San Luis is in western Arizona. It is in Yuma County. The town is in the southwest corner of Arizona, adjacent to both Mexico and California on U.S. Highway 95 south of Yuma.

San Luis is a growing U.S. Port of Entry town. Today San Luis’s population is 40,000. The town sits at an elevation of 140 feet. The warm desert climate has a low temperature of 40 degrees in the winter and a high temperature of 106 degrees in the summer. Many visitors come to town as a stopover for shopping in Mexico or for a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.

San Luis was established in 1930. It is a U.S. Port of Entry into Mexico. In 1979, the town was incorporated. Since then, it has experienced a growth spurt, both in population and commercial expansion. San Luis is one of the fasted growing communities in Yuma County. San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora is the sister city across the border with an estimated population of 200,000.

Community Features:
There are several attractions near town. San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora is a popular shopping spot across the border from San Luis. Shoppers will find a variety of local craftsmen selling their wares, including pottery, blankets, glassware and leather pieces. The downtown area is marked with a park-like setting. Many people pass through San Luis to head down to the Gulf of Mexico. Just 75 miles south of San Luis, is the small fishing village of El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico. The Mexican village has sandy beaches, boating, fishing, clam digging and swimming.
If you are planning on visiting Nogales, Mexico you will need to come prepared with identification. U.S. citizens should bring a valid passport. The passport is the most convenient and it serves two purposes. Visitors can use the passport for photo identification and helps it in using cashiers checks. A birth certificate is also acceptable, as long as it is a certified copy. You may use a voter registration certificate or military identification. A driver’s license or baptismal certificate is not proof of citizenship. If you decide to spend more than 72 hours across the border, you will need to obtain a Tarjeta de Turista (Mexican government tourist card).
If you are planning on driving across the border, you will need to bring proof of ownership (registration slip) and get a temporary vehicle importation permit and insurance. There can be difficulties when driving across the border, which you need to be aware of before you cross. First of all, most U.S. auto insurance companies do not insure policyholders when driving into Mexico. You will need to get supplemental insurance from a company specializing in it. You can find companies that provide this insurance. Also, major U.S. auto rental companies do not allow their cars to cross the border, although you may find some that do. Another difficulty is gasoline. The unleaded gasoline supply is somewhat undependable. However, changes are being made to remedy this situation.
Whatever your plans from making a day visit, spending more time or driving, it is important you are knowledgeable about the requirements. The Mexican and U.S. Customs offices are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions. You may also call 520-885-0694 for more information.