Locating a good apartment rental in Scottsdale can be difficult.  Many times you cannot find a property that offers the space and features that you need.

Lots of people have discovered that a Scottsdale apartment rental is not the best choice.  Not only does the apartment not include the amenities they need but also the monthly payments are not beneficial. 

If you would like to find out if homeownership is in your future, instead of a Scottsdale apartment rental, complete the form below. 

Soon you may be enjoying the casual sun-filled Scottsdale lifestyle in a whole new light – in a new home. 

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Prior to Moving Suggestions:

  • Change or cancel newspaper/ redirect magazines and mail
  • Talk to friends and family about helping with the move
  • Contact and schedule a moving truck
  • Collect boxes and packing supplies
  • Identify items that will be moved and those that will be donated/given away
  • Schedule disconnection/connection of water, phone, cable, and power