Rocky Point, Mexico is a popular destination for many Arizonans.  The small Mexican town is just two hours from Ajo.  The name dates back to 1826, when Lieutenant Robert William Hale Hardy of the British Royal Fleet was sailing by the coast searching for pearls.  He named the point Rocky Point.  The name was then on marine maps.  Then in the 1930, the President of Mexico changed it to Puerto Punta Penasco (Port Rocky Point).  Later on, Americans dropped the “Port” from its name.

Rocky Point began as a small fishing village and has grown to a seaside resort area.  Here you can bask in the sun and relax.  Many people rent small cabins, camp or stay in hotels.  Some people have vacation homes by the beach.  Visitors also have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities.  You can choose from ATV riding, fishing, jet skiing, water biking, scuba diving, snorkeling and parasailing.  All of these exciting activities are located in a great spot along the Gulf of Mexico. 

You can get to Rocky Point from Ajo by taking State Highway 85 south out of town and continue past the small town of Why.  You will travel past the Organ Pipe National Monument and on to the border.  You will arrive at the small border town of Lukeville, Arizona.  Here you will cross into the town of Sonoita, Mexico.  Once you cross the border, you may be flagged through or you may be asked to pull over for a search.  A word to the wise: Be polite and courteous.  Most importantly do not bring a firearm, it will end your trip and start your troubles.  As long as you are traveling just to Rocky Point, you will not need a passport or visa.  When you have crossed the border head south, until you come to a three-way intersection.  Stay to the left toward Caborca.  Then a block later, you will come to a “Y” in the road.  Keep to the right of the “Y”.  Then continue on to Rocky Point.  The road between Sonoita and Rocky Point is about 50 miles long.  It would be best not to travel this road at night, due to the livestock in the area. 

Rocky Point is a fun place to soak in the surf and sun.