Theodore and Sedona Schnebly created Schnebley Hill Road in 1901.  They moved to the area and bought 80 acres.  Growing vegetables and fruit was their mainstay.  The Schnebly’s would haul their produce up to Flagstaff and return.  Thus, the Schebley Hill Road was developed.  Today you can follow its path.

If you are heading from Interstate 17 down to Sedona, the Road passes by a lake and through tall pines.  Then you will come to a vista where you can see the red rocks of Sedona down below.  This is a great photo stop. 

As you proceed down the hill, you will come to the most spectacular sight.  From this advantage point, you will see a breathtaking view of the Verde Valley and a vast panorama of the rock cliffs where there the contrasting reds, pinks, orange, purple and golden colors form one of the most brilliant scenes in Arizona.  This spot is often used as a motion picture location because of its beauty.  You will discover that many of the Jeep tours departing out of Sedona come to this place.  The rest of the ride down to Sedona is dotted with wonderful views of rock formations and of the land below.

I would suggest taking the road from the Interstate 17 down to Sedona although; you can take the drive out of Sedona.  If you are heading out of Sedona you will need to look for the signs to Schnebley Road in downtown Sedona.  I prefer the drive down from Interstate 17.  This way the views are constantly opening up in front of you, instead of you having to turn around and look back as you climb the hill. 

If you are coming from Interstate 17 look for exit 320.  Exit 320 is just past Camp Verde and before you get to Munds Park.  Once you take exit 320, you will turn onto Forest Road 153 and head west.

It is a dirt road.  The first part of the road is good, but it does change as the road continues into Sedona.  It would be advisable to be in a vehicle that can withstand big bumps.

It takes about three hours to make the drive because you will want to stop and look at the sights.  It is a definite must do.