Hot, sticky, humid, and desert, is what most people think of when Arizona is mentioned. Arizona, however, is far more than just a hot state. Arizona is known for its beautiful nature and one of the greatest wonders of the world. I am fortunate enough to live in Phoenix a community that has expanded enormously in the last ten years. Arizona is a diverse state with many exciting things to do, many nearby places to visit and relax, and several natural wonders of the beautiful mother earth.

One great aspect of the Phoenix community is the immense diversity of people. People from various foreign countries come across the Arizona borders to live and have successful lives for their families. There are many advantages to having a multicultural society. One of the great things about Phoenix is the variety of culture. There are people that bring their music, fashion, food, and beliefs. I enjoy going out and meeting new people because I know that they will speak my language since Phoenix is populated with mostly Hispanic people. I also like to go and eat at the many Mexican restaurants because I love to eat their food. Not only are there Mexican restaurants but Chinese, Salvadorian, Arabic and so much more. If anyone wants to meet people from all over the world, Phoenix is the place to go.

There are plenty of fun activities to choose from in Phoenix. Many believe there is nothing to do in Phoenix, but they are wrong because Phoenix has a variety of things to do. People just have to go out and find out what Phoenix has to offer. One can go shopping, swimming, bicycling, horseback riding, to the movies, to the mountains, and hot air ballooning. Many go to South Mountain to see the enormous city illuminated at night. It is breathtaking when one looks out into the great city of Phoenix. Phoenix alone has so many places to hang out with one’s friends and have a fantastic time. However, if one travels outside of the Phoenix community the activities seem to expand greatly.

One of the cities in Arizona known for its exclusive boutiques and shopping centers is Scottsdale. There are plenty of outlets, thrift stores, huge malls, theaters, and other highly entertaining locations. Arizona Mills, in Phoenix, is a big mall with many stores and the great thing about this mall is that it has special entrances with different themes. It’s quite interesting and fun to go through the different entrances just to see what it’s about. Another nearby city to Phoenix is Tucson, the second-largest city in Arizona. Tucson is well known for Old Tucson, which is where many western movies took place. Many western movies were filmed in Old Tucson and Clint Eastwood came out in many of them. It’s great to think that the desert of Arizona was used to film western movies and that Arizona is famous.

Arizona is known for its extreme heat, and some wonder how anyone can survive in above 120-degree weather. However, the heat is what distinguishes Arizona from many other states. Swimming pools and lakes are visited regularly during the summer because people like to get a tan, cool off, ride boats, get skis, go tubing, and some just like to go for the swim. Lake Havasu is one of the most popular lakes in Arizona. It’s visited by many because there is so much space to do whatever one desires.

There are even relaxation spots in Arizona that are a few hours away from Phoenix. When one wants to relax and go away from the overpopulated Phoenix area, Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff are places to consider. The great thing about these nearby areas is the weather and the many tourist sites they have. Prescott is a relaxing city to pass by when going to Sedona, since it’s fresh and full of pine trees. Sedona is well known for its aesthetic red rocks and Indian reservations. Many stare in awe at the beauty that Sedona has to offer to the human eye since it is the earth’s natural splendor. Tourists that hear about Indian culture often admire the Indian reservations in Sedona. Flagstaff is well known for its San Francisco Peaks during the winter, also known as Snow Bowl. Believe it or not, it does snow in Arizona, especially at Snow Bowl, where skiers climb up to the snow-filled mountains and ski down to the very bottom. Skiing is a popular and fun sport for residents in Flagstaff. An advantage to living in Flagstaff is not only having mountains with snow but the Northern Arizona University located near Snow Bowl where they say that “mountain air makes you smarter.”

There are several national parks in Arizona that are visited. An impressive park that seems to stand out the most is the Petrified Forest National Park. This forest consists of two-hundred twenty-five million-year-old trees petrified into solid petrified wood. The trees are fantastic to look at because they are colorful and so hard that they don’t even look like trees. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this forest. They are interested in the amazing and unique nature that Arizona has to offer. Arizona is probably one of the most beautiful states in the world for its natural beauty.

The most magnificent aspect of Arizona would have to be the Grand Canyon. If anyone would want to come to Arizona for one reason it would have to be to visit the Grand Canyon. Not only because it’s visited by thousands of people and because it’s beautiful, but because it is the eighth wonder of the world!  Not only is the Grand Canyon a sight to see, but a place to go in and explore within the canyon. There are donkeys that carry a person down to the bottom of the canyon. There are helicopters that fly around the canyon and other cities to see the wonderful views from the sky. Some even go to the Colorado River and kayak down the thin river. The Grand Canyon has a red ltent to it, and its best when the sun hits the canyon directly. It’s one of the best sites anyone can experience because it looks as if it’s painted when it’s not.

Arizona is a wonderful, fun, interesting, unique, and incomparable state. From the diverse Phoenix community, relaxing states, to the fascinating natural places, Arizona is the place to visit. Arizona is a friendly, entertaining, and highly visited the state. Anyone who is considering living in year-round fun and attractive state without a doubt should make Arizona their home.