While traveling through Indian Lands, there are some guidelines a visitor must follow in order to show respect for their people and traditions.  The most important thing to remember is that you are a guest on private land.  The following is a list of guidelines:

1.      Be respectful of the customs and privacy of the tribe.

2.      Receive permission before taking pictures of the tribe.

3.      Do stay on marked paths, roads and trails.

4.      Off road four wheeled vehicles are prohibited on back roads and non-established roads and trails.

5.      Rock climbing and hiking off marked trails is prohibited.

6.      Do not enter homes, unless you are invited.

7.      Do not travel through residential areas and disturb property.

8.      Do not go into ceremonial areas.

9.      Do not disturb animals, rocks, artifacts or plants.  There are both Tribal and Federal laws that protect these items.

10.  Open ground fires in campgrounds is prohibited.  Only fires on grills or controlled devices are allowed.

11.  Do not litter or bury trash.

12.  Permits are required by each reservation for hunting and fishing.

13.  Firearms and fireworks are prohibited.

14.  Drugs and alcohol are prohibited.

15.  Conservative dress is requested.