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Fulton Home builders

Fulton Home builders

Fulton Homes is led by successful entrepreneur Ira Fulton. Getting his start in the business world at the young age of 11, he purchased his nephews’ company, Aston Construction, with the intention of phasing out and shutting it down.

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However, the company grew rather than shrunk. He transformed it into Fulton Homes, which is now one of the most successful home-building companies in the country.

A decidedly successful businessman, Fulton’s personal motto is “Do it now.” He makes it his priority to offer only the best products and services in the home building industry. He believes that offering only the best will always lead to the greatest success.

He is also a committed humanitarian. Fulton is passionate about providing educational resources and assistance to under-served populations. He regularly donates money to his favorite humanitarian causes. He also created the Fulton Foundation that funds causes like environmental programs, sports clubs, local charities, and scholarships.

Fulton Homes has six new custom home communities throughout the Phoenix area. These communities are:

  • Cooley Station, located in the heart of Gilbert. This community features three neighborhoods, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Seaboard. Homebuyers have 21-floor plans to choose from, all spanning anywhere from 1396 to 2926 square feet. The homes range from three to six bedrooms. Cooley Station is located at Williams Field and Recker.
  • Lakeview Trails at Morrison Ranch, which is found on Warner and Rigley Road in Gilbert. This premier community features three to six-bedroom homes that range in size from 1631 to 3157 square feet. Homebuyers who are interested in moving to this comfortable and beautiful custom new home neighborhood have six floor plans from which to choose.
  • Estrella Commons, which is found in Goodyear. It is an affordable luxury community featuring two to seven-bedroom homes available in 23-floor plans. There are two neighborhoods in Estrella Commons, Calistoga, and North Shore. The homes range in size from 1595 to 3857 square feet. Estrella Commons is found at I10 and Estrella Parkway.
  • Glennwilde is a Fulton Homes community found in Maricopa at Honeycutt and Porter Road. It has two to nine-bedroom homes, spanning 1595 to 4732 square feet, located among the four neighborhoods of Calistoga, Raintree, Cottonwood, and Sonoma Coast.
  • Ironwood Crossing, which is located in Queen Creek, offers Homebuyers a choice of 12 floor plans for its two to nine-bedroom homes. This premium community has two neighborhoods, North Shore and Sonoma Coast. The homes range in size from 1702 to 4732 square feet.

The last of Fulton Homes’ custom-built home communities in the Phoenix area is the Promenade, which is located in Sun Tan Valley. This exclusive community offers a total of 43 floor plans for buyers to choose from.

There are three neighborhoods in the Promenade, Calistoga, Sonoma Coast, and North Shore. The homes in the Promenade range in size from two to nine bedrooms. The square footage in the homes available ranges from 1595 to 4732.

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The Market

The spectacular amount of market activity in Arizona over the past decade has been well documented. People of all walks of life have been moving to Arizona, and particularly Phoenix, in numbers unmatched in recent memory. Figures from 2000-2005 show nothing but increased construction, development, unit sales, and unit sales prices in virtually every category of structure offered on the market.

The greatest degree of growth occurred during fiscal 2005, where previous growth statistics, impressive in their own rights, spiked sharply to even higher levels.

Of particular note to the residential home seller/buyer was the record appreciation in new and resale home values. These rates were up for new homes and resales, rentals, and condominium units, the only difference being one of degree.

While it is true that not all Phoenix area real estate markets showed the same amount of increase it is true that the degree of growth for each area was roughly proportional.

Then along came 2006 and equally well documented has been the decline in the rate of growth of some key market indicators. The greater Phoenix resale home market is showing marked decreases in sales figures for comparable periods last year across the valley and across most unit categories.

One interesting exception is the median price for resale units has risen slightly. This rising price accompanied by a decrease in sales seems to be more in keeping with normal market tendencies. One would expect spectacular growth to lead eventually to a degree of scarcity that would be reflected in higher prices. Could this indicate that the market has reached its peak?

Let’s look at another indicator to see what it may tell us.
Since 1985, the Arizona Real Estate Center has computed what it calls “affordability indexes” for the Greater Phoenix area and several nearby cities.

The index was invented as a guide to predict market activity. When the index value is 100, the typical home buyer (based on the current median resale price and household income) would be able to afford a median-priced home at the stated effective interest rate. A lower index value indicates less availability of affordable single-family homes.

The affordability index for the areas selected for the study shows a significant reduction in the availability of that this type of housing within the means of the ordinary consumer.

Whether this data can be used as a reliable indicator for other groups and other types of housing is arguable, but it does beg the question “how much longer will the market be able to sustain a situation where both sellers and buyers can apparently benefit by getting involved in the market?

The short answer is that these conditions can remain so long as they are supported by the market.

So when we take a long look at the larger picture we must ask ourselves whether we can realistically expect to realize more potential gain or value now or at some time in the future and it is very reasonable to conclude that the best possible time to buy or sell Arizona really is now.
From the very beginning, it was all planned. In 1960, Robert P. McCulloch purchased 4,500 acres of land northeast of Scottsdale. The land was once a cattle ranch and was a part of the largest land and cattle holdings in Arizona.
But McCulloch had a vision. He planned to develop one of the most desirable subdivisions in Arizona, so he changed the cattle land into a community.
Charles Wood Jr. was retained by McCulloch to make this dream community a reality. Wood’s resume was impressive: he was co-designer of Disneyland and had worked with McCulloch in the development of Lake Havasu City; another successful McCulloch community located along the Colorado River in Arizona.
McCulloch had marketing sense and he knew that a memorable landmark would popularize the community. So he built this huge fountain right in the middle of the desert to act as a beacon- drawing curious sight-seers like so many moths to the flame.
The landmark fountain was the world’s tallest fountain and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The fountain is almost three times higher than Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.
A 32-acre park surrounds the fountain which shoots its glorious stream in a 560-foot high airborne splurge. The event occurs every 15 minutes from 10:00 to 9:00 daily. The creators of the fountain decided to use reclaimed irrigation water.
By 1971 many came to the community to buy land and Fountain Hills was incorporated in 1989. During the early 1990’s, Fountain Hills was rated one of the fifty best places to raise a family.
One of the best characteristics of the town is the spectacular views and fresh air coupled with the proximity of the city life in Phoenix. The town continues to grow, although Indian Reservations, a park, and a mountain range place a natural, healthy restriction on how far the town can stretch.

Fountain Hills Entertainment
Today, the town’s motto is “All that is Arizona.” This all-encompassing notion is reflected in the center of town at a man-made lake. Here, visitors will find the world’s tallest, continually flowing fountain.
The fountain shoots a spray of water high into the air approximately every 15 minutes. This geyser of water shoots five feet taller than the Washington Monument.

The early developers chose the fountain to differentiate the town from others. The fountain continues to bring people to this area each year.

The annual Great Fair in February and Fountain Festival of the Arts and Crafts in November make Fountain Hills the ideal hometown. The town is a blend of individuals who have earned their fortunes, to those who are just setting out to earn theirs.

Today, many retirees and families select Fountain Hills as their home.
Experiencing all of life and nature’s beauty is what living in Fountain Hills is all about.
Fountain Hills Outdoor Recreation
Another landmark along the northeastern horizon of town is Four Peaks Mountain. The peaks rise up past 7,500 feet into the air, surpassing all others in the Valley of the Sun. Four Peaks Mountain is within the Tonto National Forest where approximately 40 miles of trails are available for hikers.
Outdoor enthusiasts call the town of Fountain Hills home. Saguaro Lake is a little over 10 miles northeast of town and Bartlett Lake is about 50 miles north. Visitors to these local lakes will find swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking, waterskiing, and much more.
Golfing is another outdoor sport that is very popular in town. There are several local golf courses and spectacular resort club-styled courses located nearby. Residents enjoy playing rounds of golf year-round.

Salt River and Saguaro Lake are located just 12 miles away, Canyon Lake 80 miles and Bartlett Lake and Horseshoe Lake are each only 50 miles away making them a short drive away.
Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a terrific place to go see exotic animals. This park has many entertaining and educational animal shows offered throughout the day. The Tigers are everyone’s favorite.
Fort McDowell Casino is just one of the more popular gaming areas near Phoenix.
Outdoor activities are found all around Fountain Hills. Saguaro Lake has boating, fishing and picnicking. This lake was formed by a dam on the Salt River and is very close to town.
Fountain Park is a 32-acre park that surrounds the Fountain, after which the town is named. The park is a delightful spot to enjoy the blast of water or picnic or walk the scenic trails.
McDowell Mountain Regional Park sits between the Lower Verde Basin and the McDowell Mountains. It is a 21,099-acre park with room for camping, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails.

Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Fair February
Fourth of July Celebration July
Great Fair November

Fountain Hills New Home Developments

Fountain Hills’ new home developments are on the outer northeast edge of Phoenix, set behind the McDowell Mountains. Fountain Hills sits above the capital city. Conveniently located near a state highway that can be taken northward toward cool mountain towns or down the valley with its countless amenities.

Fountain Hills Golf Courses

With so many golf course choices in and around Fountain Hills, Arizona, residents are always visiting a new course.

Lots of golf course choices, make living in Fountain Hills so much fun. The beautiful desert mountain ranges and clean fresh air make golfing in Fountain Hills very popular. Come out and see what golfing in Fountain Hills is all about!

The following is a list of golf courses in the area. Start making your golfing plans now. You will be busy!

Ancala Country Club – Private
11700 East Via Linda Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85268

Country Club at DC Ranch – Private
9290 East Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Cypress Golf Course – Public
10801 East McDowell Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85256

Desert Canyon Golf Club – Public
10440 North Indian Wells Drive
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

Desert Highlands Golf Club – Private
10040 East Happy Valley Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Estancia Club – Private
9801 East Dynamite Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Fire Rock Country Club – Private
15925 East Shea Boulevard
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

Golf Club at Eagle Mountain – Public
14915 East Eagle Mountain Parkway
Fountain Hills Arizona 85268

Grayhawk Golf Club – Public
8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Pinnacle Peak Country Club – Private
8701 East Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Rio Verde Country Club – Private
18731 East Four Peaks Boulevard
Rio Verde, Arizona 85263

Starfire at Scottsdale Country Club – Semi-Private
11500 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

SunRidge Canyon Golf Club – Public
13100 North Sunridge Drive
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

Talking Stick Golf Club – Public
9998 East Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85256

Tonto Verde Golf Club – Semi-Private
18402 El Circulo Drive
Rio Verde, Arizona 85263

TPC of Scottsdale – Resort/Public
17020 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Troon Golf and Country Club – Private
25000 North Windy Walk Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Troon North Golf Club – Semi-Private
10320 East Dynamite Boulevard
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club – Public
18200 East Toh Vee Circle
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85264