Take a step back in history by visiting the Yuma Crossing State Historic Park.  The Yuma Crossing State Historic Park was once a depot along the Colorado River.  In its hay day, the depot kept six months of supplies available for forts in the Southwest.  The depot operated from 1864 to 1883.  Today you will find six restored buildings on the site of the depot.

Step back in time to witness evidence of five centuries of history when you visit the museum or follow the park's pathways as they wind near various historic buildings and through beautifully landscaped areas.

The park offers some of the richest histories in the Southwest. This 20-acre area along the Colorado River was first inhabited by the prehistoric Patayan culture. Later it became host to the Quechan Native American tribe, Spanish explorers, mountain men, 30,000 gold-seeking emigrants, soldiers, muleskinners, railroad engineers, steamboat captains and shipping magnates. An important river crossing, the area became a point of controversy as different business interests battled for control of Yuma Crossing and the ferry business.

During the late 1800s, Yuma Crossing served as the U.S. Army Quartermaster Depot, the main supply depot for the military. It provided supplies to military outposts in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Utah.


The park is a salute to historic modes of transportation and is recognized as a key location in the cultural and educational development of western history by the National Endowment for the Arts.Here you will walk through the historic buildings and discover the rich past of the Southwest.  This 20-acre park was first inhabited by the Patayan culture and then later by the Quechan Indian Tribe.  As time past, Spanish explorers, mountain men, gold rush seekers, soldiers, railroad men and steamboat captains lived in this area.  This park is a tribute to these people and their forms of transportation that made Yuma an important river crossing.

The park is unique in that costumed docents relay information to visitors, which help you see what life was like in the old west.  Many of the exhibits have photographs and artifacts from the time.

The Yuma Crossing State Historic Park is open everyday from 8:00 to 5:00 pm.  It is closed on Christmas Day.  The cost for admission is $3.00 and children ages 7 to 13 are $2.00. 

You can get to the park by taking the 4th Avenue exit from Interstate 8.  The entrance to the park is on the east side of 4th Avenue.

If you want more information on the park, you may call 520-329-0471.