Parker Canyon Lake is a 133-acre fishing lake, east of the Huachuca Mountains.  It is set in a grassy, rolling hill country.  It is the prefect backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities for visitors.  The lake offers fishing, boating, camping and picnicking.

Parker Canyon Lake has a small marina to meet the needs of the fishermen.  A 65-unit campground is also located near the lake.

If you would like more information on the lake, you may call 520-455-5847 or 520-378-0311.

You can get to Parker Canyon Lake from Patagonia by taking State Highway 82 northeast out of town.  You will travel to the town of Sonoita.  Here you will take State Highway 83 south, until you come to Parker Canyon Lake.  Parker Canyon Lake is approximately 40 miles away from town.