Wellton, 29 miles east of Yuma adjacent to Interstate 8, is
the heart of the Wellton-Mohawk Valley. It was founded in 1878
and incorporated in 1970. The name Wellton (originally Well Town)
came from the wells drilled to provide water to service the Southern
Pacific Railroad.

A diverse community, Wellton serves as a business, service and
recreation center for more than 5,000 people in the Wellton-Mohawk
Valley and surrounding area. Wellton's mild, clear winters
allow for a year-round growing season and provide a major attraction
for winter visitors and retirees. Surrounded by picturesque
mountains, its elevation is 256 feet.

There is a growing commercial services sector in the community.
Besides acting as a service and trade center for the surrounding
agricultural area, a rapidly growing winter, and retirement population
significantly influences the local economy.

Traditionally, agriculture and ranching have been the primary basis
for the economy with approximately 65,000 acres of irrigated farm
land. In addition to farms and ranches, a large segment of the population
is involved in agricultural support industries, trades, and services.
The Town of Wellston is continually seeking new ways to enhance
the local economy. Various incentives are available to attract new
commercial and light industrial development.

There are many points of interest in and around the Wellston area
including the Pioneer Museum, Tinas Atlas, Desert Hot Springs,
Baker's Tanks and El Camino Del Diablo. Wellston is 35 miles from
the Yuma Territorial Prison, Fort Yuma Indian Museum, Custom
House, the Fine Art Center (Depot), and Century House Museum.
Mexico is nearby-55 miles to San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora,
Mexico. This area offers curio shops, nightclubs, and various other
attractions. South of San Luis (about 75 miles) there is the small
fishing village of El Golfo de Santa Clara, Mexico. El Golfo offers
miles of sandy beaches for camping, swimming, and clam digging.
By car, Wellton is three hours from Phoenix or from San Diego, five
and a half hours from Los Angeles and about eight hours from Las

The community offers a wide variety of recreational activities and
opportunities for its citizens and visitors. Seasonal, as well as ongoing
activities, are available for all ages.