Parker Dam is known for being one of the deepest dams in the world.  The dam creates Lake Havasu to the north and sends water to Southern California and Arizona for Phoenix and Tucson to the south. 

The dam at first glance appears to be small, with only 85 feet of the concrete dam revealed above the water top.  Yet, sixty-five percent of Parker Dam’s structure is below the Colorado riverbed..  It took workers time to dig deep into the riverbed, some 230 feet down.

If you visit Parker Dam, you will want to take the self-guided tour.  The tour drops down into the dam in an elevator to the generator room.  In the generator room, visitors will see four turbines.  You will also see maps and photos at the dam.

Parker Dam is open everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The tour is free.  Please make sure you give yourself 30 minutes to see Parker Dam. 

You can get to Parker Dam by heading north out of Parker on Highway 95, for approximately 15 miles.  The dam is on Highway 95.  If you’re coming from Lake Havasu City or Bullhead City, you need to  travel south on Highway 95, until you come to the dam.