The Renee Cushman Musuem can be found in the town of Springerville. The museum is in the LDS Springerville Ward at 150 N. Aldrice Burk.  The museum is open by appointment when you call 333-2821.  Renee Cushman came from the family of a prominent European artist and traveled extensively around the world.  After marrying a second time she moved after WW II to the White Mountain Hereford Ranch in Springerville.  She lived in Springville until 1950 when she moved again.  In 1969, she died leaving her collection to the Latter-day Saints in Springerville.  The museum is in one wing of the building and is appropriately designed to show her treasured pieces.  Many of the pieces are from the Renaissance period to the 20th century.  Some pieces that you will find are three ink drawings by Tiepolo, complete set of Austrian china and a piece by Sir Godfrey Kneller.  The museum is a unique stop.