homes for sale here have garages that can fit one to two cars. They also have minimal landscaping, featuring primarily succulents and rocks.

The insides of the homes for sale in Augusta Ranch offer additional upscale features like:

  • Kitchen bars
  • Tile floors
  • Recessed lighting
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Quartz counters
  • Formal dining areas
  • Ceiling fans
  • Carpeted bedrooms
  • Wood window blinds
  • Master suites with large master bathrooms
  • Garden bathtubs
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Utility rooms with cabinets and counters

The backyards for homes in Augusta Ranch include covered terraces that are large enough for outdoor patio furniture sets and overlook features like in-ground pools.

Augusta Ranch likewise offers an upscale way of life that comes courtesy of its homeowner’s association, to which all homeowners belong when they buy homes in the community. Homeowners agree to pay dues and abide by the governance documents when they move into Augusta Ranch. They pay dues that average from $144 to $185 per quarter to the HOA.

The HOA in turn uses those dues to maintain shared amenities within Augusta Ranch. One of the premier amenities that the HOA maintains a strong partnership with is the community’s golf course. It prioritizes taking care of the golf course and maintaining its upscale beauty so it continues to serve as a showpiece for the entire Augusta Ranch area.

The HOA also holds meetings every month that homeowners are invited to so they can voice their concerns and ideas for the community as a whole. Anyone who cannot attend these meetings can find minutes of them on the HOA’s website.

The HOA website is also the place where Augusta Ranch homeowners will find governance documents, including those that explain the safety and compliance rules for living in the community. They can also pay monthly dues on the website.

The premier amenity that homeowners in Augusta Ranch have access to is the eponymous golf course. This golf course received recognition as Arizona Republic’s best executive golf course. The Arizona Women’s Golf Association also recognized it as the best host course of the year.

In fact, the golf course is available to more than just professional-level golf players. The course is designed to accommodate players of all skill levels and features challenge designs that encourage players to perfect their games.

People who join the course get the benefit of being able to reserve their tee times online on the course’s website. They also get access to the course’s onsite restaurant where they can enjoy meals and drinks.

Aside from the golf course, however, Augusta Ranch makes available other amenities for community residents. People who live here, for example, can enjoy any of the five parks that are located within Augusta Ranch. These parks offer amenities like:

  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Volleyball courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Green spaces
  • Covered picnic areas
  • Ramadas for celebrations and gatherings

Finally, families who live in Augusta Ranch have access to the high-performing public schools that function as part of the Gilbert Unified School District. The schools closest to Augusta Ranch include Augusta Ranch Elementary School, Desert Ridge Junior High School, and Desert Ridge High School.

The Gilbert Unified School District has an enrollment of just over 34,000 students. Despite a large student body size, the student-to-teacher ratio is reasonable. There are around 18 students for every teacher in the district.

Further, standardized state test scores show that 58 percent of students in the district meet proficiency standards in both reading and mathematics. Gilbert Unified School District is ranked as the fifth overall best school district in the state of Arizona and has a ranking of 11 out of 115 districts for having the best quality of teachers.

It also ranks seventh out of all of the school districts in the state for the quality of its sports programs. Over 91 percent of students enrolled in the district graduate from high school. High school students who go on to take the ACT college admissions test to receive an average score of 27, which is higher than the national ACT score of 20.6.