Ramsey Canyon Preserve is owned and operated by The Nature Conservancy.  In 1975, the Nature Conservancy established the 300-acre Ramsey Canyon Preserve.  It is a spectacular preserve.  This canyon is on the eastern half of the Huachuca Mountains, at an elevation of 5,525 feet. 

The preserve has a permanent spring-fed stream and hosts a variety of plant and wildlife.  The high canyon walls offer Ramsey a cool, moist and stable habitat.  There are places to rest and take in the beauty as you walk the three-quarter mile round trip trail.  Along the trail you come across a multitude of wildlife.  Visitors may get a trail pass at no charge at the preserve office.

There are at least 15 species of hummingbirds at Ramsey Canyon.  That’s not all you will see, there are wrens and woodpeckers flying about.  The best time to come and see these creatures is April through September. 

The canyon preserve has six furnished cabins for visitors.  Guests need to bring food.  The cabins offer a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen combination.  Cabins also include a bathroom.  If you want to spend a night in one of these cabins you will need to call in advance.

There is a bookstore at the preserve that offers a variety of information that will enhance your visit.  The store includes books on birds, nature and cards to remember your trip.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve is a very popular spot for many nature lovers and hikers.  Because of the canyon’s popularity and limited parking, it is advisable to call in advance and/or make your visit during the week.  Phone reservations are required during Saturday and Sunday visits.  The preserve has limited parking and tours need to be scheduled in advance.  You may call the preserve at 520-378-2785.

You can get to Ramsey Canyon Preserve from Sierra Vista and/or Fort Huachuca by taking Highway 92 south out of town.  Then you will head west on Ramsey Canyon Road, just outside of town.  The preserve is approximately 6 miles out of town.

When starting out from the town of Bisbee, head east on State Highway 80 to the small town of Lowell.  Then take State Highway 92 southwest, as you drive along, you will find the highway will begin to head north.  Continue to travel on State Highway 92 past Nicksville to the sign for Ramsey Canyon Road.  It is just before you get to Sierra Vista.

Coming from the town of Tombstone, take State Highway 80 south out of town.  Follow State Highway 80 through the town of Bisbee to the small town of Lowell.  Here you will find State Highway 92.  Take State Highway 92 southwest, after traveling on the highway it will begin to turn and head north.  Continue to travel on State Highway 92 past Nicksville and look for the sign to Ramsey Canyon Road.  The preserve is just before you get to Sierra Vista.

The simplest way to get to the Ramsey Canyon Preserve from Benson is to take Interstate 10 east for a very short time, until you come to the State Highway 90 exit.  Take State Highway 90 south down to Fort Huachuca.  Continue through Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista south out of town, for approximately 6 miles.  Then you will see signs for the preserve, head west on Ramsey Canyon Road.