Arizona is known for its beautiful outdoors.  As you travel the state, you will encounter water, hiking, camping and ghost towns.  These outdoor sites interest many people.  Arizona is for everyone. 


If water fun is your fancy.  Arizona has lakes, rivers, streams and creeks.  You may participate in boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, water sliding, tubing or rafting.  These water activities are prefect for one of Arizona’s many sunny days.


Hiking through gorgeous pine forests or on a path through a red rock canyon are just a few areas you can see in Arizona.  Arizona is a special place for hikers.  The terrain of the state offers visitors a variety of spectacular views for hikers. 


Camping in these varied terrains is a great experience.  You can relax beside a lake rimmed with tall pine trees or sit beach side along the Colorado River.  Camping spots can be found all over the state.


Ghost towns are unique places where visitors can look back in time.  Arizona was a wild place full of miners and cowboys.  These people made Arizona what it is today.  The towns that sprang up during the old west are vacant now, but their stories still live.  Visitors can still visit these towns today.


Arizona is a state filled with many outdoor adventures waiting for you.










Arizona has several great watery destinations that are lots of fun.  All of these destinations have a variety of activities that will cool off everyone. 




You can go water skiing, or jet skiing on many sparkling blue lakes, such as Apache Lake, Canyon Lake or Lake Pleasant.  All of these lakes are just an hour or so from Phoenix. 




You may decide to head to Western Arizona, where you will find the Colorado River edging the state.  The Colorado River has so much to offer.  Visitors may go to Parker or Lake Havasu City to bask in the sun on a pontoon boat or jet ski or water ski or even float down the river in a tube. 




Arizona also has another watery destination that is a favorite among many Arizonans.  It is Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is a jewel in the desert.  Many visitors arrange to spend their time at the Lake on a houseboat.  Houseboats allow you the opportunity to see the lake from a unique vantage point.  Lake Powell also has water skiing and jet skiing. 




One other special spot is Lake Mead, located in Western Arizona.  This lake skirts the bottom of the state of Nevada.  The unique part of Lake Mead is the way the lake is surrounded by rock formations and desert land.  It also offers visitors a variety of water sports.  




If rough and tumble water activities are a bit too much for you, Arizona also has some delightful rivers.  In Northern Arizona, you will find Oak Creek Canyon and the Little Colorado where you can sit by flowing water and enjoy the sights and sounds.  Many of these areas also have fishing spots, where you can spend the day trying to catch the big one.  Be sure you check to see if it is a fishing area before you drop your line.




With all of the great spots to go get wet in Arizona, from lakes to rivers, there are some tips one must remember.  When heading out to a watery spot remember to bring the following supplies.  These supplies will make your day out in the water a great one.  Sunscreen is a must, for the Arizona sun can burn your skin if you do not take precautions.  It might sound funny but water is necessary too.  When you are outside in the sun, it is important that you rehydrate your body.  Life vests are necessary if you are going to participate in a water sport.  We want everyone to have a great time playing in the water and be safe doing it.




Arizona has many water destinations to choose from and you will find several you will want to return to time and time again.  Have fun in the water!










Hey, let’s go camping!  This is a familiar phrase heard around Arizona and it is not surprising with Arizona having so many terrific camping spots. 




One of the most popular camping areas is in Northern Arizona.  This part of the State offers campers a perfect place to run from the heat.  The temperatures are considerably cooler up north.  Along with the cool temperatures, Northern Arizona also has the wonderful scent of pine trees, bubbling streams and wildlife.  Some Northern Arizona spots that are good camping areas are near Williams, Payson, Flagstaff and Sedona.  All of these towns have campgrounds nearby.




If you would like to try a special camping area, head your camper toward Southern Arizona.  There you will discover the Chiricahua Wilderness and Patagonia.  Both of these spots offer terrific views and look at the wildlife. 




While you are camping, you need to remember some important rules.  As a guest in the wilderness, leaving the campsite as you found it is necessary.  Please take the trash you created out of the area and dispose of it.  Do not feed the wildlife that might come to visit your campsite.  Bring all the necessary supplies including firewood, food and first aid, so that your trip will be a terrific one.  Nature is a beautiful place and we want to preserve it for those who haven’t yet seen it.




Camping is so much fun.  It is a perfect activity to do with your family or with a friend.  You can relax, go on hikes, read a good book or play games at the campsite.  You will find that all Arizona campgrounds offer something special.  Spend some time traveling the State and you will find one that is just right for you.










How in the world will you ever be able to see all the great attractions around Arizona?  The answer is simple; keep in touch with the  Here you will find out what is going on around the State and what interests you the most.




Arizona has so many attractions all over the State.  When you travel to Southern Arizona, you will find the West is still alive today.  Tombstone and Bisbee both have activities that will help you see what the life was like back in the Wild West.  You can visit the OK Corral or go down a in a mine.




In Northern Arizona, you can visit Indian Lands.  You will discover Arizona’s past starting with the Indians in the town of Kayenta or view original works at the Hubbell Trading Post.  In both of these spots, you will see the artwork of generations of Indians, who have lived in Arizona.  Williams is another Northern Arizonan town that has an old railroad that still operates today.




The Mecca of attractions has to be Phoenix.  Here you will find an endless number of places to visit ranging from zoos to shopping malls, symphony hall to farms with hay, a play to sporting events, festival tents to museums.  Phoenix has it all!  You will spend some time taking it all in.




Guaranteed you will not be bored in Grand Canyon State.  Oh my!  I guess I almost forgot the most popular attraction in the state – the Grand Canyon.  How could you visit the State without taking in the view at one of the Seven Wonders of the World?  It is a must see during your visit.




As you can see, Arizona has many attractions and it is difficult to decide where to start.  Once you do start you won’t ever stop because Arizona is an ever-changing place.










Forward march!  Hiking isn’t drudgery in Arizona.  Actually, it is a memorable experience.  During an Arizona hike, you will encounter breathtaking views, wildlife and a sense of accomplishment. 




Arizona has many hiking trails all over the state ranging from difficult to easy.  There is a trail for everyone.  In Eastern Arizona, you will find great hikes near the town of Alpine.  Here you will find tall pine trees and flat meadows.




Another hiking area is in Northern Arizona near Camp Verde or Flagstaff.  One unforgettable hike in Northern Arizona is down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Many hikers find this hike to be one of their most favorite ones.




When hiking in Arizona You must be well prepared.  Wearing proper shoes or boots is a necessity.  When hiking, it is essential that water is brought along.  Making sure that a first aid kit is taken along and other individuals know where you are hiking are both important safety precautions before going on a hike.




You will discover many gorgeous spots on your hikes through Arizona.  Those willing to make the hike down the trail can only enjoy these spots.  Arizona is a State full of trails that are waiting for you.






Ghost Towns




Boo!  That is what some people think they will find when arriving at a ghost town.  It is not what you will discover in a ghost town, instead you will learn about the history of a town that was once booming.  Ghost towns offer their visitors an opportunity to walk the streets, see the buildings and find out about a place that was occupied by many early Arizonans.




Western Arizona has one such ghost town called Oatman.  This town has residents, a few ghost towns still do.  Watch out for the burros, some days they are everywhere.  Oatman has a great restaurant that looks on the main road.  Here you can use your imagination to recall what the town was like in its hay day.




Tombstone in Southern Arizona is another ghost town.  This town has a wild past, with gunfighters and miners.  Tombstone has many spots where you can look in at the past.  You can walk through a graveyard, visit the OK corral or sit in a saloon.  




A favorite among many Arizonans is the town of Jerome.  Here you will find many specialty shops, restaurants and history.  The homes in this town are literally perched perilously on the edge of the mountain where this town resides.  It is truly an amazing sight to see.  It isn’t hard to realize this was once a mining town. 




When visiting a ghost town it is important to let history live on.  By not taking artifacts and not leaving your mark at a town, the past will continue for others to see.