The Sycamore Rim Trail was first proposed in 1975. Born of the idea that this environment of ponds, streams, cliffs and deep canyons was unique, and worthy of preservation in as nearly an undisturbed condition as possible, the trail was built to provide access to the area so people could enjoy it without impacting its scenic values. Its route was originally cleared and marked in 1979 when the trail was first opened for general use. Since then, this loop has been improved with threadwork over its entire length. The Sycamore Falls Trailhead was added during the summer of 1988 to accommodate hikers along the Sycamore Rim Trail and climbers using the Sycamore Falls area. The trail is open to mountain bikes outside the Wilderness boundary.

Trail Layout: The trail forms a loop with access at several points along it. The southern and eastern portions of the loop follow the rim of Sycamore Canyon. The northern and western sections travel through ponderosa pine forests. The entire loop may be traveled from any of the trailheads, or hike a segment of the trail by shuttling between trailheads. Watch for rock cairns and small signs. Sycamore Falls is a popular rock climbing area. Climbing is a potentially dangerous activity. A variey of skills and techniques are required to ensure a safe climbing experience. Please seek instruction from qualified sources before venturing onto the cliffs.

Length: 11 miles

Hiking Time: 5 to 6 hours

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Trailhead Locations: There are 5 trailheads which provide access to this trail, please refer to a forest map for locations.

Recommended Season: Early spring to late fall.

Use Restrictions: No motorized vehicles. Due to a few steep, rocky areas around Pomeroy Tanks and Sycamore Falls, the use of horses is not recommended for this part of the trail.

Access: At Garland Prairie exit (#167), turn off I-40 south on Forest Road #141. Continue south about 12 miles and turn right (southeast) onto FR 56. Continue on FR 56 for about 1.5 miles to the trail parking lot. There are several access routes to this trail, as shown on the map.

Travel Time: About 30 minutes from Williams to the Trailhead on FR 56.

Road Condition: Paved and all-weather gravelled roads suitable for sedans.

USGS Map(s): Bill Williams Mountain and Sycamore Point. (a Forest recreation map may also be useful; may be purchased at the Visitors Center.)