Selecting the Northeast Valley to be home is an easy decision.  There is something for everyone!  With three towns (Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills), Paradise Valley Village, and the city of Scottsdale, the Northeast Valley is a hot spot for creating a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.


Location is important when selecting an area to live.  The Loop 101 Freeway stretches north and south through the center of the majority of the Northeast Valley.  This makes easy access to all areas of the Valley.  Convenient highway travel helps residents get around.




Northeast Valley Properties


The Northeast Valley offers a wide range of choices when is comes to where to live.  There are upscale resort style country club and golf course communities, which offer secluded multi-million dollar contemporary homes on large lots with views.  At the same time there are convenient urban style single family homes that are surrounded by libraries, parks, and schools.  Property choices such as condominiums, townhouses, and patio homes are available.  There are properties available for retirees, professionals, and families.  The Northeast Valley has a home that will suit anyone’s need.



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Northeast Valley Entertainment


Although most of the Northeast Valley is filled with residential pockets, there is an array of retail developments with close proximity.  Living close to fine restaurants and terrific shops allows for many opportunities to sample the good life.  Art walks are offered during special times of the year between many of the downtown Scottsdale galleries.  These walks reveal the creative side of this part of the Valley.  Great cultural events and more are found year round in the Northeast Valley area.


There are many popular sporting events that are played in the area.  In the springtime, the Northeast Valley gives way to San Francisco Giants fans.  Scottsdale Stadium located in downtown Scottsdale is the home of the San Francisco Giants, during the Cactus League Baseball Spring Training.  Everyone comes out to cheer for their favorite player.  The FBR Open (originally called the Phoenix Open) is played at the Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale each year.  This golf tournament classic is played at end of January and the beginning of February.  Many great players come out to be a part of the Northeast Valley golf tradition.  The Arizona Men’s Tennis Championship is held annually at the Scottsdale Fairmount Princess Resort in Scottsdale.  Excellent weather makes this tennis championship everyone’s favorite.  These are some of many exciting sports played in the Northeast Valley.


Tourism plays a big role in the Northeast Valley.  Many visitors to the area have experienced the resort atmosphere for which the Northeast Valley is known.  There are numerous award winning resorts within the boundaries of the Northeast Valley area.  The Scottsdale Airport is the busiest corporate jet airports in Arizona.  The Northeast Valley’s popularity has also made it a leader in industrial development, high tech companies, and regional/corporate headquarters.  Growth is occurring in all aspects of this section of the Valley of the Sun.





Northeast Valley Outdoor Recreation


The Northeast Valley is showcased by its amazing mountains that edge most of this area.  To the north is the Black Mountain Summit Preserve.  This towering mountain virtually divides the two towns of Carefree and Cave Creek, with Carefree to the east and Cave Creek to the west.  To the northeast the McDowell Mountains separate the city of Scottsdale on the east with the town of Fountain Hills sitting above.  The McDowell Mountain Regional Park covers 21,000 acres.  Visitors to McDowell Mountain Regional Park can choose among nearly 50 miles of trails. 


There is however, one mountain in the Northeast Valley that stands above all others.  Camelback Mountain, in the southwestern section by Scottsdale, provides amazing views whether you are on or off the mountain.  There are sheer red rock cliffs that rise in certain places up to 200 feet high.  Spotting the camel (the mountain’s namesake) sitting on the ground resting, with its head facing west can best be seen either on the north or south sides of the mountain.  Another popular rock formation can also be found at the western edge of Camelback Mountain.  It is a “Praying Monk” kneeling on the mountainside.  Camelback Mountain’s rich deep red color is magnified during sunset making this mountain one of the most notable in the Valley of the Sun.


This area has so much to offer its visitors and residents.  With over 300 days of sunshine in the Valley of the Sun, outdoor fun is part of life in the Northeast Valley.  Both Bartlett Lake and Saguaro Lake are not far from any point within the area.  These lakes provide waterskiing, jet skiing, and boating opportunities all year round.  If a lazy trip down a river is more your style, then head out to either the Salt River or Verde River.  These rivers offer tube rides, especially during the warm summer months.  There are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors when you live in the Northeast Valley.







Towns/City/Village in the Northeast Valley


Although the Northeast Valley covers a large section of the Valley of the Sun, there are only a few towns and only one city that are included in this area.  The towns of Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills all sit on the outer northeastern parts of the Northeast Valley.  All of these towns offer a small town friendly atmosphere.  Scottsdale is the only city that is part of the Northeast Valley.  It is a large city that is well known to many tourists.  The city of Scottsdale boasts its award winning resorts, outstanding restaurants, famous galleries, and specialty shops.  It is the place to be!  There is only one village in the Northeast Valley.  Although the city of Phoenix is comprised of 15 villages, only Paradise Valley Village reaches over to the Northeast Valley.





City of Scottsdale



Scottsdale, Arizona Location


Scottsdale is located east of the city of Phoenix and makes up the majority of the Northeast Valley.  Tempe and Mesa are to the south of Scottsdale, separated by the usually dry Salt River.  The Salt River Indian Community runs most of the city’s eastern border. 


Many Scottsdale residents use the Loop 101 to get around the Valley of the Sun.  The Loop 101 travels north and south, then curves and heads east and west.  Loop 202 edges the southern most boundary of the city of Scottsdale.  Gorgeous desert views, warm weather, and resort/spa style living are just some of the reasons people are drawn to the city of Scottsdale.





Scottsdale Entertainment


Scottsdale’s motto of “The West’s most Western town” is evident when you walk its downtown shops.  Shops with open doors and wide sidewalks give the welcoming feeling of the old west.  There are four main sections of downtown Scottsdale.  The Historic Old Town Scottsdale is the original town site with a mix of historic locations and shops, boutiques, and restaurants.  Main Street Arts and Antiques District is a smaller section with fine restaurants, specialty shops, and art/antiques.  Marshall Way Arts District is known for its Art Walks, diversity of media, and many local/national/internationally recognized artist galleries.  The Fifth Avenue Shops is a combination of boutiques, Native American arts and crafts, and restaurants.  It is an area that Scottsdale residents enjoy spending time shopping and browsing.


However, don’t be fooled by its old west beginnings, Scottsdale is Arizona’s sixth largest city with many upscale amenities.  This city is home to more than half of the Valley of the Sun’s premier resorts.  Fine art galleries, cultural facilities, unique shopping centers, upbeat nightlife, and well known restaurants are all part of the Scottsdale.  From the city’s meager start of citrus farms and cattle ranches, today Scottsdale is a cosmopolitan city filled with young up and comers, families, and retirees all enjoying life.


There is so much to do in Scottsdale!  A wide range of community and cultural facilities, include art galleries, libraries, theaters, and museums are found in Scottsdale.  Westworld is a major equestrian development that offers numerous events throughout the year.  Event ranging from Barrett-Jackson Car Auction to the Arabian Horse Show are located at Westworld.  Scottsdale Center for the Arts has room for theater seating, exhibit halls, and a cinema.  Scottsdale residents have many choices when it comes to entertainment.





Scottsdale History


The city began back in 1888, when Army Chaplin Winfield Scott arrived in the area.  He began irrigating the land and later it became a small farming community.  Olive trees planted by Scott, himself can still be seen today in downtown Scottsdale.  The trees are located along the center of Second Street and down Civic Center Boulevard south down to Osborn.  These trees were planted to create a border of his original 40 acre orange grove. 


Then in 1894, Albert Utley, a Rhode Island banker, purchased some land and subdivided it into town lots.  Utley name the town in honor of Winfield Scott and his early work in the community.  After World War II, the area grew into a small artist’s enclave.  The area did not really begin to grow and expand until 1920, when electricity became available.



Scottsdale Properties


Living is Scottsdale is great!  There are properties in a variety of areas.  Condominiums, lofts, townhouses, patio homes, single family homes, estates, golf course properties, and much more are available in Scottsdale.  With so much going on, along with a gorgeous desert mountain backdrop, it isn’t surprising to discover that more and more people are choosing to make the city of Scottsdale their home.


Not only is Scottsdale a hip place to live, work, and play.  But, many people have been drawn to this city because of its excellent schools.  Providing a good education along with mature neighborhoods for a southwest living lifestyle is an important part of Scottsdale. 


Even though ranching and cattle have left the city of Scottsdale, their mark is still left.  Through multi development community names, such as McCormick Ranch and Gainey Ranch, the history of Scottsdale lives on.  These planned communities provide homes for many people living in Scottsdale.  These neighborhoods offer a mix of residential offerings, including condominiums, patio homes, single family properties, and town homes.  


Those seeking retirement have also selected the city of Scottsdale.  With outstanding medical facilities and hospital care, Scottsdale has become a top choice among retirees.  Scottsdale is the ideal city to reap rewards during retirement.


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Scottsdale Outdoor Recreation


Golf is one outdoor sport that is very popular in Scottsdale.  With well over 40 courses to choose from, finding a course is easy.  However, deciding which golf course to play first is one decision that many Scottsdale residents spend time planning.


Indian Bend Wash is a centerpiece for Scottsdale.  The wash stretches north and south for several miles through most of the south central part of Scottsdale.  It creates a green ribbon of grass.  Along Indian Bend Wash, there are several parks, bike paths, fishing lakes, and recreational complexes.  This area is a popular spot all year round for visitors and residents alike.






Town of Fountain Hills




Fountain Hills Location


The town of Fountain Hills is the perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It is a place to escape from the urban sprawl that is occurring in parts of the Valley of the Sun.  The city of Scottsdale is to the west, along with most of the other Valley of the Sun cities and towns.  There are more than 11,000 acres that make up the town of Fountain Hills.  The town sits 500 feet above capital city in the McDowell Mountains,


Residents use two main roadways to get to other parts of the Valley of the Sun from Fountain Hills.  The Beeline Highway (State Highway 87) which runs to the southeast of town and Shea Road travels from the city of Scottsdale into Fountain Hills from the west.  Fountain Hills is located about 30 miles from downtown Phoenix.  Fountain Hills is secluded and lies in the desert’s natural beauty. 




Fountain Hills Properties


Those searching for properties in Fountain Hills will discover a variety of choices.  The town is popular for both retirees and families.  Golf course properties, custom homes, estates on expansive lots, condominiums, patio homes, and single family homes are available.  Properties provide privacy and an opportunity to take in the beauty of the desert. 


Although, the Fountain Hills is off the beaten path, the town still provides its residents all the comforts and conveniences necessary.  Shopping, schools, and business are all found within the boundaries of Fountain Hills.  It is a charming, friendly community that boasts a backdrop of breathtaking desert mountain scenery.


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Fountain Hills History


The town’s layout can be traced back to the late1960’s, when Charles Wood Jr. was hired by Robert McCulloch of McCulloch Properties.  Mr. Wood is known for his work in Anaheim, California on the design of Disneyland.  He helped plan and create the design of Fountain Hills.  Prior to the McCulloch ownership, this area was part of one of the largest cattle ranches in Arizona.




Fountain Hills Entertainment


Today, the town’s motto is “All that is Arizona.”  This all encompassing motto is reflected in the center of town at a man made lake.  Here, visitors will find the world’s tallest, continually flowing fountain.  The fountain shoots a spray of water into the air, at a distance of over 550 feet, approximately every 15 minutes.  This geyser of water shoots five feet taller than the Washington Monument.  The early developers chose the fountain to differentiate the town from others.  The fountain continues to bring people to this area each year.


Its small town friendly atmosphere draws many to Fountain Hills.  The annual Great Fair in February and Fountain Festival of the Arts and Crafts in November make Fountain Hills the ideal hometown.  The town is a blend of individuals who have earned their fortunes, to those who are just setting out to earn theirs.  Today, many retirees and families select Fountain Hills as their home.  Experiencing all of life and nature’s beauty is what living in Fountain Hills is all about.




Fountain Hills Outdoor Recreation


Another landmark along the northeastern horizon of town is Four Peaks Mountain.  The peaks rise up past 7,500 feet into the air, surpassing all others in the Valley of the Sun.  Four Peaks Mountain is within the Tonto National Forest where approximately 40 miles of trails are available for hikers.


Outdoor enthusiasts call the town of Fountain Hills home.  Saguaro Lake is a little over 10 miles northeast of town and Bartlett Lake is about 50 miles north.  Visitors to these local lakes will find swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking, waterskiing, and much more. 


Golfing is another outdoor sport that is very popular in town.  There are several local golf courses and spectacular resort club styled courses located nearby.  Residents enjoy playing rounds of golf year round.  Fountain Hills has become an outdoor lover’s haven.





Town of Cave Creek


Cave Creek Location


In the northern reaches of the Northeast Valley sits the town of Cave Creek.  Metro Phoenix and Scottsdale are to the south of town.  Cave Creek is sandwiched between Black Mountain Summit Preserve on the southeast, Cave Creek Recreational Area on the west, and the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area to the north.  All of these outdoor areas provide residents and visitors with town breathtaking views.


Carefree residents have several options when traveling to other parts of the Valley of the Sun.  Carefree Highway (State Highway 74) runs east and west along the southern boundary of Cave Creek and Cave Creek Road travels north and south, to and from Phoenix flowing directly into the community.





Cave Creek Properties


One of kind estate properties can be found set back within desert mountains, along with more affordable smaller homes and ranches that are also available in Cave Creek.  Golf courses are located nearby which offer views along the golf course edge.  The natural beauty of the area has drawn people to Cave Creek over the years, making the town a special place to live, work, and play year round.


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Cave Creek History


The town of Cave Creek began back in 1874, with William Rowe.  Rowe was a miner, who discovered gold on Gold Hill, just northeast of what is now the town of Cave Creek.  Soon, the Cave Creek Mistress Mine came into being. 


You can still visit the Cave Creek Mistress Mine today.  However, the mine is now called the Cave Creek Mistress Gold Mine and Rock Shop.  The mine’s address is 45402 North Seven Springs Road.  It is located about 10 miles from the intersection of Tom Darlington Road and Cave Creek Road.  Visitors will be able to see what a gold mine looked like long ago.





Cave Creek Entertainment


From the town’s early beginnings, Cave Creek has never lost its old west friendly feeling.  Today, rustic shops, western boutiques, Native American arts and crafts, horse back riding ranches, restaurants, and cowboy bars make up a majority of Cave Creek Road. 


Cave Creek Road is the main thoroughfare through the town of Cave Creek.  The road begins in Phoenix and travels along the desert valley floor approximately 15 miles north up into Cave Creek.  Then the road then meanders through town and winds its way eastward through the town of Carefree and continues on into Scottsdale.




Cave Creek Outdoor Recreation


Cave Creek’s ideal location, in the northern most edge of the Northeast Valley, makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.  Both Bartlett Lake and the Verde River are within a stones throw away.  This makes it easy to dip into the cool water for tubing, waterskiing, jet skiing, or water fun.  Hiking and horseback riding are other popular outdoor activities.  Trails are sprinkled all over the surrounding area for both hikers and horses to wander.  Cave Creek is a great place to spend time outside.


Both residents and visitors to Cave Creek have found that this desert community offers spectacular views and a variety of native plants and wildlife.  The Tonto National Forest borders the town to north and the east.  Black Mountain towers over the town on the east, separating it from its sister town of Carefree.  Cave Creek is special.  There are tall stately saguaros and mountains that encircle the town.  The community blends its old west history with its small town charm in such a way that many have decided not to leave and instead make Cave Creek their home.






Town of Carefree



Carefree Location


In the upper section of the Northeast Valley sits the town of Carefree.  Carefree is nestled in the desert foothills, about 15 miles northeast of Phoenix and directly north of the city of Scottsdale.  The Tonto National Forest borders the town to the north and east and the Mazatzal Mountains and Sonoran Desert to the south.  Black Mountain Summit offers amazing desert views.  Because of the town’s elevation of 2,500 feet, it is on average eight degrees cooler than the city of Phoenix in the valley below.  Carefree is a beautiful place to live.


Carefree residents have several choices, when it comes to traveling in an out of town.  Both Scottsdale Road and Pima Road travel north from Phoenix and Scottsdale into town.  Residents can also access Carefree Highway, east and west, near the town’s southern boundary.  This town offers a blend of recreational and resort style living. 




Carefree Properties


The town’s motto of “Home of cowboys and caviar, where the Old West meets the new,” really sums up the town of Carefree.  With every turn, one can spot amazing properties placed in a one of kind saguaro studded background.  This spectacular landscape is then combined with the down home feeling that is felt whenever one is doing business in Carefree. 


Residents in Carefree enjoy the combination of rural relaxation and urban sophistication.  It is a cozy town covering just over 8 square miles with street names to match the town’s attitude.  Names such as Easy Street, Tranquil Trail, and Ho and Hum Roads, these roads meander through the community.  For those who want to see the city lights, yet not experience the stress that accompanies city living, will find that town of Carefree is the perfect match.


Carefree’s natural environment is unique.  There are areas in which massive piles of granite boulders and sharp mountain tops are randomly placed in such a way that on lookers marvel at nature’s work.  This uncommon setting makes a great backdrop for distinctive contemporary homes and estate properties.  Resort/spa style living is complimented by gorgeous golf courses in and around the surrounding area of Carefree. 


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Carefree History


Golf courses are reminders of how the town first began in the 1950’s.  The community was an idea developed by Tom Darlington and K.T. Palmer, who wanted to develop a planned community within the spectacular boulder formations, mountain views, and Sonoran Desert beauty. 


Carefree was one of the earliest planned communities in Arizona.  However, it wasn’t until 1984, before the town of Carefree was incorporated.  The town has worked hard to make sure that residential areas and commercial developments do not overpower the desert and showcase its untouched beauty.




Carefree Entertainment


Although Carefree is on the outer fringes of the Valley of the Sun, all the amenities are located in or near town.  Schools, shopping, and a library can found in Carefree.  The El Pedregal Festival Marketplace at the Boulders offers visitors items from all around the world, specializing in African, Mediterranean, and Southwestern objects and architecture.  Many other exceptional shops, fine restaurants, and boutiques are located throughout the Carefree area, making it a terrific place to live and shop.


The Carefree Sundial is well known point of interest in town.  It is a huge sundial in the middle of the business section downtown.  The dial is one of the largest sundials in the western world.  It has two functions.  The first is oblivious to keep time and the other function is to help the heating of water used in the Darlington-Palmer Building.  This structure is a special symbol of the town.





Carefree Outdoor Recreation


The town has several outstanding recreational outlets located close by.  Bartlett Lake is in close proximity and offers boating and fishing.  The Verde River gives visitors an opportunity to cool off during the summer.  This Sonoran Desert town has become a haven for hikers, bikers, and tennis players. 


Golf courses are woven into the desert landscape.  One of a kind golf courses are hidden within the rock outcroppings and the towering Black Mountain.  These courses have been noted as some of the most picturesque golf course in the entire state.  Outdoor fun is a part of life in Carefree.






Paradise Valley Village Property Overview


Paradise Valley Village is known for its open spaces. However, Paradise Village should not be confused with the town of Paradise Valley.  Even though Paradise Village does border the town of Paradise Valley, they are two different communities.  


Some homes in Paradise Valley Village are on generous lots.  Properties in Paradise Valley Village range from affluent estates to condominiums.  There is a home that will fit anyone’s needs. 


The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is within the Paradise Valley Village.  These mountains surround this village with provide ample opportunities for outdoor experiences.  Biking, hiking and equestrian trails are found in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.  Those who want to take in the Sonoran Desert environment, without the exercise, can head over to the picnic area provide in the preserve.  The lush green belt along Indian Bend Wash is included in the boundaries of Paradise Valley Village.  This area was designed as a flood control green belt.  However, it is a popular outdoor destination when the skies are clear. 


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Paradise Valley Village Location


The boundary of Paradise Valley Village follows the perimeter of Scottsdale Road to 16th Street, Central Arizona Project Canal to the area of Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak)/Cactus and Mountain View Roads.